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Von Ignaz Staub, 21.05.2018

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub

Klicken Sie auf unten stehende Titel:

“The New York Times”: “Tom Wolfe, Author of ‘’The Right Stuff’ and ‘Bonfire of Vanities’, Dies’ by Deirdre Carmody & William Grimes

“The New York Times”: “Tom Wolfe’s Other Legacy” by Guy Trebay

„The New York Times“: „As Israel Celebrates Dream of Independence, Many See Nightmare Taking Shape” by David Halbfinger

“The New York Times”: “China’s Last Cave Dwellers Fight to Keep Their Underground Homes” by Brian Denton (text and photographs)

“The New York Times”: “Iran’s Foes See Opportunity as Deal Ends. Others See a Risk of War” by Ben Hubbard

“The New York Times”: “U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem: 9 Things to Know about the City” by Isabel Kershner

“The New York Times”: “Israel Needs to Protect its Borders. By Whatever means Necessary” by Shmuel Rosner

“The New York Times”: “A Child of Gaza Dies. A Symbol Is Born. The Arguing Begins” by Declan Walsh

“The New York Times”: “This Is School in the U.S. Now” by James Poniewozik

“The New York Times”: “Why Traditional TV Is in Trouble” by Sapna Maheshwari & John Koblin

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Trying to Put a Value in The Doctor-Patient Relationship” by Kim Tingley & Weronika Gesicka (photo illusttrations)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How Tech Can Turn Doctors into Clerical Workers” by Abraham Verghese

“The New Yorker”: “The Political Scene: Trump vs. the ‘Deep State’” by Evan Osnos

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from California: A Vintner’s Quest to Create a Truly American Wine” by Adam Gopnik

“The New York Review of Books”: “The New Europeans” by Christopher de Bellaigue

“The New York Review of Books”: “Ratfucked Again” by Michael Tomasky

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Afro-Pessimist Temptation” by Darryll Pinckeny

“The Washington Post”: “The high price of feminism in the ‘new’ Saudi Arabia” by Loveday Morris

“The Washington Post”: “How to tell when criticism of Israel is actually ant-Semitism” by Jill Jacob

“The Washington Post”: “In Jerusalem, it’s the Trump team vs. reality” by Kathleen Parker

“The Washington Post”: “’A Day of gas’ inside a Gaza ambulance” by Loveday Morris

“The Washington Post”: “Saving Africa’s wildlife” by Kevin Sieff & Adriane Onahesian (photos)

“The Guardian”: “Why are we living in an age of anger?” by Zoe Williams

“The Guardian”: “The Long Read: A suicide in Gaza” by Sarah Helm

“The Guardian”: “Jarvis Cocker: How Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test changed my life” by Jarvis Cocker

“The Observer”: “Russia uncovered: writers on the World Cup host nation” by Andrew, Roth, Rowan Moore, Kilian Fox, Viv Groskop, Mark Galeotti, Aleksey Kovalev

“The Observer”: “The fight to define the very essence of Israel” by Bernard Avishai

"The Independent”: “Jordan’s Palestinian refugee camps” by Paddy Dowling

“London Review of Books”: “Turkey: Purges and Paranoia” by Ella George

“London Review of Books”: “The Two-State Solution: An Autopsy” by Henry Siegman

“Esquire”: “A Brief History of Price Harry’s Military Career” by Luke O’Neil

“Time”: “How Baby Boomers Broke America” by Steven Brill

“Longreads”: “When the Movies Went West” by Gary Krist

“The Atlantic”: “How the Enlightenment Ends” by Henry A. Kissinger

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“The Guardian”: “The rise of the pointless job” by David Graeber

“The Guardian”: “Europe must make Trump pay for wrecking the Iran nuclear deal” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “Iranian hardliners rejoice over US exit form nuclear deal” by Saeed  Kamali Dehghan

“The Guardian”: “Harlem’s renaissance: how art, food and history are shaping its latest revolution” by Diana Hubbell

“The Guardian”: “’Stubbornly fighting for life’: how Arthur Koestler reported the birth of Israel” by Oliver Holmes

“The Guardian”: “Seven decades of struggle: how one Palestinians village’s story captures pains of `Nakba’” by Oliver Holmes & Diego Gutiérrez

“The Guardian”: “Refugee odyssey: photographing Mexico’s Viacrucis Migrante” by Edgar Garrido & Matt Fidler (production)

“The Guardian”: “White House won’t rule out banning the press for ‘negative coverage’” by David Smith

The Guardian”: “The rise of Donald Glover: how he captured America” by Katie Bain

“The Guardian”: “Never-ending nightmares: why feminist nightmares must stop torturing women” by Sarah Ditum

“The Guardian”: “Keeping a free and a fair press is one of the defining political issues of our age” by Emily Bell

“The Observer”: “Interview- Ronan Farrow. Woody, Weinstein and Me” by Andrew Anthony

“The Independent”: “All sides of the complex battle in the Middle East are concerned” by Robert Fisk

“The Independent”: “Once the Syrian war is over, Qatar could become an empire once more” by Robert Fisk

“The New York Times”: “What Sanctions Mean to Iranians” by Amir Ahmadi Arian & Rahman Bouzari

“The New York Times”: “From Ice Cube to Black Cube” by Maureen Dowd

“The New York Times”: “Turkey’s Independent Newspaper Voice perseveres With a Smile” by Carlotta Gall

“The New York Times”: “You Can’t Separate Money from Culture” by Andrew J. Cherlin

“The New York Times”: “San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble” by Thomas Fuller, Anjali Singhvi & Josh Williams

“The New York Times”: “A Road Map to Shopping like a Royal” by Amy Tara Koch

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Quiet Americans Behind the U.S.- Russian Imbroglio” by Keith Gessen

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Children of the Opioid Epidemic” by Jennifer Egan

“The York Review of Books”: “Big Brother Goes Digital” by Simon Head

“The Washington Post”: “Portraits of the ‘fading American Dream’” by Niko J. Kallianiontis (photos) & Kenneth Dickerman (text)

“The Washington Post”: “Why would a Swiss health-care company pay Michael Cohen $ 1,2 million? Look at drug prices” by David Van Drehle

“The Washington Post”: “Putin needed an American enemy. He picked me.” by Michal Faul

“The Washington Post”: “The shape of the political sex scandal has shifted. What does it take to kill a career these days?” by Marc Fisher

“Vanity Fair”: “How Evil Is Silicon Valley?” by Nick Bilton

“Granta”: “Palmyra” by Charles Glass (story) & Don McCullin (photos)

“Herald”: “Railway Failures” by Sher Ali Kahn

“”: “What makes a translation great?” by Katy Derbyshire

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“AFP”: “When Hope is Gone” by Shah Marai

“The Atlantic”: “Remembering Photojournalist Shah Marai” by AFP

“The Atlantic”: “Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican’s Secret Archives” by Sam Kean

“The Atlantic”: “The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete” by James Somers

“The New York Times”: “Michelle Wolf Did What Comedians Are Supposed to Do” by Adrian Conover

“The New York Times”: “’Here Is the Graveyard of ISIS’. Garbage Men Collect Remains” by Ivor Prickett (photographs & text)

“The New York Times”: “Chasing the Ghosts of Benghazi” by Declan Walsh

“The New York Times”: “Tech Companies Feel the Squeeze as Xi Jinping Tightens His Grip” by Raymond Zhong & Paul Masur

“The New York Times”: “Everyone You Know Someday Will Die” compiled by Kathleen O’Brian

“The New York Times  Magazine”: “The Billion-DollarBank Job” by Joshua Hammer & Francesco Francavilla (illustrations)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Pain Hustlers” by Evan Hughes & Francesco Francavilla (illustrations)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Baby-Formula Crime Ring” by Chris Pomorski & Francesco Francavilla (illustrations)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “What New York Was Like in the Early 80s – Hour by Hour” as told to Caroline Bankoff, Heather Corcoran, Nancy Haas & M.H. Miller

“New York”: “Will there always be an England?” by Andrew Sullivan

“The New Yorker”: “The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back” by Nicholas Schmidle

“The New Yorker”: “Personal History - Cairo: A Type of Love Story” by Peter Hessler

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: A Voyage along Trump’s Wall” by Nick Paumgarten

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: The Spy Who Came Home” by Ben Taub

The New York Review of Books”: “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer

“The Washington Post”: “Canon Fodder” by Viet Thanh Nguyen

“The Washington Post”: “This week proved God exists, and he has a wicked sense of humor” by Dana Milbank

“The Washington Post”: “World-Class Heritage Here in the U.S.” by Andrea Sachs

“The Washington Post”: “The crisis in local journalism has become a crisis in democracy” by Steven Waldman & Charles Sennott

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “Wake up and Dream” by Robin Givhan (story) & Juco (photos)

“Longreads”: “As Innocuous as Plant No.1” by William Vollman

“GQ”: “The Killers of Kiev” by Joshua Hammer

“The Marshall Project”: “A Judge on Execution Day” by Mike Lynch

“Texas Monthly”: “The Doting Father Who Robbed Armored Cars” by Skip Hollandsworth

“Politico”: “The Most Prestigious Slog in Washington” by Michael Calderone

“Smithsonian”: “The Man Who Saved Havana” by Tony Perottet

“Nautilus”: “Where Your Childhood Memories Went” by Ferris Jabr

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“The Washington Post”: “Koreans on both sides of the divide dare to be optimistic” by Anna Fifield

“The Washington Post”: “Michelle Wolf’s full speech at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner” by Michelle Wolf

“The Washington Post”: “Behind bloody Gaza clashes, economic misery and piles of debt” by Loveday Morris & Hazem Balousha

“The Washington Post”: “Gaza: Blasted Limbs, Broken Dreams” Erin Cunningham & Hazem Balousha & Wissam Nassar (photos) & Mohammed Khalil (video)

“The Washington Post”: “The shadow war between Israel and Iran takes center stage” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “Regrets of an ISIS midwife” by Tamer El-Gobashy (story) & Alice Martin (photos)

“The New York Times”: “How Trumps Mixed Signals Complicate America’s Role in the World” by Max Fisher

“The New York Times”: “Why Trump Supporters Don’t Mind His Lies” by Daniel A. Effron

“The New York Times”: “Gaza: The Lesser Child of Israel’s Occupation” by Gideon Levy

“The New York Times”: “The Empire Haunts Britain” by Alex Von Tunzelmann

“The New York Times”: “To Change a Country, Change Its Trains” by Roger Zoellner

“The New York Times”: “How Oman’s Rocks Could Help Save the Planet” by Henry Fountain

“The New York Times”: “The Most Unpopular Dog in Germany” by Firoozeh Dumas

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can Dirt Save the Earth?” by Moises Velasquez Manoff

“The New York Times Magazine”: “What Refugees Face on the World’s Deadliest Migration Route” by Seema Jilani

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Tokyo: Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry” by Elif Batuman

“The New Yorker”: “McMaster and Commander” by Patrick Radden Keefe

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why Trump is Winning and the Press Is Losing” by Jay Rosen

“The New York Review of Books”: “1968: Power to the Imagination” by Daniel Cohn-Bendit & Claus Leggewie

“The Atlantic”: “The Reinvention of America” by James Fallows

“The Atlantic”: “How to Fix the US-Presidency” by John Dickerson

“The Atlantic”: “The Era of Fake Video Begins” by Franklin Foer

“The Guardian”: “’It’s not a done deal’: inside the battle to stop Brexit” by Dorian Lynskey

“The Guardian”: “The rise of Russia’s neo-Nazi football hooligans” by Simon Parkin

“The Guardian”: “With 250 babies born each minute, how many people can the Earth sustain?” by Lucy Lamble

 “The Guardian”: “Bezos’ s empire: how Amazon became the world’s biggest retailer” by Josh Holder & Alex Hern

“The Guardian”: “Jeff Bezos v. the world: why all companies fear ‘death by Amazon’” by Olivia Solon & Julia Carrie Wong

“Politico Magazine”: “My Dearest Fidel” by Peter Kornrbluth

“Politico”: “The Puzzle od Sarah Huckabee Sanders” by Jason Schwartz

“GQ”: “The Excessive Vision of Donatella Versace” by Molly Young (story) & Elitaveta Porodina (photographs)

“Deadspin”: “The Ridiculous Saga of Lance Armstrong” by Patrick Redford

“BloombergBusinessweek”: “The Quest for the Next Billion-Dollar Color” by Zach Schonbrunn

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“The Guardian”: “’A political volcano just erupted’: is the US on the brink of the next Watergate?” by Stanley Cloud

“The Guardian”: “End of the American dream? The dark history of ‘America first’” by Sarah Churchwell

“The Guardian”: “America is plagued by experts without expertise” by Michael Massing

“The Guardian”: “Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out” by Yanis Varoufakis

“The Guardian”: “Israel celebrates but is war with Iran looming?” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “Britain, headquarters of fraud” by Oliver Bullough

“The Guardian”: “The ‘deep state’ is real. But are its leaks against Trump justified?” by Jack Goldsmith

“The Guardian”: “Fake it, till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram” by Symeon Brown

“The Guardian”: “A bomb silenced Daphne Caruana Galizia. But he investigation lives on” by Juliette Garside

 “The Guardian”: “How to get rich quick in Silicon Valley” by Corey Pein

“The Guardian”: “After 60 Years, Kendrick Lamar has brilliantly brought pop to the Pulitzers” by Alexis Petridis

“The Guardian”: “After 60 Years, Kendrick Lamar has brilliantly brought pop to the Pulitzers” by Alexis Petridis

“The Independent”: “The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack” by Robert Fisk

“London Review of Books”: “How to Start a War” by Isabel Hull

“The Washington Post”: “Barbara Bush, matriarch of American political dynasty, dies at 92” by Lois Romano

“The Washington Post”: “’Civilization’ Is the most ambitious story on art ever told on Television” by Sebastian Smee

“The Washington Post”: “Trump’s ‘fake news’ mantra becomes an effective weapon – against America” by Dana Milbank

“The Washington Post”: “There are many ways for democracy to fail” by Anne Applebaum

“The Washington Post”: “Too many men” by Simon Denyer, Annie Gowen & Jasu Hu (illustrations)

“The Washington Post”: “How France wants to reform Islam” by James McAuley

“The Washington Post”: “Why Europe, not Congress, will rein in big tech” by Michael Birnbaum & Tony Romm

“The New York Times”: “Indian Girls Learn to Fight Back” by Maria Abi-Habib

“The New York Times”: “What the Rape and Murder of a Child Reveals about Modi’s India” by Mitali Saran

“The New York Times”: “The Luckiest Jews in History” by Shmuel Rosner

“The New York Times”: “The Insanity at the Gaza Fence” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Hillary Clinton: ‘They were never going to let me be president’” by Amy Chozik

“The New York Times”: “Why men quit and women don’t” by Lindsay Crouse

“The New York Times”: “Where Facebook Rumors Fuel a Thirst for Revenge” by Amanda Taub & Max Fischer

“The New York Times”: “Baffled by Bitcoin? How Crypto-Currency Works” by Drew Jordan & Sarah Stein Kerr

“The New York Times”: “’They Eat Money’: How Mandela’s Political Heirs Grow Rich off Corruption” by Nori Onishi & Selam Gebrekidan

“National Geographic”: “Race Is a Made-Up Label” by Elizabeth Kolbert & Robin Hammond (photographs)

“The New Inquiry”: “Like a Dog” by Jacob Bacharach

“Literary Hub”: “Barbara Ehrenreich: Why I’m  Giving Up on Preventive Care” by Barbara Ehrenreich

"Wired”: “Symphony of the Seas” by Oliver Franklin-Wallis

“BuzzFeed”: ”Learning to Report: A Tractor in Every Pot” by Ben Smith

“GQ”: “A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof” by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah

“The Pulitzer Center”: “The Placebo Effect” by Erik Vance

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“The New York Times”: “’Mission Accomplished’: But What Was the Mission?” by Peter Baker

“The New York Times”: “A Hard Lesson in Syria: Assad Can Still Gas His Own People” by David Sanger & Ben Hubbard

“The New York Times”: “What’s It Like to Endure Aerial Attacks” by David Botti

“The New York Times”: “Israel’s Violent Response to Nonviolent Pro tests” by the Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “Hamas Sees Protests as Peaceful – and as a Deadly Weapon” by David M. Halbfinger

“The New York Times”: “5 New York Times Writers on What They Got Right and Wrong in the Early ‘80s” edited by Kate Guadagnino & Thessaly La Force

“The New York Times”: “I Downloaded the Information Facebook Has on Me. Yikes” by Brain X. Chen

“The New York Times”: “Facebook is Complicated. That Shouldn’t Stop Lawmakers” by Kevin Roose

"The New York Times”: “The Law is Coming, Mr. Trump” by The Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “Scared by the News? Take the Long View: Progress Gets Overlooked” by David Bornstein

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Why America’s Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis” by Linda Villarosa

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Post-Campaign Campaign of Donald Trump” by Charles Homans

 “The New Yorker”: “Personal History: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma” by Junot Diaz

“The New Yorker”: “A Sideline Wall Street Legend Bets on Bitcoin” by Gary Shteyngart

“New York Magazine”: “Corruption, not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability” by Jonathan Chait

“New York Magazine”: “How to Raise a Boy” by William Leitch

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Smartphone War” by Lindsey Hilsum

”The New York Review of Books”: “Homo Orbanicus” by Jan-Werner Müller

“The Washington Post”: “Zuckerberg barely talked about Facebook’s biggest global problem” by Adam Taylor

“The Washington Post”: “Documentary: How Parkland journalism students covered the shooting they survived and the friends they lost” by Whitney Shefte & Alice Li

”The Washington Post Magazine”: “The Vindication of Dennis Kucinich” by David Montgomery (story) & Marvin Joseph

“The Guardian”: “Good news at last: the world isn’t as horrific as you think” by Hans Rosling

 “The Guardian”: “The murder that shook Iceland” by Xan Rice

“The Guardian”: “Perfect crimes: why thrillers are leaving other books for dead” by Henry Sutton

“The Guardian”: “World Cup stunning moments: The Battle of Santiago” by Simon Burnton

“The Guardian”: “’The wars will never stop’ – millions flee bloodshed as Congo falls apart” by Jason Burke

“The Guardian”: “Paul Ehrlich: ’Collapse of civilization is near certainty within decades’” by Damian Carrington

“The Intercept”: “Puerto Rico: The Battle for Paradise” by Naomi Klein (text) & Lauren Freeny (video)

“The Intercept”: “When Soldiers Patrol the Border, Civilians Get Killed” by Ryan Devereaux

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“The Guardian”: “Martin Luther King: how a rebel leader was lost to history” by Gary Younge

“The Guardian”: “The Panel: What would Martin Luther King’s dream be in 2018?”

“The Guardian”: “Found in translation: how British filmmakers are capturing America” by Guy Lodge

“The Guardian”: “The demise of the nation state” by Rana Dasgupta

“The Guardian”: “From Circe to Clinton: why powerful women are cast as witches” by Madeline Miller

“The Guardian”: “Christopher Wylie: why I broke the Facebook story and what should happen now” by Christopher Wylie

“The Guardian”: “Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender” by Michael Kimmel

“The Guardian”: “Can It Happen Here? Review: urgent studies in rise of authoritarian America” by Charles Kaiser

“The Guardian”: “How babies learn – and why robots can’t compete” by Alex Beard

“The Guardian”: “Oligarchs hide billions in shell companies. Here’s  how  we stop them” by Frederik Obermaier & Bastian Obermayer

“The Observer”: “’These are people with nothing to lose’. Inside Gaza” by Donald Macintyre

“The Observer”: “Our man in Havana: music, mojitos and swearing in Spanish” by Ruaridh Nicoll

“The Observer”: “Unraveling the mysteries of the brains: Suzanne O’Sullivan, neuro detective” by Rachel Cooke

“London Review of Books”: “Survivors of Syrian Wars” by Patrick Cockburn

“New Statesman”: “1968” by John Gray

“The Atlantic”: “Saudi Crown Prince”: ‘Iran’s Supreme Leader ‘Makes Hitler look Good’’” by Jeffrey Goldberg

“The Washington Post”: “Caught in Congo’s Tides of War” by Max Bearak, Andrew Renneisen (photography) & Asaph Kasujja (drone footage)

“The Washington Post”: “How Trump is transforming himself into the greatest president ever” by Dana Milbank

“The Washington Post”: “Conspiracy videos? Fake News? Enter Wikipedia, the good cop of the Internet” by Noam Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “A planned space hotel hopes to receive guests by 2022 – for a cost of almost $ 800’000 a night” by Marwa Eltagouri

“The New York Times”: “How Democracy Became the Enemy” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “The ISIS Files” by Rukmini Callimachi

“The New York Times”: “Vietnam ‘67: A Pale Smoke” by David Gerstel

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Gun Culture Is My Culture. And I Fear for What It Has Become” by David Joy

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Case of Hong Kong’s  Missing Booksellers” by Alex W. Palmer

“The New Yorker”: “A Saudi Prince’s Quest to Remake the Middle East” by Dexter Filkins

“The New Yorker”: “Onward and Upward with the Arts: An Activist-Filmmaker Tackles Patriarchy in Pakistan” by Alexis Okeowo

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Silicon Valley: At Uber, a New C.E.O. Shifts Gears” by Sheela Kolhatkar

"The New York Review of Books”: “If Trump Blows up the Deal, Iran Gets the Bomb” by Jeremy Bernstein

“The New York Review of Books”: “Knifed with a Smile” by Carl Elliott

“Tablet”: “Arthur Koestler’s  Stunning Portrait of the Criminal Inside Us All” by Alexander Aciman

“Lapham’s Quarterly”: “The Triumph of Philanthropy” by Scott Sherman

“Rolling Stone”: “The Legacy of the Iraq War” by Matt Taibbi

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“The New York Times”: “How Islamism Drives Muslims to Convert” by Mustafa Aykol

“The New York Times”: “Greece’s Islands of Despair” by Mauricio Lima (photographs) &Iliana Magra (text)

“The New York Times”: “Where Fear and Hope Collide, Images form Mexican Border, and Beyond” by Azam Ahmed

“The New York Times”: “Rome, Seen through the Eyes of Flavius Josephus” by David Laskin

“The New York Times”: “Some Reflections on Journalism” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Havana’s Symphony of Sound” by Reif Larsen

“The New York Times”: “Google Researchers Learn How Machines Learn” by Cade Metz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can Jim Mattis Hold the Line in Trump’s War Cabinet?” by Robert F. Worth

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Is the Next Nobel Laurate in Literature Tending Bar in a Dusty Australian Town” by Mark Binelli

“The New York Review of Books”: “Caesar Bloody Caesar” by Josephine Quinn

“The New York Review of Books”: “Kenneth Clarke: The Connoisseur” by Richard Dorment

“The Washington Post”: “50 years ago some called D.C. ‘the colored man’s paradise’. Then it erupted” by Michael E. Ruane

“The Washington Post”: “For Israel, there’s little political cost to killing Palestinians” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “I went to Alaska to see the northern lights. In the daytime, I saw much more” by Andrea Sachs (story) & Katherine Frey (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “Comedies: ‘As if’” by Stephanie Merry

“The Guardian”: “Are you ready? These are all the date Facebook and Google have on you” by Dylan Curran

“The Guardian”: “Two minutes to midnight: did the U.S. miss its chance to stop North Korea’s nuclear program” by Julian Borger

“The Guardian”: “Civilizations by David Olasuga review – a riposte to European superiority” by Faramerz Dabhoiwala

“The Guardian”: “Yemen is entering its fourth year of war – when will it end?” by Hind Abbas

“The Guardian”: “Turkey: ‘Why we are paying the rent for a million Syrian refugees?” by Hannah Summers

“The Guardian”: “Jesse Jackson o Martin Luther King’s assassination : ‘It redefined America’” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “The unstoppable rise of Veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream” by Dan Hancox

“The Observer”: “I went to death row for 28 year through no fault of my own” by Chris McGreal

“London Review of Books”:  “Facebook: Why the Outrage?” by William Davies

“The New Republic”: “Zimbabwe: After the Strongman” by Karan Mahajan & Jeffrey Smith (illustrations)

“Tablet”: “Anatomy of a Pogrom” by Steven J. Zipperstein

“Jacobin”: “China’s One-Man Show” by Isabel Hilton

“Edge”: “We Are Here to Create: A Conversation with Kai Fu-Lee”

“Literary Hub”: “Inside the Gulags of the Soviet Union” my Masha Gessen

 “Irish Times”: “David Petraeus on ‘The Art of War’” by David Petraeus

“The Atlantic”: “Twenty Years of Viagra” by Megan Garber

“The Atlantic”: “When Guilt Is Good” by Libby Copeland

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“The New York Times”: “Marc Zuckerberg’s Reckoning: ‘This Is a Major Trust Issue’” by Kevin Roose & Sheera Frankel

“The New York Times”: “Facebook’s Surveillance Machine” by Zeyneb Tufekci

“The New York Times”: “Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country” by Sinan Antoon

“The New York Times: “The Vietnam War Is Over. The Bombs Remain” by Ariel Garkinkel

“The New York Times”: “Why I Stay in Gaza” by Atef Abu Saif

“The New York Times”: “Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes” by Ross Douthat

“The New York Times”: “Visual Investigation: How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre” by Malachy Brownr, Natalie Reneau , Adam Goldman & Drew Jordan

“The New York Times”: “Augmented Reality: David Bowie in Three Dimensions” by the Culture, Design & Graphics Team, written by Melena Ryzik

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Why Would Anyone Kayak Across the Ocean – at 70?” by Elizabeth Weil (text) & Joakim Eskilosen (photographs)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “On the Road with the World’s Greatest Hitchhiker” by Wes Enzinna

“The New Yorker”: “How to Fix Facebook” by Adrian Chen, Nathan Heller, Andrew Marantz & Anna Wiener

“New York Magazine”: “Whatever Facebook Has Done Wrong to the U.S., It’s Done Worse to Developing Countries” by Brian Feldman

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Music of the Beatles” by Ned Rorem

“The New York Review of Books”: ”Beware the Big Five” by Tamsin Shaw

“The New York Review of Books”: “Bang for the Buck” by Adam Hochschild

“The Washington Post”: “No, billionaires won’t save us. That’s a myth that links Zuckerberg and Trump” by Margaret Sullivan

“The Washington Post”: “How Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party” by Ashley Parker

“The Washington Post”: “Typos, spelling mistakes are common in the Trump White House” by David Nakamura

“The Washington Post”: “Picturing the March for Our Lives”

“The Atlantic”: “The Last Temptation” by Michael Gerson

“The Atlantic”: “The Nancy Pelosi Problem” by Peter Beinart

“The Guardian”: “’I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data whistleblower” by Carole Cadwalladr

“The Guardian”: “Leaked: Cambridge Analytica’s blueprint for Trump victory” by Paul Lewis & Paul Hilder

“The Guardian”: “’Facebook data is for sale all over the world’” by Steve Bannon

“The Guardian”: “Gangster’s paradise: how organised crime took over Russia” by Mark Galeotti’

“The Guardian”: “The radical otherness of birds” by Jonathan Franzen

“The Guardian”: “’On the damage technology is doing to democracy’” by James Harding

“The Guardian”: “’Cows carry flesh, but they carry personality, too’: the hard lessons of farming” by John Connell

“The Observer”: “The dark truth about chocolate” by Nic Fleming

“The Observer”: “Interview with Ian Buruma: ‘Fascist rhetoric is creeping back into the mainstream’” by Rachel Cook

“London Review of Books”: “Can History Help?” by Linda Colley

“The Intercept”: “The CBS Interview with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman Was a Crime against Journalism” by Medi Hasan

“The Intercept”: “How the New York Times Is Making War with Iran More Likely” by Robert Wright

“The Creative Independent”: “On Collecting Memories” by Adam Gopnik

“DukeToday”: “False Memories” Felipe de Brigard

“BuzzFeed”: “The Asset” by Anthony Cormier & Jason Leopold

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“The Guardian”: “The Cambridge Analytica Files”

“The Guardian”: “The crisis in modern masculinity” by Pankaj Mishra

“The Guardian”: “The Sunday Essay: Are we prepared for the looming epidemic threat?” by Jonathan Quick

“The Guardian”: “How National Geographic acknowledged its racist past”

“The Guardian”: “What if other world leaders followed the Obamas into TV? Just imagine…” by Stuart Heritage

“London Review of Books”: “The Chinese Typewriter” by Jamie Fisher

“The Atlantic”: “How to Lose Your Job from Sexual Harassment in 33 Easy Steps” by Deborah Copaken

“The Atlantic”: “Photos of the 2018 Winter Paralympics”

“The Washington Post”: “If America fails its people again, what will the catastrophe look like?” by Philipp Kennicott

“The Washington Post”: “Nigeria: Relic or Reformer” by Kevon Sieff (text) & jane Hahn (photographs)

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“The New York Times”: “Only a Few Have Met Kim. Here’s What They Say” by Megan Specia

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“The Washington Post”: “Journalism is a risky business” by Jason Rezaian

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“The New York Times”: “Inside a 3-Year Russian Campaign to Influence U.S. Voters” by Scott Shane & Mark Mazetti

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“The Washington Post”: “Trump calls for unity, pushes GOP agenda in State of the Union speech” by Karen Tumulty & Philip Rucker

“The Washington Post”: “A Misleading State of the Union” by The Editorial Board

“The Washington Post”: “Fact checking the 2018 State of the Union speech” by Glen Kessler, Salvador Rizzo & Meg Kelly

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The New York Times”: “A Dangerous Course Israel Should Avoid” by Danny Yatom & Ammon Reshef

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The Guardian”: “How the people of Mosul subverted Isis’ ‘apartheid’” by Gaith Abdul-Ahad

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“National Geographic”: “They are watching you – and everything else on the planet” by Robert Draper

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“The New York Times”: “Tiny, Wealthy Qatar Goes Its Own Way, and Pays for It” by Declan Walsh & Tomas Munita

“The New York Times”: “To Rid the Taj Mahal of its Grime, India Prescribes a Mud Bath” by Kai Schultz

“The New York Times”: “The Follower Factory” by Nicholas Confessore, Gabriel J.X. Dance, Richard Harris & Mark Hansen

“The New York Times”: “Why Is Hollywood so Liberal?” by Neil Gross

“The New York Times”: “More than 160 Women say, Larry Nassar sexually abused them. Here are his accusers in their own words” by Carla Correa & Meghan Louttit

“The New York Times”: “Is There Something Wrong with Democracy?” by Max Fisher & Amanda Taub

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“New York Magazine”: “The Excesses of #MeToo” by Andrew Sullivan

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“The New York Review of Books”: “The Bitter Secret of ‘Wormwood’” by Tamsin Shaw

“The New York Review of Books”: “Lebanon: About to Blow?” by Janine di Giovanni

“The New York Review of Books”: “Controlling the Chief” by Charlie Savage

The Washington Post”: “’I sit here and people just start to talk: How Michael Wolff wrote ‘Fire and Fury’” by Jonathan Capehart

“The Washington Post”: “The secret history of America’s ailing presidents and the doctors who covered up for them” by Monica Hesse

“The Washington Post”: “Inside the secret, sinister and very illegal cabal trying to destroy Trump” by Dana Milbank

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“The Guardian”: “’Never get high on your own supply - why social media bosses don’t use social media” by Alex Hern

“The Guardian”: “The kill chain: inside the unit that tracks targets for US drone wars” by Roy Wenzel

“The Guardian”: “We will get him’: the long hunt for Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” by Martin Chulov

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“The Guardian”: “The Long Read: How a new technology is changing the lives of people who cannot speak” by Jordan Kisner

“The Guardian”: “Satellite Eye on Earth. November and December 2017 – in pictures”

“The Observer”: “Dazzled by Detroit: how Motown got its groove back” by Aaron Millar

“The Atlantic”: “Can the Earth Feed 10 Billion People?” by Charles C. Mann

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“The Guardian”: “The Trump test: are you fit to be US president?” by Anna Livsey

“The Guardian”: “’Is whistleblowing worth prison or a life in exile?’: Edward Snowden talks to Daniel Ellsberg” by Ewen MacAskill, Edward Snowden & Daniel Ellsberg

“The Guardian”: “Aden in the spotlight: war-torn city tries to dust itself off” by Phil Hoad

“The Guardian”: “Assault is not a feeling. The Aziz Ansari story shows why language matters” by Tiffany Wright

“The Guardian”: “Mythconceptions – 10 things from history everybody gets wrong” by Rebecca Rideal

“The Guardian”: “Trapped in Yemen: one man’s astonishing fight to get home to America” by Dave Eggers

“The Guardian”: “The Promise: One year after a county flipped for Trump, support has been lost – but isn’t gone” by Tom McCarthy

“The Guardian”: “Beyond the wire: the refugees of Manus Island”

“The Guardian”: “Post work. The radical idea of a world without jobs” by Andy Beckett

“The Guardian”: “Melania Trump: Seldom seen, rarely heard” by Lucia Graves

“The Observer”: “Zadie Smith: ‘I have a very messy and chaotic mind”

“The Observer”: “Anger that drove the Arab spring is flaring again” by Emma Grahm-Harrison

“London Review of Books”: “The Spanish Flu: The Untreatable” by Gavin Francis

“The Atlantic”: “Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost” by Emma Green

“The Washington Post”: “Mr. President, stop attacking the press” by John McCain

“The Washington Post”: “The coldest village on earth” by Eli Rosenberg

“The Washington Post”: “Is Trump’s doctor okay?” by Dana Milbank

“The Washington Post”: “What 7 Post photographers discovered after having 102 conversations with people in all 50 states plus D.C.” by Karly Domb Sadof,  Mary Anne Golon & Wendy Galieta

“The Washington Post”: “Book review: American democracy is on a break: welcome to ‘Trumpocracy’”by Carlos Lozada

“The Washington Post”: “What Unites Us?” by Ann Gerhart

“The New York Times”: “Letters: ‘Vison, Chutzpah and Some Testosterone’”

“The New York Times”: “What We Can Learn from S-Hole Countries” by Nicholas Kristof

“The New York Times”: “The 747 Had a Great Run. But Farewell Doesn’t Mean the End” by Zach Wichter & Dustin Chamber (photographs)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble” by Steven Johnson

“The New York Times Magazine”: “I Used to Insist I Didn’t Get Angry. Not Anymore – On Female Rage” by Leslie Jamison

“The New York Times”: “Keep Our Mountains Free. And Dangerous” by Francis Sanzaro

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“The New Yorker”: “Dept. of Foreign Policy: How the U.S. Is Making the War in Yemen Worse” by Nicolas Niarchos

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Calabria: The Woman Who Took on the Mafia” by Alex Perry

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Nuclear Worrier” by Thomas Powers

“Rolling Stone”: “Death of the American Trucker” by Tim Dickinson

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“The Guardian”: “India has 600 million young people – and they’re set to change our world” by Ian Jack

“The Guardian”: “Super Wealth: When will we see the world’s first trillionaire?” by Tom Campbell

“The Guardian”: “We laugh at Russian propaganda, but Hollywood history is just as fake” by Simon Jenknis

“The Guardian”: “California in revolt: how the progressive state plans to foil the Trump by Sam Levin

“The Guardian”: “Victor Orban’s reckless football obsession” by David Goldblatt & Daniel Nolan

“The Observer”: “’Peter Preston believed that journalism should try to make the world a better place’” by Roger Alton

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: “When Deportation Is a Death Sentence” by Sarah Stillman

“The New Yorker”: “Modern Times: The Psychology of Inequality” by Elizabeth Kolbert

“New York Magazine”: “Maria’s Bodies” by Mattathias Schwartz (story) & Matt Black (photographs)

“New York Magazine”: “’The World’s Biggest Terrorist Has a Pikachu Bedspread” by Kerry Howley (story) & Mike McQuade (illustration)

“The New York Review of Books”: “Homeless in Gaza” by Sarah Helms

“The New York Review of Books”: “Bitcoin Mania” by Sue Halpern

“FiveBooks”: “The Best Nature Writing of 2017” by Charles Foster

“Outside”: “Red Daw in in Lapland” by David Wolman

“”: “The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla” by Richard Gunderman

“ProPublica”: “Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection” by Kiera Feldman

“Literary Hub: “The Largest Leak in History” by Jeffrey Himmelman

“Mosaic”: “Something in the Water” by Joshua Sokol

“Verso”: “The Communist hypothesis” by Alain Badiou & Laurent Joffrin

“War on the Rocks”: “How to Organize a Military Coup” by Danny Orbach

“the PARIS REVIEW”: “Jack Kerouac, The Art of Fiction No. 41” interviewed by Ted Berriogan

“The New York Times”: “In My Chronic Illness, I Found a Deeper Meaning” by Elliot Kukla

“The New York Times”: “Where Women Can Make Movies? The Middle East” by Nana Asfour

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Learning How to Fool Our Algorithmic Spies” by John Herman

“The New York Times”: “Mr. Amazon Steps Out” by Nick Wingfield & Nellie Bowles

“The New York Times”: “Donald Trump Flushes Away America’s Reputation” by the Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “How Democracies Perish” by David Brooks

“The New York Times”: “52 Places to Go to in 2018”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mystery of the Exiled Billionaire Whistle-Blower” by Lauren Hilgers

“The Washington Post”: “Being a mother in Hawaii during 38 minutes of nuclear fear” by Allison Wallis

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..........Kalenderwoche 1...........

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.........Kalenderwoche 50..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 46..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 45..........

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Cliff Kuang

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..........Kalnderwoche 44..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 43..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 42..............

“The Guardian”: “Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world’s elite hidden wealth” by Juliette Garside

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“The Guardian”: “11/8/16: the documentary that asks us to relive the day Trump shocked America” by Adam Gabbatt

“The Guardian”: “From Zadie Smith to Ethan Hawke: why we love graphic novels”

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..........Kalenderwoche 41...........

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“Longreads”: “The Ghosts of the Tsunami” by Richard Lyod Parry

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“Slate”: “Terminal” by Henry Grabar

..........Kalenderwoche 40..........

“The Atlantic”: “40 Years Ago: A Look Back” by Alan Taylor

“The Atlantic”: “Civil-Rights Protests Have Never Been Popular” by Te-Nehisi Coates

“The Atlantic”: “Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity” by Derek Thompson

“The Atlantic”: “What Facebook Did to American Democracy” by Alexis C. Madrigal

“The New York Times”: “Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care” by Patricia Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Once Mocked, North Korean Cyberpower Is a Global Threat” by David Sanger, David D. Kirkpatrick & Nicole Perlroth

“The New York Times”: “The Ashes in Nappa” by Lindsey Lee Johnson

“The New York Times”: “Trump’s Attacks on the Press: Telling Escalation from Empty Threats” by Michael M. Grynbaum

The New York Times”: “Five Climate Truths Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand” by The Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “August Wilson’s Pittsburgh” by John L. Dorman

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Prophet of Germany’s New Right” by James Angelos

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Washington: The Danger of President Pence” by Jane Meyer

“The New Yorker”: “Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords” by Sheelah Kolhatkar

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Cultural Axis” by Robert O. Paxton

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Adults in the Room” by James Mann

“The Washington Post”: “The opioid epidemic: The drug industry’s triumph over the DEA” by Scot Higham & Lenny Bernstein

“The Washington Post”: “Inside the ‘adult day-care center’: how aides try to control aTrump” by Ashley Parker & Greg Jaffee

“The Guardian”: “Balfour declaration: The contested century of ‘Britain’s calamitous promise’” by Ian Black

“The Guardian”: “’Norman said the president wants a pyramid’: how starchitects built Astana” by Oliver Wainwright

“The Guardian”: “End of the road: will automation put an end to the American trucker?” by Dominic Rushe

“The Guardian”: “Washington DC: Inside the controversial, sprawling, $ 500m Museum of the Bible” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “The Texas town where all the energy is green” by Tom Dart

“The Guardian”: “What kind of news should the BBC do or not do” by Jane Martinson

“BBC News”: “The thoughts of Chairman Xi” by Carrie Gracie

“London Review of Books”: “Belts, Boots and Spurs: Dunkirk 1940” by Jonathan Raban

“The Rolling Stone”: “Jerry Brown’s California Dream: The Rolling Stone Interview” by Tim Dickinson

“Mother Jones”: “Chilling Photos of the Hundreds of Thousands Ronhingya Fleeing Burma” by Greg Constantine (photos) & Samantha Michaels (text)

“Wired”: “Should Twitter and Facebook Be Regulated under the First Amendment” by Lincoln Caplan

“Wired”: “How to Build a Self-Conscious Machine” by Hugh Howey

“Longreads”: “Mr. Throat and Me” by Arnold Thomas Fanning

“Scientific American”: “How Ether Transformed Surgery” by Lindsey Fitzharris

“Dublin Review of Books”: “Our Language, Their Babble” by Michael Cronin

“Boston Review”: “Know Thy Futurist” by Cathy O’Neil

“Topic”: “The Story behind the Chicago Newspaper That Bought a Bar” by Andy Wright

“Aeon”: “Why nation states are good” by Dani Rodrick


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Eine hervorragende Liste von Zeitungsartikeln und das Abbild einer Zeitenwende.

PS: Fast gespenstisch ist übrigens, wenn neben den Links zufällig ein Zitat des amerikanischen Rockmusikers Kurt Cobain anlässlich seines 30. Todestages zu lesen ist.

Ich weiss ja dass man Cobain, den ich sehr verehre, und Trump nicht vergleichen sollte, aber dieser Ausspruch könnte ebenso von Trump kommen, nur dass es dann eine völlig andere Bedeutung bekommt.

Das Zitat lautet:

"Sie lachen über mich, weil ich anders bin.
Ich lache über sie, weil sie alle gleich sind."
Kurt Cobain

Eine hervorragende Liste, gratuliere!
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