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Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub

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“The New York Times”: “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk” by Sherry Turkle

“The New York Times (Book Review)”: “Sherry Turkle’s ‘Reclaiming Conversation’” by Jonathan Franzen

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere” by Mark Leibovich

“The New York Review of Books”: “Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?” by George Soros

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Superpower of Mr. Xi”
by Roderick MacFarquar

“The New York Review of Books”: “Syrian Refugees: The Terrible Flight from the Killing” by Hugh Eakin

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Baghdad: Out of Sight” by Rania Abouzeid

“New York Magazine”: “The Sunniest Climate-Change Story You’ve Ever Read” by Jonathan Chait

“The Washington Post”: “Most Syrian refugees are just too poor to flee to Europe” by Hugh Naylor & Suzan Haidamous

“The Washington Post”: “Life in the ‘Islamic State’: Spoils for the Rulers, Terror for the Ruled” by Kevin Sullivan (text) & Charles Ommanney (photos)

”Rolling Stone”: “Obama Takes on Climate Change: The Rolling Stone Interview” by Jeff Goodell

“Middle East Eye”: “The Siege of Damascus: An account of everyday life in Syria’s savage war” by Peter Osborne

“The Guardian”: “How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash”
by Loris Luyendijk

“The Guardian”: “What is the world’s most vulnerable city?” by Adrian Mourby

“The Guardian”: “’They were torturing to kill’: inside Syria’s death machine” by Carance le Caisne

“The Guardian”: “In Mecca I saw little of Islam’s compassion, but a lot of Saudi Arabia’s neglect” by  Sabreena Razaq Hussain

“FT Magazine”: “Rhino poaching: inside the brutal trade” by Alec Russell

“Financial Times”: “Jerusalem: City of ruins” by Jon Reed

“FT Magazine”: “Log out, switch off, join in” by Simon Kuper

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“The Guardian”: “From Hitler to Herbie to hubris – how Volkswagen was brought low” by Jennifer Rankin

“The Guardian”: “Living without money: what I learned” by Mark Boyle

“The Observer”: “Why I take issue with the Observer’s stance on Jeremy Corbyn” by Ed Vulliamy

“Financial Times”: “Lunch with the FT: Ta-Nehisi Coates” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “Jeremy Corbyn: how long can he last?”
by George Packer and Jim Packer

“London Review of Books”: “Devoted to Terror: How the camps were run” by Thomas Laqueur

“The Atlantic”: “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration” by Te-Nehisi Coates

“The New York Times”: “Battered Greece and Its Refugee Lesson”
by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “As Others Flee to Europe, Most Syrian Refugees Stay in the Region” by Jodi Rudoren

“The New York Times”: “100 Years Old. Five World Records” by Karen Crouse

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Travel Photography (in Switzerland): Far Away From Here” by Teju Cole

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Solving the Mystery of the Lockerbie Bombing” by Patrick Radden Keefe

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Pope & the Market”
by William Nordhaus

“The New York Review of Books”: “TV vs. the Internet: Who Will Win?” by Jacob Weisberg

“The Washington Post”: “The King demanded vengeance and Zarqawi’s woman’ was sent to the gallows” by Joby Warrick

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„The Atlantic“: „Understanding Hitler’s Anti-Semitism“ by Timothy Snyder

“The New York Times”: “Climate Change: The Next Genocide” by Timothy Snyder

“The New York Times”: “In Yemen, Death from Above, Grief Below” by Nasser M. Kutabish

“The New York Times”: “For Those Who Remain in Syria, Daily Life Is a Nightmare” by Maher Samaan & Anne Barnard

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Refugees: Scenes from a Human Flood” by Paolo Pellegrin (photographs) & Scott Anderson (text)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Life on the Papal Beat” by Rachel Donadio

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child” by James Vlahos

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter at Large: An Imam’s Curse” by Peter Osnos

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why the Rich Are So Much Richer” by James Surowiecki

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Jewish Terrorists” by Assaf Sharon

“The New York Review of Books”: “Fear” by Marilynne Robinson

“The Washington Post”: “A pope for all seasons” by Anthony Faiola & Michelle Boorstein

“The Washington Post”: “She’s 10, she has Aids. And she’s about to learn the truth – Telling JJ” by John Woodrow Coy (story) & Marvin Joseph (photos)

“The Guardian”: “Hitler’s world may not be so far away” by Timothy Snyder

“The Guardian”: “Why Isis fights” by Martin Chulov

“The Guardian”: “10 things Africa has given the world” by Elizabeth Anyangwe

“The Guardian”: “How China does death: the funeral revolutionaries” by Jonathan Kaiman

“The Guardian”: “The future of food: from jellyfish salad to lab-grown meat” by Nicola Davis, Rachel Davis, Zoe Corbin, Kit Buchan & Stefan Gates

“The Independent”:  “Declassified documents reveal how disastrous America’s post-9/11 plans really were” by Peter Frankopan

“Financial Times”: “’Kissinger’, by Niall Ferguson” by Chris Patten

“Financial Times”: “Why the ‘happiest’ cities are boring” by Jon Kay

“Financial Times”: “Essay - Caliph Country: the rise of ISIS” by Eduard Mortimer

“FT Magazine”: “A refugee’s dreams and nightmares” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “Living the Chinese Dream” by Patti Waldmeir

“Vanity Fair”: “How Pope Francis Became the People’s Pontiff” by Paul Elie

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“The New York Times”: ”Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A”
by Sara Yael Hirschhorn

“The New York Times”: “Migrants Who Survived Shipwreck Are Grateful, but Disillusioned” by Andrew Higgins

“The New York Times”: “Why Russians Hate America. Again”
by Sabrina Tavernese

“The New York Times”: “Yanis Varoufakis: How Europe Crushed Greece” by Yanis Varoufakis

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Iraq: The Invasion Equation”
by Robert Draper

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Uber Would Like to Buy Your Robotics Department” by Clive Thompson

“The New Yorker”: “The Writing Life: Omission” by John McPhee

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from the Vatican: Holy Orders” by Alexander Stille

“The New Review of Books”: ”Hitler’s World”  by Timothy Snyder

“The New York Review of Books”: “Trump” b Michael Tomasky

“The Washington Post”: “Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican” by Anthony Faiola

“The Washington Post”: “’This is our last hope’: Six Syrians on the hardest part of their journey to Europe” by Anthony Faiola and Griff White

“The Guardian”: “’Everyone wants to leave’: death of hope drives young Syrians to Europe” by Ian Black

“The Guardian”: “Sipping coffee and partying on the roof as mortar attacks and power cuts hit the city. That’s normal life in Damascus…”  by Ian Black

“The Guardian”: “Castro, cows and the Summer of Love: how pop art became political dynamite” by Sarah Wilson

“The Guardian”: “70 Years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?” by Christ McGreal

“The Observer”: “Trevor Noah: from Soweto to new host of The Daily Show” by Vanessa Thorpe

 “The Independent”: “The Silk Roads that trace civilization: Long before the West rose to power, Asian pathways were connecting peoples and places” by Peter Frankopan

“The Financial Times”: “Essay –  Never forget: The Holocaust as history and warning” by Mark Mazower


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“The New York Times”: “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” by Jodi Kantor & David Streitfeld

“The New York Times”: “When Bad Doctors Happen to Good People” by Thomas Moore and Steve Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Basketball: A Long Hardwood Journey” by Michael Powell and Todd Heisler (photographs)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Boy on the Beach” by Charles Homans

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Desperate Crossing” by Paolo Pellegrin (photography and video) & Scott Anderson (text)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mixed-up Brothers of Bogotá” by Susan Dominus

“The Washington Post”: “Cruising Toward Oblivion: America’s once magic – now mundane – love affair with cars” by Marc Fisher (text) & Michael Williamson (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “Cambodia: The push and pull of China’s orbit” by Simon Denyer (story) & Paula Bronstein (photos)

“The New Yorker”: “An Exile in the Corn Belt” by Ruth Margalit

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Terrors: The Witches of Salem” by Stacy Schiff

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Victory of Oliver Sachs”
by Jerome Groopman

“The New York Review of Books”: ”The Feeling of Disorder” by Oliver Sacks

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Movies of My Youth” by Italo Calvino

“The London Review of Books”: “Let’s all go to Mars” by John Lanchester

“The London Review of Books”: “Death-Qualified: The Brothers Tsarnaev” by Gary Indiana

“London Review of Books”: “Amy Winehouse: You don’t mean dick to me” by Lidija Haas

“The Guardian”: “The fortune-teller of Kabul” by May Jeong

“The Guardian”: “The Gangs of El Salvador: Inside the prison guards are too afraid to enter” by Stephan Moss

“The Guardian”: “Face value: Simon Schama on the power of portraits” by Simon Schama

“FT Magazine”: “Multi-tasking: How to survive the 21st century” by Tim Harford

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“The New York Times”: “Travelling in Europe’s River of Migrants”
by Anemona Hartocollis

“The New York Times”: “A 21st –Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter Smartphone” by Matthew Brunwasser

“The New York Times”: “New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina: A City Revived but Unequal” by Campell Robertson & Richard Fausset (text) and Alexandra Garcia & Margaret Cheatham Williams & Andrew Blackwell (video)

“The New York Times”: “Stephen King: Can a Novelist Be Too Productive?” by Stephen King

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Lesson of Anwar al-Awlaki”
by Scott Shane

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Meaning of Serena Williams” by Claudia Rankine

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Turkey: The Big Dig” by Elif Batuman

“The New Yorker”: “Our Far-Flung Correspondents: The Other France” by George Packer

“The New York Review of Books”: “Mexico’s War on Journalists”
by Alma Guillermoprieto

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Pope and the Planet” by Bill McKibben

“The Los Angeles Times”: “Mongolia is awash in media choices, with even a remote yurt hooked up to 60 media choices” by Julie Makinen

“The Washington Post”: “10 Years After Katrina: The Last Time I Saw My Mother” by Wilborn B. Nobles III

“Vanity Fair”: “Darkness Invisible” by Lili Anolik

“The Observer”: “The agony and ecstasy of becoming an older mother” by Yvonne Roberts & Katie Forster

“The Guardian”: “Essays: Living in the age of permawar” by Mohsen Hamid

“The Guardian”: “Donald Trump’s seduction: a huge fan base, from posh parties to Mail Street” by Ben Jacobs

“FT Magazine”: “Cecil Beaton: the artist of the portrait” by Annie Leibovitz

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“The New York Times”: “See It: Walking in War’s Path” by Tomas Munito (photographs) & Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner (text)

“The New York Times”: “The Art of Slow” by several authors

“The New York Times”: “Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship” by Ian Urbina

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter at Large: The Woman Who Could Stop Climate Change” by Elizabeth Kolbert

“The New Yorker”:  “Portfolio: New Orleans – City of Water”
by Alec Soth (photographs) & David Remnick (text)

“The Washington Post”: “10 Years after Katrina: The Next Big One” by William Mooney & Whitney Shefte (photos and videos) & Ricky Carioti (photos) & Linda Davidson (video) & Bonnie Berkowitz and Gene Thorpe (graphics)

“Foreign Affairs”: “Enlightened Despots, Then and Now – The Truth About an Islamic Enlightenment“ by Jon M. Owen & J. Judd Owen

“Vanity Fair”: “How Chelsea Clinton Took Control of Clintonworld”
by Evgenia Peretz

“The Guardian”: “The 100 best English-language novels”

“The Guardian”: “’If we don’t give them a voice, no one will’, Eritrea’s forgotten journalists, still jailed after 14 years” by Abraham Tesfalul Zere

“The Guardian”: “’There is no silver bullet’, ISIS, al-Qaida and the myths of terrorism” by Jason Burke

“The Guardian”: “Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes” by Helen Thomson

“The Guardian”: “The children of Gaza who live with the legacy of war” by Giles Duley

“The Observer”: “Janis Varoufakis: ‘If I’m convicted of high treason, it would be interesting” by Andrew Anthony

“The Independent”: “Berlusconi’s world of sleaze: The astonishing lifestyle that brought down Italy’s former PM” by Michael Day

“Financial Times”: “What Next for the BBC?” by Henry Mance

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“The Atlantic”: “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt

“The Atlantic”: “The Resurrection of America’s Slums” by Alana Semuels

“The Atlantic”: “The Future of Personalized Medicine” by Adam Simpson

“The New York Times”: “ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape”
by Rukmini Callimachi


“The New Yorker”; “Annals of Excavation: How the Sinaloa drug cartel digs its tunnels” by Monte Reel

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: The Cop” by Jake Halpern

“The New York Times”: “Why Is Turkey Fighting the Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS?” by  Sarah Almukhtar & Tim Wallace

“The New York Times”: “What the West Gets Wrong about Russia”
by Ivan Krastev

“The New York Times Magazine”: “President Obama’s Letter to the Editor” by Barack Obama

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Bail Trap” by Nick Pinto

“The Washington Post”: “Meet the Israeli mom who called Muhammad a pig – at al-Aqsa mosque” by William Booth

“The New York Review of Books”: “Inspiration and Obsession in Life and Literature” by Joyce Carol Oates

“The New York Review of Books”: “Fukushima: The Price of Nuclear Power” by Michael Ignatieff

“The Guardian”: “Vatican: Can Pope Francis clean up God’s bank?” by Paul Vallely

“Financial Times”: “Alain de Botton on why we travel” by Alain de Botton

“FT Magazine”: “Cannabis: Silicon Valley’s hot new sector” by Leslie Hook

“The Independent”: “The Hole: New York’s Darkest Secret”
by Alexander Nazaryan

“Foreign Affairs”: “True Grit: The Myths and Realities of Women in Combat” by Megan H. MacKenzie

“Foreign Affairs”: “The Plunder of Africa – How Everybody Holds the Continent Back” by Howard French

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“The Guardian”: “How the hallucinations of an eccentric KGB psychic influence Russia today?” by Oleg Kashin

“The Guardian”: “Etgar Keret: ‘Israelis boycott me as a traitor, and foreigners because I’m Israeli” by Etgar Keret

“The Guardian”: “Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies” by Jordan Kisner

“The Guardian”: “Staffan de Mistura: The man with the toughest job in the world” by Janine di Giovanni

“London Review of Books”: “Rule-Breaking: The Problems of the Eurozone” by Jan-Werner Müller

“London Review of Books”: “The Right to Die” by Stephen Sedley

“The Washington Post”: “Unarmed black men seven times more likely to die by police gunfire” by Sandhya Somashekhar, Wesley Lowery & Keith L. Alexander

“The New York Times”: “The Meeropol Brothers: Exonerate Our Mother, Ethel Rosenberg” by Michael & Robert Meeropol

“The New York Times”: “At Sea with Joseph Conrad” by Maya Jasanoff

“The New York Times Magazine”: “U.S. Politics: The Kansas Experiment” by Chris Suellentrop

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Mathematics: The Singular Mind of Terry Tao” by Gareth Cook

“The New Yorker”: “American Chronicles: Why Would You Adopt Twenty Kids?” by Larissa MacFarquhar

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Egypt: Learning to Speak Lingerie” by Peter Hessler

“The New Yorker”: “Hiroshima” by John Hersey

“The New York Review of Books”: “What Is Wrong with The West’s Economies?” by Edmund S. Phelps

“The New York Review of Books”: “Syria: The Threat of Indifference” by Hugh Eakin & Alisa Roth

“The New York Review of Books”: “Mexico: The Murder of the Young” by Alma Guillermoprieto

“The Atlantic”: “The Bureaucrats Who Singled out Hiroshima for Destruction” by Paul Ham

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“The Atlantic”: “Roughly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism”
by Conor Friedersdorf

“The Atlantic”: “The Doctors Whose Patients Are Already Dead”
by Rachel Wilkinson

“BuzzFeed”: “The New American Slavery: Invited to the U.S., Foreign Workers Find a NIghtmare” by Jessica Garrison, Jeremy Singer-Vine and Ken Bensinger

“The New Yorker”: ”Profiles: Janis Varoufakis – The Greek warrior” by Ian Parker

“The New Yorker”: “Moscow Journal: The Double Sting” by Joshua Jaffa

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Seismology: The Really Big One”
by Kathryn Schulz

“The New York Times”: “ISIS Transforming Into Functioning State Using Terror as  Tool” by Tim Arango

“The New York Times”: “The Bad Behavior of Visionary Leaders”
by Toni Schwartz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The U.S. Voting Rights Act: A Dream Undone” by Jim Rutenberg

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?” by David Amsden

“The New York Review of Books”: “Elon Musk: The Man from Mars” by Sue Halpern

“The Washington Post”: “Israel wrecked my home. Now it wants my land” by Nureddin Amro

“The Guardian”: “Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn” by Javad Zarif

“The Guardian”: “How to think about Islamic State?” by Pankaj Mishra

“The Guardian”: “The Gambia: The reckless plot to overthrow Africa’s most absurd dictator” by Andrew Rice

“FT Magazine”: “Dabbawalas: Mumbai’s lunch-box carriers” by David Pilling and Avantika Chilcoti

“Foreign Affairs”: “A Long Way Home: Life for the Women Rescued from Boko Haram” by Mausi Segun

..........KALENDERWOCHE 31..........

“The Washington Post”: “What Donald Trump was up to while Jon McCain was a prisoner of war” by Michael E- Miller and Fred Barbash

“The Washington Post”: “After Arab Spring, journalism briefly flowered and then withered” by Dana Priest, Deirdre McPhillips and Katy June-Friesen

“The New York Times”: “Algeria’s Invisible Arab” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “The Outlaw Ocean – Murder at Sea: Captured on Sea, But Killers Go Free” by Ian Urbina

“The New York Times”: “Is this the End of Christianity in the Middle East?” by Eliza Griswold

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Iran: Inside the Iran Talks” by Robin Wright

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: American Limbo” by Jeffrey Toobin

“The Atlantic”: “Letter to my Son” by Ta Nehisi-Coates

“New York Magazine”: “The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi-Coates”
by William Wallace-Wells

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Edge of Europe, the End of Europe” by Timothy Snider

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Mystery of ISIS” by Anonymous

“The Atlantic”: “The Women Who Rule Pluto” by Adrienne LaFrance

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: In Athens” by Tariq Ali

“London Review of Books”: “Vincent Van Gogh: Selfies with ‘Sunflowers” by Julian Barnes

“”: “Time to Fight for the BBC” by Peter Osborne

“The Guardian”: “The Battle for the BBC” by Charlotte Higgins

“The Guardian”: “Louisa Lim: I wanted to discover how Chinese people became complicit in an act of mass amnesia’” by Louisa Lim

“The Guardian”: “China’s military gives ‘liberation shoes’ the boot in war on smelly feet” by Tom Phillips

“The Guardian”: “The nun with the criminal record: Sister Megan Rice stays defiant” by Rose Hackman

“FT Magazine”: “Virtual reality: the next frontier” by Mark Piesing

“FT Magazine”: “What is next for Nigeria?” by William Wallis

..........KALENDERWOCHE 30.........

“The New Yorker”: “A Deadly Conspiracy in Buenos Aires?” by Dexter Filkins

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Havana: Opening for Business”
by Jon Lee Anderson

“The New York Times”: “’The Worst Atrocity You have Never Heard Of” by Adam B. Ellick and Nicholas Kristof

“The New York Times”: “Soccer in the Arctic: Thriving in a Barren Land” by Jeré Longman

“The New York Times”: “My Digital Cemetery” by Bob Walker

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Re- Re- Re-Introducing Hillary Clinton” by Marc Leibovich

"New York Magazine”: “The Blight of the Honey Bee” by David Wallace-Wells

“The New York Review of Books”: “Mexico: Making the Dogs Dance” by Alman Guillermoprieto

“The Washington Post”: “From a first arrest to a life sentence”
by Sari Hurwitz & Nikki Kahn (photos)

“The Washington Post”: “The path to a final Iran nuclear deal: long days and short tempers” by Karen DeYoung and Carol Morello

“The Guardian”: “Iran’s nuclear deal could allow its people to thrive again” by Azadeh Moaveni

“The Guardian”: “How Nazi guard Oskar Gröning escaped justice in 1947 for crimes at Auschwitz” by Owen Bowcott and Kate Connolly

“The Guardian”: “How food makes a holiday” by Vicky Frost

“The Guardian”: “Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán: the truth about the jailbreak of the millennium” by Ed Vulliamy

“The Guardian”: “Why China’s stock market bubble was always bound to burst” by Orville Schell

“The Guardian”: “The End of Capitalism Has Begun” by Paul Mason

“The Observer”: “The Cairo streets where girls pretend to be boys” by Patrick Kingsley

“FT Magazine”: “We are data: the future of machine intelligence”
by Douglas Coupland

“London Review of Books”: “Sinicisation” by Slavoj Žižek

..........KALENDERWOCHE 29..........

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter at Large: The Secret Effort to Save the ISIS Hostages” by Lawrence Wright

“The New Yorker”: “Books: The Narco Chronicles” by Laura Miller

“The New York Times”: “8 Ways Pope Francis Is Changing the Direction of the Catholic Church”

“The New York Times”: “Sunday Book Review: The Art Issue”

“The New York Times”: “A Most Dangerous Game” by Sam Borden

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine” by David Segal

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Tamil Nadu: What Happens When a State Is Run by Movie Stars?” by Rollo Romig

“New York Magazine”: “Ryker’s Island, Population 9’790”
by Diana Goldstein, Simone Weichselbaum, Christie Thompson, Eli Hager, Beth Schwarzapfel, Maurice Chammah, Alysia Santo and Nick Tabor (in collaboration with the Marshall Project)

“New York Magazine”: “Fears of a Clown” by Benjamin Wallace

“The New York Review of Books”: “How You Consist of Trillions of Tiny Machines” by Tim Flannery

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why Tunisia?” by Hugh Eakin

“The Washington Post”: “A region left behind: What went wrong with the Deep South?” by Chico Harlan & Michael S. Williamson (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “The age of the professional showoff” by Kathleen Parker

“The Observer”: “The Bosnian war-baby still searching for answers, 20 years on” by Andrew Anthony

“The Observer”: “Beyond Greece, the world is filled with debt crisis” by Heather Stewart

“The Observer”: “London: the city that ate itself” by Rowan Moore

“The Guardian”: “Making sense of Miami: what America’s refuge city says about the US’s future” by Michael Deibert

“The Guardian”: “The millionaire who rescues migrants at sea” by Giles Tremlett

“Financial Times”: “Why do we run marathons?” by Ed Ceasar

“FT Magazine”: “Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency” by Jon Redd

“London Review of Books”: “What Will Happen to Syria?” by Hugh Roberts

..........KALENDERWOCHE 28..........

“The New York Times”: “Why I’m Still Bullish about Europe’s Future” by Beppe Severgnini

“The New York Times”: “ISIS and the Lonely Young American”
by Rukmini Callimachi

“The New York Times”: “Face It, Your Brain Is a Computer” by Gary Marcus

“The New York Times”: “The Many Miseries of Yemeni Families”
by Hanna Ingber

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Robert Frank: The Man Who Saw America” by Nicholas Dawidoff

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Scott Walker and the State of the Union” by Dan Kaufman

“The New York Review of Books”: “Reading Is Forgetting” by Tim Parks

“The Washington Post”: “Does Israel actually occupy the Gaza Strip?” by Ruth Eglash

“The Washington Post”: “Watson’s Next Feat: Taking On Cancer”
by Ariana Eunjung Chan

“The Washington Post”: “How the CIA ran a million-dollar spy in Moscow” by David E. Hoffman

“The Observer”: “Where is Google tasking us?” by Tim Adams

“The Observer”: “Alex Gibney interview: journey into the seductive world of Scientology” by Carole Cadwalladr

“The Guardian”: “What happens to my late husband’s digital legacy now he’s gone?” by Caroline Twigg

“The Guardian”: “Nepal signals peak season recovery” by Ed Douglas

“The Guardian”: “From Syria to Bosnia: Isis and its affiliates around the world” by Kareem Shaheen and Chris Stephan

“The Guardian”: “Srebrenica 20 years on: ‘Every Year I think this is the year I will bury my son’” by Julian Borger

„The Independent“: „UN Gaza report: Five Palestinians‘ harrowing stories from the horror of the IDF bombardment of 2014” by Rose Troup Buchanan

“Foreign Affairs”: “Losing Their Religion: When Muslim Immigrants Leave Islam” by Darren E. Sherkat

“Foreign Policy”: “Assad Goes on Spinning as Syria Burns”
by Abigail Fielding-Smith


..........KALENDERWOCHE 27..........

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Rule of Boko Haram” by Joshua Hammer

“The New York Review of Books”: “Concentration Camps: The Anatomy of Hell” by Richard J. Evans

“The New York Review of Books”: “On Edward Hopper” by Mark Strand

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Rothschild Taste” by James Fenton

„The New York Review of Books“: „Inside the Islamic State“  by Malise Ruthven

“London Review of Books”: “Why Join Islamic State?” by Patrick Cockburn

“London Review of Books”: ”US-Election 2016: The (Republican) Candidates” by Christopher Lehman

“London Review of Books”: “Weapons inspections (in Iraq): We ain’t found shit” by Scot Ritter

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Bipolar Disorder: I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium” by James Lowe

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Brain Scanning: Tell It About Your Mother” by Casey Schwartz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Town Shrink” by Robert Sullivan

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can Thulisile Madonsela Save South Africa form Itself?” by Alexis Okewo

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning” by Claudia Rankine

“The New York Times”: “Five Artists, Five Book Reviews”

“The Washington Post”: “Exodus from Syria: One family’s story” by Anthony Faiola”

“Financial Times”: “Lunch with the FT: Thomas Piketty” by Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

“Financial Times”: “The FT’s summer books 2015”

“Financial Times”: “ZeroZeroZero’ by Roberto Saviano” Review by Misha Glenny

„FT Magazine“: „Instagram unfiltered“  by Hannah Kuchler

“FT Magazine”: “Why safety now trumps freedom” by Simon Kuper

“The Independent”: “Gaza a year on: The shelling may have stopped but there’s little relief for those left behind” by Mark Chamberlaine

“The Independent”: “Isis, a year of the caliphate: How powerful is the ‘Islamic State’ and what threat does it really pose to the West?” by Adam Whitnall and Anny Romero

“The Observer”: “The night I helped my mother escape North Korea” by Hyeonseo Lee

“Vanity Fair”: “Caitlyn Jenner, The Full Story” by Buzz Bissinger

“Vanity Fair”: “Itaq: How One U.S. Soldier Blew the Whistle on a Cold-Blooded War-Crime” by William Langewiesche

“Vanity Fair”: “The Complex Power-Coupledom of Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge” by Sarah Ellison

“Rolling Stone”: ”Are We on the Verge of a Nuclear Breakdown?” by Nina Burleigh

..........KALENDERWOCHE 26..........

“The Atlantic”: “The Mysterious Columba Bush” by Hanna Rosin

“The Washington Post”: “Tiny Gambia: Africa Exodus” by Kevin Sieff

“The Washington Post”: “Soccer in Philadelphia. A Home Field for the Homeless” by Rick Maese

“The New York Times”: “The Worst Refugee Crisis in Generations”
by Patrick Boehler and Sergio Pecanha

“The New York Times”: “Our Father, Who Art on Broadway” by Anita Gates

“The New York Times”: “Multimedia Feature: Illuminating North Korea” by David Guttenfelder

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Jenny Diski’s End Notes” by Giles Harvey

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by Thomas Powers

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 25..........

“The Atlantic”: “Why Should Captains Go Down With Their Ships?” by James E. Gould

“The Atlantic”: “How to Fix a Broken Police Department” by Alana Semuels

“The New York Times”: “Story of Hillary Clinton’s Mother Forms Emotional Core of Campaigns” by Amy Chozik

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 24..........

“The Washington Post”: “How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter” by Michael E. Miller

“The Washington Post”: “Sepp Blatter’s resignation: A rare example of U.S. regime change that the world can support” by Adam Taylor

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 23..........

“The Atlantic”: “Business: Why It Pays to be a Jerk” by Jerry Useem

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 22..........

“The Atlantic”: “Barack Obama: The Middle East Interview” by Jeffrey Goldberg

“The Atlantic”: “The Saudi Arabia –Yemen War” by Alan Taylor (photos)

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 21..........

“London Review of Books”: “The Killing of Osama bin Laden”
by Seymour M. Hersh

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„The Washington Post“: „The end of Britain as we know it“
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..........KALENDERWOCHE 20..........

„The New Yorker“: „A Reporter at Large: Stopping Mass Incarceration“ by Jeffrey Toobin

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“The Independent”: “VE Day 70th Anniversary: We should never forget – the Soviet won World War II in Europe” by Ishaan Taroor

“The Guardian”: “Libya’s people smuggling: military action won’t stop this multifaceted trade” by Patrick Kingsley

“The Los Angeles Times”: “A first-time visitor to Cuba finds beguiling, welcoming and frayed” by Alice Short and Brian van den Brug (photographs)

..........KALENDERWOCHE 19..........

“The Atlantic”: “The Myth of Police Reform” by Ta-Nehisi Coares

“The Atlantic”: “The Vietnam War, as Seen by the Victors” by Elisabeth Rosen

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„The New York Times“: „Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities“

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 18..........

“The New York Times”: “Our Vietnam War Never Ended” by Viet Thanh Nguyen

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How Do We Protect New York City’s Pedestrians?” by Susan Dominus

“The New York Review of Books”: “Ukraine: Inside the Deadlock” by Tim Judah

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by Thomas Powers

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by Peter Walker

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“New York Magazine”: “Is Hillary Clinton Any Good at Running for President - and how much does it Matter anyway?” by Jason Stengerle

“Mother Jones”: “Bitcoin’s Problem with Women” by Felix Salmon

..........KALENDERWOCHE 17..........

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Peru: A Fortune at the Top of the World” by William Finnegan

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Exploration: Moving to Mars” by Tom Kizzia

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Escape or Die” by James Verini

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by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

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by Libby Sander

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“London Review of Books”: “Bye Bye Labour” by Richard Seymour

“London Review of Books”: “Armenia: The G-Word” by Mark Mazower

“TIME”: “The 100 Most Influential People”

..........KALENDERWOCHE 16..........

“The New Yorker”: “The Challenge Facing Hillary Clinton” by John Cassidy”

„The New Yorker“: „A Reporter At Large: A Billion-Dollar Mirage”
by Nicholas Schmidle

“The New Yorker”: “The Free-Speech Crisis” by George Packer

“New York Magazine”: “The TV-Anchorman: A Dumb Job” by Frank Rich

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„The New York Times“: „The Ride of Their Lives“ by John Branch and Josh Haner (photographs)

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by Anne Gearan

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“The Washington Post”: “Tech Titan’s Latest Project: Defy Death”
by Ariana Eunjung Cha

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“London Review of Books”: “Online Shaming” by Ben Jackson

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”The Observer”: “Everest: Is it right to go back to the top?”
by Carole Cadwalladr

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Journalism has failed climate change, this is our attempt to address that” by Alan Rusbridger

..........KALENDERWOCHE 15..........

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of the Mind: Electrified” by Elif Batuman

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: Xi Jinping – Born Red” by Peter Osnos

“The Atlantic”: “The Return of the Mercenary” by Kathy Gilsinan

“The Guardian”: “Spain: The Podemos revolution” by Giles Tremlett

“The Guardian”: “Q: What makes Finnish teachers so special? A: It’s not brains” by Pasi Sahlberg

“The Guardian”: “Kidnap, rape and ‘honour’ killings: on the road with a female reporter in rural India” by Snidgha Poonam

“The Guardian”: “Underground culture isn’t dead. It’s just better hidden” by Geoff Dyer

“The New York Review of Books”: “Conference: What’s Wrong with the Economy – and with Economics?

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Houthi Enigma” by Robert F. Worth

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“The Observer”: “A new exodus? The reality of being Jewish in Europe today” by Natalie Nougayrèsw, Kin Willsher, Kit Gillet, Kate Connolly, Zia Weise, John Hooper, Katie Foster, Lars Erikson, Ashifa Kasam

 “The Observer”: “Are the terrorists of al-Shabaab about to tear Kenya in two?” by Murithi Mutiga

“The Observer”: “Profile - Hassan Rouhani: reformist insider who ended Iran’s isolation” by Emma Graham-Harrison

..........KALENDERWOCHE 14..........

“The New Yorker”: “Germanwings Flight 9525, Technology and the Question of Trust” by John Cassidy

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Vietnam: Return to My Lai”
by Seymour Hersh

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: An Artist with Amnesia” by Daniel Zalewsky

“The New York Times”: “Stress and Hope in Teheran” by Newsha Tavakolian (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery”
by Angelina Jolie Pitt

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“Vanity Fair”: “Wall Street’s Wrecking Crew” by William D. Cohan

“The New York Review of Books”: “How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over” by Sue Halpern

“The New York Review of Books”: “Shakespeare in Teheran”
by Stephen Greenblatt

“The Washington Post”: “Henry Kissinger: the world will miss Lee Kuan Yew” by Henry Kissinger

“The Washington Post”: “After Ebola” by Kevin Sieff and Whitney Leaming (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “The Islam reformers vs. the Muslim zealots” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“The Guardian”: “Immigrants in their own words: 100 stories”

“The Independent”: “Monsanto: ’The world’s most evil company’”
by Oliver Wright

“London Review of Books”: “Colombey les-deux-Mosquées” by Adam Shatz

“London Review of Books”: “’Mad Men’: The Shock of the Pretty”
by James Meek

“Financial Times”: “Essay: Inside North Korea” by Simon Mundy

..........KALENDERWOCHE 13..........

“The New York Times”: “11 Books about Obsessive Searches” by Mark Adams

“The New York Times”: “Against ISIS, Try Patience” by Robert Grenier

“The New York Times”: “An Ever-Bleaker Syria, from All Vantage Points” by Ben Hubbard

“The New York Times”: “Monica Lewinsky Is Back, This Time It’s on Her Terms” by Jessica Bennett

“The New York Times”: “Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism” by George Yancy amd Noam Chomsky

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart” by Paul Tullis

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Seoul: About Face” by Patricia Marx

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Real Tchaikovsky” by Kirill Gerstein

“The Washington Post”: “How terrorism helped found Israel” (book review) by Daniel Kurtzer

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “In Switzerland, a musician searches for the ‘Holy Grail’ of Instruments” by David Rowell

“Rolling Stone”: “Inside Baghdad’s Brutal Battle Against ISIS”
by Matthew Aikins

“pro publica”: “Antebellum Data Journalism: Or, How Big Data Busted Abe Lincoln” by Scott Klein

“The Atlantic”: “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” by Jeffrey Goldberg

“The Atlantic”: “The Science of Near-Death-Experiences” by Gideon Lichfield

“The Guardian”: ”Why face-to-face contact matters in the digital age” by Susan Pinker

..........KALENDERWOCHE 12..........

“The New York Times”: “Israel Chooses” by Uriel Sinai (photographs and video)

“The New York Times”: “Netanyahu’s Test on Settlements” by Judy Rudoren and Jeremy Ashkenaz and Tomas Munita (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “Syria after Four Years of Mayhem”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Heart-Stopping Climbs of Alex Honnold” by Daniel Duane

“The New York Times Magazine”: “My Saga, Part 2” by Karl Ove Knausgaard

“The Washington Post”: “Before I go: A Stanford neurosurgeon’s parting wisdom about life and time” by Paul Kalanithi

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Rocky Road to Taking it Easy” by Jeff Madrick

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Republicans Write”
by Michael Tomasky

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Biology of Being Good to Others” by H. Allen Orr

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Belfast: Where the Bodies Are Buried” by Patrick Raaden Keefe

“The New Yorker”: “Richer and Poorer” by Jill Lepore

“Time”: “Inside Putin’s On-Air Machine” by Simon Shuster

“The Guardian”: “Should we hack the hackers?” by Danny Bradbury

“Financial Times”: “Artefacts under Attack” by Simon Schama

“Financial Times”: “Business on the mindfulness bandwagon” by Antonia Macaro and Julian Baggini

“London Review of Books”: “Remembering Boris Nemstov” by Keith Gessen

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: The Israeli Elections” by Jonatan Mendel

..........KALENDERWOCHE 11..........

“The Washington Post”: “Havana, from on High” by Nick Miroff

“The Washington Post”:  ”A Game of Healing: Survivor Instinct” by Rick Maese and Jonathan Newton (photos)

“The New York Times”: “Room for Debate: Real Friendships in the Digital World?”

”The New York Times”: “In Turkey, Testing the President’s Food not for Taste, but for Poison” by Ceylan Yeginsu

“The New York Times”:  “Afghan Policewomen Struggle against Culture” by Alissa J. Rubin

“The New York Times Magazine”: “A Week with the Afghan National Police” by Azam Ahemd

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?”
by Carl Zimmer

“The New York Review of Books”: “The New Cuba?” by Enrique Krauze

“The New York Review of Books”: “Lure of the Caliphate”
by Malise Ruthven

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Nuns vs. Nukes” by Eric Schlosser

“The New Yorker”: “Travels with My Censor” by Peter Hessler

“The Atlantic”: “The Death of the Artist – And the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur” by William Deresiewicz

“Financial Times”: “Essay: ‘The American Dream in Crisis?’ by Robert Putnam” (review) by Francis Fukuyama

“Financial Times”: “The front-line fight against Isis” by Borzou Daragahi

“The Guardian”:  “’This Changes Everything’:  Capitalism vs. the Climate” by Naomi Klein

“The Guardian”: “International Women’s Day: the 10 best feminists” by Aphra Ben

“The Guardian”: “Hans Ulrich Obrist: Is he Britain’s most original thinker?” by Rachel Cook 

.........KALENDERWOCHE 10.........

“The New York Times”: “George Clooney on Sudan’s Rape of Darfur”

“The New York Times”: “How My Mom Got Hacked” by Alina Simone

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Rio’s Favelas: ‘The Media Doesn’t Care What Happens Here” by Matthew Shaer

“The New York Times Magazine”: “My Part 1: Karl Ove Knausgaard Travels through North America”

“The New York Review of Books”: “France on Fire”  by Mark Lilla

“The New York Review of Books”: “A Song against Jihad”
 by Christopher de Bellaigue

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: Iammmyookkraaanian” by Peter Pomorantsev

“London Review of Books”: “The Robots Are Coming” by John Lanchester

“London Review of Books”: “Against Self-Criticism” by Adam Philips

“The Atlantic”: “How Dirty Money Gets into Banks” by Bourree Lam

“Rolling Stone”: “A Whistleblower’s Horror Story” by Matt Taibbi

“Rolling Stone”: “Rudy Giuliani, American Soviet” by Matt Taibbi

“The Guardian”: “What does it feel like to die?” by Richard Stephens

“The Guardian”: “How Islamic State is expanding its reign of terror” by Emma Graham Harrison

“The Observer”: “Karl Ove Knausgaard: ‘Writing is a way of getting rid of shame’” by Andrew Anthony

“The Independent”: “The difference between America and Israel? There isn’t one” by Robert Fisk

“Financial Times”: “Turkey: slipping into vortex?” by David Gardner

“Financial Times”: “Why Photobooks Are Booming in a Digital Age” by Liz Jobey

“Financial Times”: “Lunch with the FT: Amitav Ghosh” by David Pilling

..........KALENDERWOCHE 9..........

“The Atlantic”: “Among the Hillary Haters” by Hanna Rosin

“The Atlantic”: “What ISIS Really Wants” by Graeme Woods

“The Atlantic”: “Why the British Are Better at Satire” by Christopher Orr

“Bloomberg Business”: “The Billionaires at Burning Man” by Felix Gillette

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: Inside Apple’s Design Lab” by Ian Parker

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Libya: The Unravelling” by Jon Lee Anderson

“Vanity Fair”: “Sinjar Dispatch: How the P.P.K., the Peshmerga and a Few Odd Westerner Are Fighting Isis” by James Harkin

“The New York Times”: “Persecution Defines Life for Yemen’s Remaining Jews” by Ron Nordland

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by J. Hoberman

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 8..........

“The Atlantic”: “The Many Causes of America’s Decline in Crime” by Inimai M. Chettiar

„The Atlantic“: „Is the Most Powerful Conservative in America Losing his Edge?” by Molly Ball 

“Mother Jones”: “The CIA’s Secret Profiles of Dictators and World Leaders Are Amazing” by Dave Gilson

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by Lisa Bonos

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 7..........

“The New York Times”: “Room for Debate: Is the Modern American Dream Attainable?”

“The New York Times”: “A New Level of Refugee Suffering” by Angelina Jolie

“The New York Times”: “Save the New Ukraine” by Bernard-Henri Lévi and George Soros

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“The Observer”: “Who’s the true enemy of Internet freedom – China, Russia, or the US?” by Evgeny Morozov

“The Observer”: “The Secret World of Isis training camps” by Hassan Hassan

..........KALENDERWOCHE 6..........

“Foreign Affairs”: “Syria’s President Speaks: A Conversation with Bashar al-Assad” by Jonathan Tepperman

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“Longform Reprints”: “The Story of Diana: The Making of a Terrorist”

..........KALENDERWOCHE 5..........

“Financial Times”: “Essay: The never-ending war on drugs”
by John Paul Rathbone

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 4..........

“The Observer”: “A week inside Charlie Hebdo: How the ‘survival issue’ was made” by Ed Vulliamy

“The Observer”: “Greek elections: Syriza’s young radicals plot a political earthquake for Europe” by Helena Smith

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by Gideon Rachman

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“The Washington Post”: “Stop the Sandimania” by Michel Boot

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“The Atlantic”: “The Cathedral of Computation” by Ian Bogost

..........KALENDERWOCHE 3..........

“The New York Review of Books”: “Must Counterterrorism Cancel Democracy?” by David Cole

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by Andrew Hussey

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“The Guardian”: “Farewell to my daughter Kate who died on Christmas day” by Jean Gross

..........KALENDERWOCHE 2..........

“The Independent”: “War with Isis: West is wrong in its fight against terror” by Patrick Cockburn

“The Independent”: “Qatar World Cup 2022 special report: It’s like holding the Olympics in Nether Wallop” by Tim Rich

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by Nicholas Nixon (photographs)

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by Gary Ferguson

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by Vauhini Vara

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 53..........

“The Washington Post”: “Dave Barry’s Year in Review: There’s just no explaining 2014”

“The Washington Post”: “The best editorial cartoons of 2014”

“The Washington Post”: “The Islamic State is failing at being a state” by Liz Sly

“The New York Times”: “2014 – The Year in Pictures”

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.........KALENDERWOCHE 52..........

“The “Guardian”: “The 12 most important moments in science in 20014” by various authors

“The Observer”: “A death in Yangoon: the day my fiancé died” by Catherine Anderson

“The Observer”: “American drought: California crisis”
by Chris McGreal

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“Carnegie Endowment”: “The World in 2015”

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 51..........

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Innovation: Blood, Simpler” by Ken Auletta

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from California: Giants of the Tiny Screen” by Tad Friend

“New York Magazine”: “Is Live Streaming the Future of Media, or the Future of Activism?” by Adrian Chen

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by Jeremy Ashkenas, Derek Watkins and Archie Tse

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“The New York Review of Books”: “China’s Brave Underground Journal – II” by Ian Johnson

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..........Kalenderwoche 50..........

“The Guardian”: “Hardline Australia, confused Scandinavia and tense Russia: the global immigration picture” by Jon Henley, Shaun Walker, Michael Booth, Ben Doherty, Anu Anand, Homa Khaleeli, Ashifa Kassam and David Smith

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by Tom Friedman

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“Financial Times”: “George Orwell’s luminous truths” by Jason Cowley

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“FT Magazine”: “Ukraine’s rebel republics” by Courtney Weaver

.........KALENDERWOCHE 49..........

“The New York Times”: “Is Our Art Equal to the Challenges of Our Time?” by A. O. Scott

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mine Disaster That Shook Turkey” by Suzy Hansen

“The Washington Post”: “50 notable works of nonfiction”

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“The Washington Post”: “Native Americans: From Broken Homes to a Broken System” by Sari Horwitz (text) and Nikki Kahn (photos)

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“FT Magazine”: “The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts up a Fight in the Age of GPS” by Jodi Rosen

“The Observer”: “Artificial intelligence: How clever do we want our machines to be?” by Alex Hern

..........KALENDERWOCHE 48..........

“The New York Times”: “Profiles in Online Identity Cleaning” by Ben Johnson

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Secret Life of Passwords”
by Ian Urbina and Lesley Davis (video)

“FT Magazine”: “Kurdistan: a nation in waiting” by Roula Khalaf

“Grantland”: “Japan: The Sea of Crises” by Brian Philipps

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“The Intercept”: “Is Texas Ready to Kill an Innocent Man?” by Jordan Smith

“The Intercept”: “The NSA and Me” by James Bamford

“The Atlantic”: “Islamist extremists: Before the beheadings”
by Jeffrey Goldberg

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“New York Magazine”: “Smile, Your Speaking Emoji” by Adam Sternbergh

“New York Magazine”: “Babysitting the Bomb” by Reid Cherlin

“Rolling Stone”: “The 9$ Billion Witness: Meet JP Morgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare” by Matt Taibbi

“The Observer”: “Climate change is not just about science” by Chris Rapley and Duncan Macmillan

“The Observer”: “Christmas gift: the attack of the drones” by Alex Renton

..........KALENDERWOCHE 47...........

“The Guardian”: “How to plan a digital legacy?” by Jack Schofield

“The Guardian”: “Once upon a bot: Can we teach robots to write fiction?” by Tom Meltzer

“The Guardian”: “How much do we care about our online privacy?” by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

“The Observer”: “Sepp Blatter is a master of survival” by Owen Gibson

“Financial Times”: “Demolition dreams: the world’s ‘worst’ buildings” by FT correspondents

“FT Magazine”: “Is YouTube the new television?” by Jonathan Ford

“FT Magazine”: “Anish Kapoor: art therapy with Syrian refugee children” by Peter Aspden

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by Susan Chiver

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“The New Yorker”: “Alabama’s Death Row Outrage” by Paige Williams

“GQ”: “The Great Paper Caper” by Wells Tower

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“London Review of Books”: “Great Britain: Labour Vanishes” by Ross McKinnin

“The New York Review of Books”: “Thailand: Beautiful, but Bitterly Divided” by Richard Bernstein

“The New York Review of Books”: “Gaza: The Murderous Melodrama” by David Shulman

..........KALENDERWOCHE 46..........

“The New York Times”: “Braving Ebola” (photographs and interviews) by Daniel Berehulak

“The New York Times”: “Space Tourism Isn’t Frivolous, or Impossible” by Sam Howe Verhovek

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Biggest Ship in the World (Though It Isn’t Exactly a Ship)” by Robert Sullivan

“The New York Times Magazine”: “inside the Vigilante Fight Against Boko Haram” by Alexis Okewo

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Unbelievable Scepticism of the Amazing Randi” by Adam Higginbotham

“The Washington Post”: “Ebola: Exposed” by Frances Stead Sellars

“The Guardian”: “How to talk to terrorists” by Jonathan Powell

“The Guardian”: “When the time cones, who will succeed Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei?” by Saeed Kamal Dehghan

“The Guardian”: “Top 10 books about the 1970s” by Ian Plenderleith

“The Guardian”: “Life in Aleppo’s ruins: ‘We’ve had enough of dying, sitting at home, having no fun. We want to dance.” By Lindsey Hilsum

“The Independent”: “In Assad’s Syria, death notices litter the walls – and life goes on” by Robert Fisk

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“New York Magazine”: “By Noon, They’d Both Be in Heaven” by Hannah Rosin

“The New Yorker”: “Floating Feasts: Gourmandism on the high seas” by David Owen

“Rolling Stone”: “Back to Baghdad: Life in the City of Doom” by Roy Scranton

“Vanity Fair”: “Murder Made in Monaco” by Mark Seal

..........KALENDERWOCHE 45..........

“The New Yorker”: “American Hunger: The Invention of Muhammad Ali” by David Remnick

“New York Magazine”: “Nothing You Think Matters Today Will Matter the Same Way Tomorrow” by Frank Rich

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Pillars of Arab Despotism”
by Robert F. Worth

“The New York Times”: “The New York City Marathon: A Poem in Sights and Sounds”

“The New York Times”: “Picture Your Life: Faces of Breast Cancer”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “My Captivity. I Was Kidnapped and Tortured by Jihadis” by Theo Padnos

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“London Review of Books”: “Flying: The most wonderful sport” by James Salter

“The Guardian”: “The Western model is broken” by Pankaj Mishra

“The Guardian”: “Nightmare at the Picasso museum” by Jonathan Jones

“The Observer”: “Should we do anything to keep people alive?” by Ed Cumming

“The Observer”: “The terrible burden faced by young survivors of Ebola” by Lisa O’Carroll

“Foreign Affairs”: “Misrule of the Few: How the Oligarchs Ruined Greece” by Pavlos Elefetheriadis

“FT Magazine”: “Food 2.0: The future of what we eat” by Tim Bradshaw

“FT Magazine”: “Artificial intelligence: machine v man” by Richard Waters

..........KALENDERWOCHE 44..........

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Old Masters at the Top of Their Game” by Lewis H. Lapham

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can Video Games Fend Off Mental Decline?” by Clive Thompson

“The New York Times Magazine”: “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind Set?” by Bruce Grierson

“The New York Review of Books”: “In the Syria we don’t know”
by Charles Glass

“The New York Review of Books”: “Wake up, Europe” by George Soros

“The New York Review of Books”: “Afghanistan: ‘A shocking indictment” by Rory Stewart

“The New Yorker”: “The Ebola Wars” by Richard Preston

“The New York Times”: “A Cure for Hyper-Parenting” by Pamela Druckerman

“The New York Times”: “The Horror Before the Beheadings”
by Rukmini Callimachi

“The Washington Post”: “In his own words: Ben Bradlee on liars”

“The Washington Post”: “Tunisia’s democratic path” by Rachid Ghannoucci

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“The Observer”: “How ISIS controls its territory” by Hassan Hassan

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“Vanity Fair”: “Did Israel avert a Hamas massacre?” by Adam Ciralsky

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: Ebola” by Paul Farmer

“London Review of Books”: “Congo: Ca va un peu” by Adam Shatz

..........KALENDERWOCHE 43..........

“The New York Times”: “The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Weapons” by C.J. Chivers

“The New York Times” (Room for Debate”: “Should Nations Recognize a Palestinian State?”

“The New York Times”: “Mexico’s Deadly Narco-Politics” by Joan Grillo

“The New York Times”:  “End the U.S. Embargo on Cuba” (Editorial)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?” by Heather Havrilesky

“The New Yorker” (Profiles): “Laura Poitras: The Filmmaker Edward Snowden Trusted” by Georg Packer

“The New Yorker”: “How to Take Your Pet Everywhere” by Patricia Marx

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“The Brookings Essay”: “The Bad News about the news” by Robert G. Kaiser

..........KALENDERWOCHE 42..........

„London Review of Books“: „Liberal Zionism: Feeling Good about Feeling Bad” by Nathan Thrall

“London Review of Books”: “In Farageland” by James Meek

“The New York Review of Books”: “What Scientists Really Do”
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..........KALENDERWOCHE 41..........

“The New York Times”: (Room for Debate): Is a Global Climate Treaty Merely a Pipe Dream?”

“The New York Times”: “Children of Immigrants” by Quetzal Maucci (photos)

“The New York Times”: “Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry” by Jason Karlawish

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“London Review of Books”: “Scotland: After the Referendum”
by several authors

“London Review of Books”: “The Durand Line” by Owen

..........KALENDERWOCHE 40..........

„medium“: „Life Atop Ground Zero“ by Rex Sorgatz

“The Atlantic”: “The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys” by Jenny Nordberg

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by Chelsea E. Manning

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“The Observer”: “Brigitte Bardot at 80: still outrageous, outspoken and controversial” by Agnès Poirier

“The London Review of Books”: “Edward Snowden: The good traitor” by Andrew O’Hagan

...........KALENDERWOCHE 39..........

“The New York Times”: “Who Killed the Israeli Left?” by Shmul Rosner

“The New York Times”: “Increasingly, Retirees Dump Their Possessions and Hit the Road” by David Wallis

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Death of Adulthood in American Culture” by A. O. Scott

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“The Oxford American”: “Excarnation in Texas” by Alex Mae

“This Land”: “Near McAlester” by Rilla Askew

..........KALENDERWOCHE 38..........

“The New York Times”: “Dealing with Digital Cruelty”
by Stephanie Rosenbloom

“The New York Times”: “Why Don’t Americans Take Vacations” (Room for Debate)

“The New York Times”: “Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide?” by Pranay Sinha

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Women of West Point”
by Kevin Cahillane (introduction) and Damon Winter (photographs)

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“Pro Publica”: “The Mississippi Delta: Losing Ground”
by Bob Marshall, The Lens, Brian Jenkins and Al Shaw

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 37..........

„The New York Times“: „Club Med for Terrorists“  by Ron Prosor

“The New York Times”: “Should the U.S. Work with Assad to Fight ISIS?” 

“The New York Times”: “A Marriage to Remember” by Banker White

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by Owen Hatherlay

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“The Guardian”: “Inside Putinworld, where few risk speaking truth to power” by Shaun Walker

“The Guardian”: “World briefing: war in Libya” by Chris Stephen

“The Guardian”: “Joan Baez: Singer , activist, peacenik, lover, legend” by Lawrence Donegan

..........KALENDERWOCHE 36.......... 

“Vox”: “How we’d cover Ferguson if it happened in another country” by Max Fisher

“The New Yorker“: „Annals of Science: Against the Grain“  by Michael Specter

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“The New Yorker”: “How Chris McCandless Died” by Jon Krakauer

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“wired”: “Edward Snowden: The Untold Story”

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“The New York Times”: “Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?” by Ronald S. Lauder

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“The New York Times”: “Room for Debate: The War against Online Trolls”

“The New York Times” (Journeys): “Northern India: From Mysticism to Modernity”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Paper Boys: The Dark, Lucrative World of Debt Collection”

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “Will Russia thwart Karl Bushby’s epic hike around the globe?” by Bill Donahue

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Great Barrier Reef: A Natural Wonder in Peril” by Tim Flannery

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“The London Review of Books”: “Palestine: Phantom Bids” by Nicholas Blincoe

“Financial Times”: “The extinction of the passenger pigeon” by Matthew Engel

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“The Independent”: “48 hours in Bern” by Simon Calder

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“The Observer”: “Why I love my Leica” by John Naughton

“The Observer”: “Malala Yousafzai: ‘People are listening to me. But I know that might change’” by Inez Sarkodee-Adoo

“The Observer”: “Ebola: Life and death on the frontline” by Claire MacDougall and Shahesta Shaitly

..........KALENDERWOCHE 35..........

“The Observer”: “Isis: a portrait of the menace that is sweeping my homeland” by Hassan Hassan

“The Atlantic”: “Hillary Clinton: ‘Failure’ to Help Syrian Rebels Lead to the Rise of ISIS” by Jeffrey Goldberg

“The New York Times”: “Obama on the World” (interview)
 by Thomas L. Friedman

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“The Independent”: “The Michael Brown shooting: One Nation, still divided by race” by Michael Usborne

“The Guardian”: “Michael Brown’s death was no anomaly. We cannot stay silent” by Al Sharpton

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“Financial Times”: “Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Leave Their Mark On Our Brain” (book review) by Cordelia Fine

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“London Review of Books”: “Hamas’s Chances” by Nathan Thrall

“The New York Review of Books”: “Who Was Ernest Hemingway?
by Edward Mendelson

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Other Syria” by Annie Sparrow

 ..........KALENDERWOCHE 34.........

“Vanity Fair”: “When Should the US Intervene Abroad?” by Michael Kinsley

“Vanity Fair”: “Microsoft’s Lost Decade” by Kurt Eichenwald

“The Atlantic”: “The Evangelical Persecution Complex” by Alan Noble

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“The Washington Post”: “40 years after Watergate” by Bob Woodward

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by Atef Abu Saif

“The New York Times”: “Room for Debate: A Return to the Fight in Iraq”

“The New York Times”: “ISIS: A Rogue State along Two Rivers”
by Jeremy Ashkenas, Archie Tse, Derek Watkins and Karen Yourish

“The New York Times”: “Israel’s Supporters Try to Come to Terms with the Killing of Children in Gaza” by Robert Mackey

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“The New Yorker”: “A Friend Flees the Horror of ISIS” by George Packer

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“The New Yorker”: “An Honest Voice in Israel” by Philip Gourevitch

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“The New York Review of Books”: “Palestine: Hatred and Hope”
by David Shulman

“The Guardian”:  “A Guide to Middle East Politics in 2014” by Ian Black

..........KALENDERWOCHE 33..........

“The Guardian”: “On the Israel-Gaza border, fear is hardening public opinion” by Harriet Sherwood

“The Guardian”: “Syrian city of Homs shows signs of life amid moonscape of devastation” by Ian Black

“The Guardian”: “The pervasive power of Rupert Murdoch” by Nick Davies

“The Independent”: “Brian Eno on the Israel-Gaza crisis: How can you justify images such as this?”

“The Independent”: “There are seven reasons not to write a novel” by Javier Marias

“The Independent”: “A Bible for Billionaires” by Seth Stevenson

“FT Magazine”: “Road to Mandalay: the trade route vital to Asia’s future” by Shawn Donnan

“The New York Times”: “Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror” by Rukmini Callimachi

“The New York Times”: “Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t” by Walt Bogdanovich

“The New York Times”: “No Time to Think” by Kate Murphy

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Kids Who Beat Autism”
by Ruth Padawer

“New York Magazine”: “Plastic Surgery: Bigger Eyes, Fuller Lips, Broader Minds?” by Maureen O’Connor

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Liberal Zionist” by Jonathan Freedland

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Anti-Court Court” by David Cole

“Wired”: “The Weird Reasons Why People Make Up False Identities on the Internet” by Charles Seife

“Foreign Affairs”: “Welcome to the Third Intifada” by Khaled Elgyndi

.........KALENDERWOCHE 32..........

“The Guardian”: “Kids, guns and the American way” by Stuart Jeffries

“The Guardian”: “World War I: Untold stories of the war” by several authors

“The Guardian”: “How the occupation of Gaza corrupts the occupier” by Owen Jones

“The Independent”: “A day in the life of Vladimir Putin: the dictator in his labyrinth” by Ben Judah

“The Independent”: “The truth about conspiracy theories is that some require considering” by Patrick Cockburn

“The New Yorker”: “Gaza: Aflame” by David Remnick

“The New Yorker”: “Medical Dispatch: The Rarest Disease” by Seth Mnookin

“The New Yorker”: “The Biden Agenda” by Evan Osnos

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“The New York Times”: “The Way North: US Interstate 35”
by Damien Cave and Todd Heisler (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “Self-Defense or Atrocities in Gaza?” (debate)

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“The New York Review of Books”: “In the Heart of Mysterious Oman” by Hugh Eakin

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by Jeremy Harding

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: Discharged” by Mike Kirby

“Vanity Fair”: “The Nixon Tapes” by Douglas Brinkley

“Rolling Stone”: “Philip Seymour Hoffmanns’ Last Days” by David Browne

“Pro Publica”: “Dispatches from Freedom Summer: The Ghosts of Greenwood”

..........KALENDERWOCHE 31..........

“The Observer”: “Why I have to leave Israel” by Sayed Kashua

“The Observer”: “The rise of data and the death of politics” by Evgeny Morozov

“FT Magazine”: “Saying goodbye to God: Haredim apostates”
by Jon Reer

“FT Magazine”: “Troubled waters: the Mekong River crisis” by Pilita Clark

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“The New York Review of Books”: “Iraq illusions” by Jessica T. Mathews

“The New York Review of Books”: “Kurdish independence: harder than it looks” by Jost Hiltermann

“The New Yorker”: “American Summer: Before Air-Conditioning”
 by Arthur Miller 

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Gaza (2009): The Captives”
by Lawrence Wright

“The New Yorker”: “When Teachers Cheat” by Rachel Aviv

“The Toast”: “Perdition Days: On Experiencing Psychosis”
by Esmé Weijun Wang

“Pacific Standard”: “The Organ Detective: A Career Spent Uncovering a Hidden Global Market in Human Flesh” by Ethan Watters

“The New York Times”: “How the West Chose War in Gaza” by Nathan Thrall

“The New York Times”: “Israel’s Bloody Status Quo” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Putin’s Deadly Doctrine” by Timothy Garton Ash

“The New York Times”: “Staring at the flame: John le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Is Your Relationship With Fido on the Rocks?” by Benoit Denizet-Lewis

“The Guardian”: “I, spy: Edward Snowden in exile” by Alan Rusbridger and Ewen MacAskill

..........KALENDERWOCHE 30..........

“Vanity Fair”: “Flashback 2005: Gaza’s Grand Delusion” by Scott Anderson

“The Washington Post”: “Five myths about the Gaza crisis”
by Aaron David Miller

“The New York Times”: “For Israelis and Palestinians, Separation Is Dehumanizing” by Ethan Bronner

“The New York Times”: “To Be A Russian” by Misha Friedman (photos)

“The New York Times Magazine“: „Zoo Animals and Their Discontent“ by Alex Halberstadt

“The New York Times Magazine”:  “The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit” by Ben Austen

“The Guardian”: “Life after 7:1: what happens to footballers after a defeat like Brazil’s?” by Leo Benedictus

“The Guardian”: “Kurds on Iraq’s new frontline feel destiny beckoning” by Luke Harding

“The Guardian”: “How should we understand the teenage jihadist’s mind?” by Simon Jenkins

“The Independent”: “Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic” (interview) by Johann Hari

“Financial Times”: “Can books cross borders?” by Tim Parks

“Financial Times”: “Great Walks: Manaslu, Nepal” by Stephen Venables

“FT Magazine”: “Why Brazil’s already won” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “The evolution of colour photography in modern Russia” by Neil Buckley

“Esquire”: “Lance Armstrong in Purgatory: The After-Life” by Jon H. Richardson

“Columbia Journalism Review”: “Reporting in Burma” by Katya Cengel

“London Review of Books”: “The Battle for Bagdad” by Patrick Cockburn”

“London Review of Books”: “Institutionalized Disregard for Human Life” by Mouin Rabbani


..........KALENDERWOCHE 29.........

“The Guardian”: “Tijuana: life on the political equator” by Justin McGuik

“The Guardian”: “The BBC: How the voice of an empire became part of an evolving world”  by Charlotte Higgins

“The Guardian”: “Last days of Kodak town: decline and fall of the city that photography built” by Dave Stelfox

“The Washington Post”: “In Mexico, a family killed for candor”
by Joshua Partlow

“The New York Times”: “How the Terrorists Got Rich” by Juan C. Zarate and Thomas M. Sanderson

“The New York Times”: “The Great War: A 100-Year Legacy of World War I” by Steven Erlanger

”The New Yorker”: “Sixty-nine Days Underground: The ordeal of the Chilean miners” by Hector Tobar

“The New Yorker”: “The New Way of War: Killing the Kids” by Ronin Wright

“The New Yorker”: “Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form”
by Andy Borowitz

“New York Magazine”: “Growing up in Brownsville N.Y.: Woo Cho Bang Bang” by Eric Konigsberg

“medium”: “How to make a family portrait” by Matt Eich (photographs and words)

“London Review of Books”: “Paupers and Richlings: Piketty’s’Capital’” by Benjamin Kunkel

“London Review of Books”: “Barack Obama: The World’s Most Important Spectator” by David Bromwich

“London Review of Books”: “Lifts: Messages from the 29th Floor”
by David Trotter

“The New York Review of Books”: “The CIA’s ‘Shivago’” by Michael Scammell

“Financial Times”: “Generation XX. Feminism reinvented” by Melissa Harrison

“FT Magazine”: “Has GDP outgrown its use?” by David Pilling

..........KALENDERWOCHE 28..........

“The Atlantic”: “Afghanistan: After Karzai” by Mujib Mashal

“The Observer”: “Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: The man who wants you to buy everything from his company” by Rupert Neate

“”: “Turning 14 in Cincinnati: ‘I worry about surviving’” by Krista Ramsely and Cara Owsley

“The Guardian”: “In this post-digital age, we still thrill to the power of live” by Simon Jenkins

“The Guardian”: “Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power” by Nick Davis

“The New York Times”: “Bedouin Trackers Hunting for Clues to Kdnapped Boys” by Jodi Rudoren

“The New York Times”: “In Sarajevo, Passions that Drove an Assassin Have Only Begun to Heal” by John F. Burn

“The New York Times”: “World War: The War to End All Wars? Hardly. But It Did  Change Them Forever” by Steve Erlanger

“The New York Review of Books”: “Climate: Are We Losing the Endgame?” by Bill McKibben

“The New York Review of Books”: “Edward Snowden: Partial Disclosure” by Sue Halpern

“The New York Review of Books”: “Whose Palestine?” by Nathan Thrall

“Vanity Fair”: “The Mystery Woman: Untangling Rebekah Brooks”
by Suzanna Andrews

“New York Magazine”: “Iraq Everlasting” by Frank Rich”

“Financial Times”: “How books about sports got serious” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “Guantánamo Bay: a report from the inside”
by Richard McGregor

“FT Magazine”: “How to mourn online” by Gilian Tett

..........KALENDERWOCHE 24..........

“The New York Times”: “Brazil 2014: How We Play the Game” produced by Andrew Das, Alicia DeSantis, and Josh Keller

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can General Linder’s Special Operations Forces Stop the Next Terrorist Threat?” by Eliza Greenwald

“The New York Review of Books”: “Hitler’s Monumental Miscalculation” by Malise Ruthven

“The New York Review of Books”: “An American Passion for Tyrants” by David Rieff

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Enterprise: The Disruption Machine” by Jill Lepore

“Outside”: “Rolling Nowhere: My Train-Hopping Odyssey Through the American West” by Ted Connover

“BuzzFeed”: “Should Two Children Be Imprisoned for Plotting to Kill Their Classmates?” by Victoria Beale

“Mother Jones”: “Is Coding the New Literacy” by Tasneem Raja

“The London Review of Books”: “Class War in Thailand: The Story of Taksin Shinawatra” by Richard Lloyd Parry

“The London Review of Books”: “On belonging: A Leopard in the Family” by James Meek

“Vanity Fair”: “The New Jet Age: Flying First Class on a Emirates Airbus A380” by Graham Boynton

“Vanity Fair”: “America’s Odd Couple:  Superlawyers David Boies and Theodore Olson” by Lionel Barber

“The Guardian”: “The death of the American mall”  by David Uberti

“Financial Times”: “E-books v paper?” by Julian Baggini

“FT Magazine”: “A portrait of Europe’s white working-class” by Simon Kuper

“The Observer”: “Hillary Clinton interview: will she or won’t she run for president in 2016?” by  Ed Pilkington

“The Observer”: “Sailing into hell: two men, a dinghy and one of the luckiest escapes ever” by Charlie English

..........KALENDERWOCHE 23..........

“The New York Times”: “A Window into the Nature of Calamity”
by Clyde Haberman

“The New York Times”: “Can Therapists Prevent Violence?” (debate)

“The New York Times”: “Deterrence Revisited” by David E. Sanger

“The New York Times”: “Islamic Republic: Clerical Rule, Luxury Lifestyle” by Shahrzad Elghanayan

“The New York Times”: “From China, with Pragmatism” by Stephen T. Asma

“The New York Times”: “Recording the Polar Bear’s View of its Changing Arctic Environment” by Andrew C. Revkin

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Sinaloa Cartel’s  90-Year-Old Drug-Mule” by Sam Dolnicki

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Genius of Patrick Leigh Fermor” by Daniel Mendelsohn

“The New York Review of Books”: “Irresistible El Greco” by Ingrid D. Rowland

“The Washington Post”: “Five Myths about Net Neutrality” by Nancy Scola

“The Observer”: “Life and death in the US Marines” by Neal Hirschfeld

“The Observer”: “The dolphin who loved me” by Christopher Riley

“The Guardian”: “Inside Belarus” by Mark Rice-Oxley

“FT Magazine”: “Kyrgyzstan: democracy under pressure” by Ahmad Rashid

“The Independent”: “The night America very nearly nuked itself”
by David Usborne

“The Independent”:  “Secret State” by Peter Popham

“The Independent”: “Iraq crisis: West must take up Iran’s offer to block an ISIS victory” by Patrick Cockburn

“London Review of Books”: “On Selfies” by Julian Stallabrass

..........KALENDERWOCHE 22..........

“The New York Times”: “What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades”
by Maria Konnikova

“The New York Times”: “Tiananmen, Forgotten” by Helen Gao

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Burden of Being Messi”
by Jeff Himmelman

“The New York Times Magazine”: “A Revolutionary Approach to Treating PTSD” by Jeneen Interlandi

“The New Yorker”: “The Teen Whisperer” by Margaret Talbot

”The New York Review of Books”: “Pakistan: Worse than We Knew” by Ahmad Rashid

“The Washington Post”: “Edward Snowden took less than previously thought, says James Clapper” by David Ignatius

“The Washington Post”: “The ‘true football’ of Brazil” by Dom Philips

“GQ”: “How Wants to Shoot an Elephant?” by Wells Tower (Illustrations by Rus Khasanov & photographs by David Chancellor)

“Roads & Kingdoms”: “In Kenya, running with Chinese characteristics” by Jon Rosen

“The Public Domain Review”: ”The Naturalist and the Neurologist: On Charles Darwin and James Crichton-Browne” by Stassa Edwards

“Vanity Fair”: “Shame and Survival” by Monica Lewinsky

“Rolling Stone”: “Six Ways America Is like a Third World Country”
by Sean McElwee

“Financial Times”: “Lawrence Summers on ‘House of Debt”
by Lawrence Summers

“FT Magazine”: “Wall Street Whistleblowers” by William D. Cohen

“London Review of Books”: “Scalpers  Inc.” by John Lanchester

“London Review of Books”: “Mommy-Daddy-Time: Can Parents Have Fun?” by Zoe Heller

“The Observer”: “Stories from an occupation: the Israelis who broke silence” by Peter Beaumont

.........KALENDERWOCHE 21.........

“The Guardian”: “The Salt of the Earth: the Wim Wenders and Juliano Salgado double bill” by Andrew Pulver

“The Independent”: “What next for Egypt, with its president in America’s pocket?” by Robert Fisk

“The Observer”: “D-Say, 70 years on” by Richard Strout

“The Observer”: “Before Pelé there was Andrade” by Brian Oliver

“The Washington Post”: “What Broke Washington?” Philip K. Howard

“The Washington Post”: “Afghanistan, the soon forgotten war” by Paul Waldman

“The Washington Post”: “How CBS scooped the world on the Tienanmen Square Story” by Michael Streissguth

“The New York Times”: “Fixed Soccer Matches Cast Shadow over World Cup” by Declan Hill and Jeré Longman

“The New York Times”: “Europe’s Secret Success” by Paul Krugman

“The New York Times”: “Terror’s Front: Local Groups, Eyes on the West” by David D. Kirkpatrick and Eric Schmitt

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Bosnia: Life in the Valley of Death” by Scott Anderson and Paolo Pellegrin (photos)

“The New Yorker”: “Knowing War Intimately” by Philip Gourevitch

“New York Magazine”: “Can Conservatives Be Funny?” by Frank Rich

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Ghosts of Tiananmen Square” by Ian Johnson

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Right Way to Control the Banks” by Roger E. Alcaly

“The New York Review of Books”: “Looking for Ukraine” by Tim Judah

“The Observer”: “Is Matteo Renzi the man to save Europe’s soul?” by Lizzy Davies

 ..........KALENDERWOCHE 20..........

„BBCNews“: „The Reykjavik Confessions: A Murder Mystery”  by Simon Cox“

“American Prospect”: “By Grace Alone: Christian Sex Abuse” by Kathryn Joice

“The New Yorker”: “Dept. of Psychiatry: Partial Recall” by Michael Specter

“The New Yorker”: “The Nicest Murderer” by Nadya Labi

“New York Magazine”: “The Day I Started Lying to Ruth: a cancer doctor on losing his wife to cancer” by Peter B. Bach 

“New York Magazine”: “Getting Your DNA: The Google of Spit” by Lisa Miller

“The Los Angeles Times”: “Central African Republic: Ex-Child Soldiers Live with Scars of War” by Alexandra Zavis

“The Atlantic”: “Fire on the Mountain” by Brian Mockenhaupt

“The Atlantic”: “How the Novel Made the Modern World” by William Deresiewicz

“The Atlantic”: “Funny or Die” by Julie Beck

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Can the Nervous System Be Hacked?” by Michael Behar

“The Washington Post”: “’Smart Pills’ with chips, cameras and robotic parts raise legal, ethical questions” by Ariana Eunjung Cha

“Financial Times”: “The threats facing online comments” by John Sunyer

“Financial Times”: “The empire of Alan de Botton” by Sam Knight

“FT Magazine”: “Being German” by StefanWagstyl

“FT Magazine”: “Why Europe works” by Simon Kuper

“The Independent”: “The irrepressible lure of the cruel sea: What drives yachtsmen to sail across the Atlantic?” by Stuart Alexander

“The Observer”: “Battle for Aleppo could prove final reckoning in Syria’s war” by Martin Chulov

“The Observer”: “Women on the Frontline: female photojournalists’ vision of conflict” by Tracy McVeigh

“The Guardian”: “Norman Mailer’s ‘A Fire on the Moon” a giant leap for reportage” by Geoff Dyer

..........KALENDERWOCHE 20..........

“The Los Angeles Times”: “Artist finding inspiration in China’s bad air” by Julie Makinen

“The New York Times”: “Never Forgetting A Face” by Natasha Singer

“The New York Times”: “Gabriel García Márquez: Magic in Service of Truth” by Salman Rushdie

“The New York Times”: “A Soldier’s War on Pain” by Barry Meier

“The New York Times”: “The 9/11 Story Told at Bedrock, Powerful as a Punch to the Gut” by Holland Cotter

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Jane Kleeb vs. the Keystone Pipeline” by Saul Elbein

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Addict. Informant. Mother”
by Susan Dominus


“The New Yorker”: “Why we can’t ignore Monica Lewinsky” by Amy Davidson

“The New Yorker”: “The Loaded Gun: A mass shooter’s tragic past” by Patrick Redden Keefe

“The Independent”: “The Power of Paper” (Book review) by Alexander Monroe

“The Observer”: “Poems for Europe: 10 national portraits in verse” by Ruaridh Nicoll

“London Review of Books”: “Ukraine: Lurching Towards Civil War” by Tony Wood

“London Review of Books”: “The Italian Disaster” by Perry Anderson

“London Review of Books”: “The Party’s Over” by Jan-Werner Müller

“The New York Review of Books”: “We Kill People Based on Metadata” by David Cole

“Vanity Fair”: “The Prince Who Blew Through Millions” by Mark Seal

“National Geographic”: “Hurricanes: The Last Chase” by Robert Draper

..........KALENDERWOCHE 19..........

“The Atlantic”: “A Eulogy for Twitter” by Adrienne LaFrance
and Robinson Meyer

“The New York Times”: “China’s Censored World” by Evan Osnos

“The New York Times Magazine”: “What Timothy Geithner Really Thinks” by Andrew Ross Sorkin

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Inequality Has Been Going on Forever…but That Doesn’t Mean it’s Inevitable” by David Leonhardt

“The New York Review of Books”: “Ukraine – the way out” by Anatol Lieven

“The New York Review of Books”: “How Memory Speaks”
by Jerome Groopman

“The New York Review of Books”: “A World Digital Library Is Coming True” by Robert Darnton

“The London Review of Books”: “Old, Unwanted and Invisible” by Jenny Diski

“Vanity Fair”: “View form the (TV) Top: Barbara Walters” by Curtis Sittenfeld

“Vanity Fair”: “How O.J. Simpson Killed Popular Culture” by Lili Anolik

“Vanity Fair”: “The Snowden Saga: A Shadowland of Secrets and Lights” by Suzanna Andres, Bryan Burrough and Sarah Ellison

“The Washington Post”: “After carving up Ukraine, where will Putin turn next?” by Masha Gessen

“The Washington Post”: “The tragedies we ignore” by Frank Strasburger

“The Washington Post”: ”A modern pope gets old school on the Devil” by Anthony Faiola

”The Independent”: “US accuse Israel of ‘alarming, even terrifying’ levels of spying” by Rupert Cornwell

“Financial Times”: “Game of two halves: the ugly side of Brazilian football” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “Interview: Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter” by Peter Aspden


..........KALENDERWOCHE 18..........

„The New York Times“: „The War on Truth in Ukraine” by Keith A. Darden

“The New York Times”: “Chernobyl: Capping a Catastrophe”by Henry Fountain and Daniel Williams (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest” by David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis” by Jesse Eisinger

“The Los Angeles Times”: “More than 4 percent of death row inmates wrongly convicted, study says” by Monte Morin

“The New Yorker”: “The Hunt for El Chapo” by Patrick Radden Kefee

“The New York Review of Books”: “Ukraine: The Phony War?” by Tim Judah

“The New York Review of Books”: “The New Synthetic Biology: Who Gains?” by Richard C. Lewontin

“The London Review of Books”: “Lenin vs. Stalin in Kiev: Barbarism with a Human Face” by Slavo Zizek

“The London Review of Books”: “The Reichstag Fire: The Conspiracists” by Richard J. Evans

“The Economist intelligent life”: “In search of the Vikings” by Charles Emmerson

“Wired”: “One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Gold Rush in Silicon Valley” by Gideon Lewis-Kraus

“Brookings Institution”: “The Big Snoop: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Terrorists” by Stuart Taylor Jr.

“The Guardian”: “Armed to the milk-teeth: America’s gun-toting kids” by Sean O’Hagan

“Financial Times”: “Everest’s deadly demands: A Sherpa’s view”by Jemimi Diki Sherpa

“FT Magazine”: “My journey back to Ebola ground zero” by Peter Piot

..........KALENDERWOCHE 17..........

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Iraq: What We Left Behind”
by Dexter Filkins

“The New York Review of Books”: “Censored in India” by Wendy Doniger

“Nautilus”: “The Vulgar Mechanic and His Magical Oven” by Steven Ashley and Jonathon Rosen (illustrations)

“The Atlantic”: “Wars: The Slaughter Bench of History” by Ian Morris

“Rolling Stone”: “Six Studies Show That Everything Republicans Believe Is Wrong” by Sean McElwee

“Vanity Fair”: “The Snowden Saga: A Shadowland of Secrets and Light” by Suzanna Andrews, Bryan Borrough and Sarah Ellison

“The New York Times”: “Switzerland’s Toxic Prosperity” by Dan Fagin

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie” by Jeremiah Sullivan

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Should A Chimp Be Able to Sue Its Owner?” by Charles Siebert

“The Los Angeles Times”: “In Syria, war is woven into childhood”
by Raja Abdulrahim

“The Washington Post”: “Five myths about Mount Everest” by Grayson Schaffer

“The Boston Globe”: “Boston Marathon: For Richard family, loss and love” by David Abel

“The Independent”: “The Children of Fallujah – the hospital of horrors” by Robert Fisk

“The Guardian”: “It is clear that Turkey was not involved in the chemical attack on Syria” by Eliot Higgins and Dan Kaszeta

“The Observer”: “How we all could benefit from synaesthesia” by Helen Massy-Beresford

“The Observer”: “The American Dream is now just that for the middle classes – a dream” by Michael Cohen

“FT Magazine”: “Lessons from a rock-star economist” by Gillian Tett

“FT Magazine”: “India’s new politics” by James Crabtree

..........KALENDERWOCHE 16..........

“ESPN”: “Just Cheer, Baby” by Amanda Hess

“The New York Review of Books”: “Iraq: The Road to Chaos” by Ned Parker

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why We’re  in an New Gilded Age” (book review) by Paul Krugman

“New York Magazine”: “65: Learning to Love Middle Old Age”
by Mark Jacobson

“The New Yorker”: “Putin and the Exile” by David Remnick

“The New Yorker”: “The Best Documentaries of All Time” by Richard Brody

“FT Magazine”: “Twelve days in Southern Africa” by Lionel Barber

“Financial Times”: “The art world we deserve?” by Harald Falckenberg

”The Financial Times”: “The workplace: prison or sanctuary?”
by Lucy Kellaway

“The New York Times”: “Boston Marathon:  Surviving the Finish Line” by Samantha Storey

“The “Washington Post”: “Transitioning from military to civilian life: ’Ugh, I miss it’” by Eli Saslow and Matt McClain

“The Guardian”: “Michael Lewis: ‘Wall Street Has Gone Insane’” by Emma Brockes

“The Guardian”; “What can the origins of the BBC tell us about its future?” by Charlotte Higgins

“The Independent”: “The Middle East we must confront in the future will be a  Mafiastan ruled by money” by Robert Fisk

“The Atlantic”: “The Confidence Gap” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

“The Atlantic”: “The Pope in the Attic: Benedict in the time of Francis” by Paul Elie

“Vanity Fair”: “Evaporated in Syria: The most dangerous place in the world for journalists” by James Harkin

“Rolling Stone”: “Hollywood: Attack of the Paparazzi” by Stephen Rodrick

..........KALENDERWOCHE 15..........

“The New York Times”: “Grand Visions Fizzle in Brazil” by Simon Romero and Daniel Berehulak (photos) 

“The New York Times”: “Eight (No, Nine) Problems With Big Data”
by Gary Marcus and Earnest Davis

“The New York Times”: “Israel/Palestine: Lines in the Sand”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Ruanda: Portaits of Reconciliation” by Pieter Hugo (photographs) and Susan Dominus (text)

“The Washington Post”: “Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, research says” by Michael S. Rosenwald

“The Washington Post”: “Heartbleed bug puts the chaotic nature of the internet under the magnifying glass” by Craig Timberg

“The Los Angeles Times”: “Aleppo: In Syria, a shrinking city struggles on between terrifying air raids” by Rajul Abdulrahim

“New York Magazine”: “Barack Obama: The Color of his Presidency” by Jonathan Chait

“New York Magazine”: “Scandal Loves a Clinton” by Frank Rich

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Story of the Jews: What a Saga!” (book review) by G. W. Bowersock

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Mental Life of Plants and Worms” by Oliver Sacks

“Mosaic”: “How malaria defeats our drugs” by Ed Yong

“ESPN Longform”: “The Marathons of Their Lives” by David Fleming

“The Independent”: “Obamacare rises from the ashes” by Rupert Cornwell

“The Independent”: “Ultra-Orthodox Jews are resisting new laws which force them to join the army” by Ben Lynfield

“FT Magazine”: “How Matisse and Picasso turned old age into art”by Simon Schama

“FT Magazine”: “How to preserve the web’s past for the future”

 “The London Review of Books”: “Syria: The Red Line and the Rat Line” by Seymour Hersh

..........KALENDERWOCHE 14..........

“The New York Times”: “The Wrong Way to Protect Elephants”
by Godfrey Harris and Daniel Stiles


“The New York Times”: “The Court Follows the Money” (editorial)

“The New York Times”: “Afghanistan: Campaign of Resilience” photographs by Bryan Denton

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street” by Michael Lewis

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Peter Matthiessen’s Homegoing” by Jeff Himmelman

“The Washington Post”: “U.S. War Veterans: A Legacy of Pain and Pride” by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “Samantha Power: Learning to play the diplomat’s game” by Manuel Roig-Franzia

“Vanity Fair”: “Transdniester: Communist Gonzo” by Brett Forest

“Wired”: “Here’s How They’ll Piece Together What Happened to Flight MH 370” by Jordan Golson

“ESPN Longform”:  “Brazil: Generation June” by Wright Thompson

“The Guardian”: “Welcome to China’s political gamble of the century” by Timothy Garton Ash

“The Guardian”: “When I met Jane Godall, she hugged me like a chimp” by Henry Nicholls

“The Guardian”: “The Muslims Are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extremisms and the Domestic War on Terror” by Ronin Yassin-Kassab

“The Independent”: “How the Koch brothers threaten U.S. democracy” by David Usborne

“The Independent”: “Syrian refugees: The singular stories of the millions on the move” by Khaled Hosseini

“Financial Times”: “The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age” by Astra Taylor

..........KALENDERWOCHE 13..........

“Slate”: “My dementia: Telling who I am before I forget” by Gerda Saunders

“The New Yorker”: “Home Fires: How soldiers write their wars”
by George Packer


“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Religion: Where Waco Went Wrong”
by Malcolm Gladwell


“The Atlantic”: “The Overprotected Kid” by Hanna Rosin

“The New York Times”: “Bangladesh: Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land” by Gardiner Harris

“The New York Times”: “Rising Seas” by Coral Davenport/photographs by Kadir Van Lohuizen

 “The New York Times Magazine”: “What Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden” by Carlotta Gall

“The Washington Post”: “Is local news coverage in a death spiral?” by Paul Farhi

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “The Caucasus Mountain, in the spirit of writer Lermontov” by Bill Donahue

“London Review of Books”: “Assad and the jihadists” by Peter Neumann

“London Review of Books”: “Veronese” by T.J. Clark

 “The New York Review of Books”: “Turkey Goes out of Control”
by Christopher de Bellaigue


“The New York Review of Books”: “The Future of Europa: An Interview with George Soros” by Gregor Peter Schmitz

“FT Magazine”: “Jihad by Social Media” by Sam Jones Jones

“FT Magazine”: “Big Data: Are We Making a Big Mistake?” by Sam Harford

“The Observer”: “Sex, drugs and Jimi Hendrix: My life in festivals”
by Ed Vulliamy

 ..........KALENDERWOCHE 12..........

„The New York Times“: „Three Years of Strife and Cruelty Put Syria in Free Fall” by Anne Barnard

“The New York Times”: “After the Protests” by Zeynep Tufekcki

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists” by Denoit Denizet-Lewis

“The New York Review of Books”: “Murder in Uganda” by Helen Epstein

“The New York Review of Books”: “A Passage from Hong Kong”
by Maya Jasanoff


“The New York Review of Books”: “Roger Ailes: The King of the Foxes” by Steve Coll

“The Washington Post”: “The West’s obligation to Ukraine”
by Madeleine Albright and Jim O’Brian


“The Washington Post”: “As U.S. war ends, Russia returns to Afghanistan with  series of investment projects” by Kevin Sieff

“The Washington Post”: “NSA recorded ‘very single call’ in one country” by Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani

“London Review of Books”: “(Richard) Branson” by David Runciman

“London Review of Books”: “How much meat is too much?” by Bee Wilson

“The Independent”: “Welcome to Iraq, art review: exhibition shows country in whole new light” by Zoe Pilger

 “The Guardian”: “Iraq invasion was about oil” by Nafeez Ahmed

“FT Magazine”: “Sarajevo: the crossroads of history” by Simon Kuper

“FT Magazine”: “Has the nation state had its day?” by Gillian Tett

“Vanity Fair”: “The Devil and the Art Dealer” by Alex Shoumatoff

“Vanity Fair”: “Meet G4S, the Contractors Who Go Where Governments and Armies Can’t – or Won’t” by William Langewiesche

..........KALENDERWOCHE 11.......... 

„The New Yorker“: „Annals of Psychology: The Reckoning“ by Andrew Solomon

“The New Yorker”: “Putin’s Pique” by David Remnick

“Boston Magazine”: “The Murders Before the Marathon” by Susan Zalkind

“London Review of Books”: “Putin’s Counter-Revolution” by James Meeks

“The New York Times”: “Op-Doc: ‘My Brother’ Teddy’” by Kelly O’Brien

”The New York Times”: “The Future of Internet Freedom” by Eric E. Schmidt and Jared Cohen

“The New York Times”: “Why Russians Back Putin on Ukraine”
by Boris Kolonitskii


“The New York Times”: “Crimea Through a Game Theory Lens” by Tyler Cowen

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem” by Yiren Lu

“The Washington Post”: “36 ways the web has changed us” by Caitlin Dewey

“The Washington Post”: “Why Putin is winning in Russia” by Masha Gessen

“The Washington Post”: “Five Myths about her Cold War” by Mark Kramer

“The Independent”: “An unhappy anniversary: Why Bashar al-Assad’s end is as far away as ever – and why Syria’s rebels lost the plot” by Patrick Cockburn

“The Financial Times”: “Lunch with the FT: Saudi-Arabia’s Prince Turki al-Faisal” by Edward Luce

“FT Magazine”: “Helping Dad die: a daughter’s story” by Catherine Syer

“FT Magazine”: “Science: Can we extend a healthy life?” by Clive Cookson

“The Guardian”: “How 25 years of the Web inspired the travel revolution” by Kevin May

“The Observer”: “The mystery of MH 370 goes to the heart of our fears” by Stephanie Merrit

“The Observer”: “How to win wars by influencing people’s behavior” by Vaughan Bell

..........KALENDERWOCHE 10..........

“The Guardian”: “Picasso and Mondrian: genius at work” by Charles Darwent

“The Guardian”: “Karl Ove Knausgaard: the latest literary sensation” by Hari Kunzru

“The Guardian”: “Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security” by James Ball

“The Observer”: “Is the LRB the best magazine in the world?” by Elizabeth Day

“Financial Times”: “Teenage angst in a digital world” by Gautam Malkani

“FT Magazine”: “Voices from Bagdad” by Christine Spolar

“FT Magazine”: “How to save the US” by Simon Kuper

“The New York Review of Books”: “Will Scotland Go Independent?” by Jonathan Freedland

 “The New York Review of Books”: “The Women at the Top” by Marcia Angell

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Arundhati Roy, the Not-So-Reluctant Renegade” by Siddharta Deb

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney” by Ron Suskind

“The New York Times”: “Has Privacy Become a Luxury Good?”
by Julia Angwin

“The Washington Post”: “How the Ukraine crisis ends” by Henry Kissinger

“The Washington Post”: “The US must lead again” by Condoleezza Rice

“The Atlantic”: “American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga” by Alexis C. Madrigal

“onearth”: “Transporting crude by trail: An Accident Waiting to Happen”

”The Verge”: “The Internet is Fucked” by Nilay Patel

“Newsweek”: “The Face behind Bitcoin” by Leah McGrath Goodman

.......KALENDERWOCHE 10.........

“The Washington Post”: “In Ukraine, Lenin finally falls” by Serhy Jekelchyk

“The Washington Post”: “How Washington lost its appeal” by Robert R . Kaiser

“The Washington Post”: “25 maps and charts that explain America today” by Niraj Chokshi and David Beard

“The New York Times”: “The Swiss Wake-up Call” by Silvie Kauffmann

“The New York Times”: “The Cold war: History Lesson That Needs Relearning” by Sam Tanenhaus

“The New York Times”: “Genetically Modified Babies” by Marcy Darnovsky

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mammoth Cometh” by Nathaniel Rich

“The New Yorker”: “A Star in a Bottle” by Raffi Khatchadourian

“New York Magazine”: “Ghosting Julian Assange” by Andrew O’Hagan

“The New York Review of Books”: “In the Darkness of Dick Cheney” by Mark Danner

“The Atlantic”: „The Oracle of Ice Hockey: How a 70-year- old Finnish goalie coach is transforming a global sport” by Chris Koentges

“The Atlantic”: “The Tragedy of Venezuela” by Moses Naim

“The Guardian”: “Maidan, Ukraine…Tahrir, Egypt…the square symbolizes failure, not hope” by Simon Jenkins

"The Guardian”: “Rescue from Antarctica” by Alok Jha and Laurence Topham

“The Guardian”: “Oberndorf: The tiny German town that armed the world” by Ben Knight

“The Observer”: “Are the robots about to rise? Google’s new director of engineering thinks so…” by Carole Cadwalladr

“The Independent”: “The exodus of Christians from the Middle East” by Robert Fisk

“The Independent”: “Enemy Within: The network of Britains who spied for Hitler during the Second World War” by Cahal Milmo

 ......KALENDERWOCHE 9.......

„The Virginia Quarterly Review“: „Tunesia’s  Dying Film Industry“
by Jesse Dukes


“The New York Times”: “Navigating Love and Autism” by Amy Harmon

“The New York Times”: “Godot Arrives in Sarajevo” by Srecko Horvat

“The New York Times”: “Memories of Chile” by Roger Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard” by Brigid Schulte

“The Washington Post”: “Why the army should fire generals and promote captains” by Adrian Bonenberger

“The New Yorker”: “This Old Man: Life in the Nineties” by Roger Angell

“The New York Review of Books”: “Facism, Russia and Ukraine”
by Timothy Snyder


“The New York Review of Books”: “America: A New Populism?”
by Michael Tomasky


“The New York Review of Books”: “Under the Spell of Yoga”
by William Dalrymple


“London Review of Books”: “The public voice of women” by Mary Beard

“The Atlantic”: “Letting Go of Asperger’s” by Hanna Rosin

“Vanity Fair”: “Film vs. TV: Everyone Back to the Cineplex!” by James Wolcott

“Vanity Fair”: “Inside the Murdoch Divorce” by Mark Seal

 “The Independent”: “Sunni vs. Shia: The Oldest War on Earth Returns” by Paul Vallely

“The Guardian”: “Comrade Cartier-Bresson: the great photographer revealed as communist” by Sean O’Hagan

“FT Magazine”: “USA v China: Is this the New Cold War?” by Geoff Dyer

“BuzzFeed”: “36 Hours on the Fake Campaign Trail with Donald Trump” by McKay Coppins


“The New York Times”: “False Nostalgia in Switzerland”

“The New York Times”: “Paolo Sorrentino’s New Firlm: Beauty Among the Ruins” by Bebbe Severgnini

“The New York Times”: “Egypt’s War on Journalism” by Marwan Bishara

“The New York Times”: “Jewish Hospital a Fixture in Teheran” by Thomas Erdbrink

“The New York Times”: “The Lost Art of the Condolence Letter” by Saul Austerlitz

„The New York Times Magazine“: “Whose Turkey Is It” by Suzy Hansen

 “The New York Times Magazine”: “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp” by Mac McClelland

“The New Yorker”: “Amazon: Words Are Cheap” by George Packer

“New York Magazine”: “Stop Beating a Dead Fox” by Frank Rich

“The Washington Post”: “Syria’s War Must End” by Stephen Hawking

“The Washington Post”: “Islamic Republic at 35” by Jason Rezaian

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why Bach Moves Us” by George B. Stauffer

“The New York Review of Books”: “Who Was JFK?” by Frank Rich

“The New York Review of Books”: “To Kill a Child” by Stig Dagerman

“London Review of Books”: “Egypt: What Does Sisi Want” by Hazem Kandil

“London Review of Books”: “Incendiary Devices: The Edward Snowden Story” by Daniel Soar

“The Atlantic”: “Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet” by Taylor Clark

“Rolling Stone”: “The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Banks’ Most Devious Scam Yet” by Matt Taibbi

..............................Kalenderwoche 8

“Rolling Stone”: “Love and Death in the House of Prayer” by Jeff Tietz

“Jacobin”: “Today’s Worker: In the Name of Love” by Miya Tokumitsu

“New York Magazine”: “Stop Beating a Dead Fox” by Frank Rich

“New York Magazine”: “Chen Guangbiao’s Quixotic Quest for ‘The New York Times’: Most Well-Known and Beloved Chinese Role Model” by Jessica Pressler

“The London Review of Books”: “I haven’t been nearly mad enough” by Jenny Diski

“The London Review of Books”: “Ghosts of the Tsunami” by Richard Llyod Parry

“The New York Review of Books”: “Iran: A Good Deal Now in Danger” by Jessica T. Mathews

“The New York Review of Books”: “Unemployment:  Obama’s Toughest Job” by Jeff Madrick

“Vanity Fair”: “Christmas Eve, Murder at the Drama Club” by Adam Teicholz

“The Independent”: “Middle East: The war on Christianity” by Peter Popham

“The Independent”: “Charles and David Koch: the billionaire brothers ‘trying to buy America’” by David Usborne

“The Guardian”: “How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower” by Luke Harding

“The Guardian”: “The blog turns 20: a conversation with three internet pioneers” by Katie Rogers and Ruth Spencer

“The Guardian”: “Dark Lands: the grim truth about the ‘Scandinavian miracle’” by Michael Booth

“Financial Times”: “How the west might still win” by Edward Luce

“The New York Times”: “A Middle Eastern Primer” by Roger Cohen

„The New York Times“: „The Age of Infopolitics“ by Colin Koopman

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Confessions of a Tiger Couple” by Jennifer Szalai

“The Washington Post”: “Why Russians feel adrift in a post-Soviet world” by David Greene

“The Washingtonian”: “This is Danny Pearl’s Final Story” by Asra Q. Nomani


“The Guardian”: “Africa is not a country” by Nicolas Kayser-Bril

“The Guardian”: “Good-bye Gaza: our correspondent reflects on her time in the Middle East” by Harriet Sherwood

”The Guardian”: „Hillary Clinton has a hitlist. Do you?”
by Leo Benedictus with further authors


“The Independent”: “Novelist Paul Theroux discusses the joys of travelling by train” by Paul Theroux

“Financial Times”: “Why the  first World War still divides us” by Peter Clarke

“The Washington Post”: “Jordan Valley emerges as core issue in Mideast peace talks” by William Booth and Ruth Eglash

“The Washington Post”:”A united call for action on climate change” by Kofi Annan

“The New York Times”: “The Life of a Female Journalist: Hot or Not?” by Amy Wallace

“The New York Times”: “New Truths That Only One Can See” by George Johnson

“The New York Times”: “How Long Have I Got Left?” by Paul Kalanithi

“The New York Times”: “$28’000 a Night: Hotels Compete to Attract Superrich Clientele” by Martha C. White

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Planet Hillary” by Amy Chozik

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Putin’s Olympic Fever Dream” by Steven Lee Myers

“The New Yorker”: ”Barack Obama: Three More Years” by David Remnick

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Greatest Catastrophe the World Has Seen” by R.J. W. Evans

“The New York Review of Books”: “On Breaking One’s Neck” by Arnold Relman

“The New York Review of Books”: “Syria’s Polio Epidemic” by Annie Sparrow

“Vanity Fair”: “Scandal in Sotchi: Putin’s Run for Gold” by Brett Forrest

“Mother Jones”: “Are We in an New Golden Age of Journalism?” by Tom Engelhardt

“Vanity Fair”: “Nigella Lawson & Charles Saatchi: Recipe for Scandal” by Kevin Goldman


“The New York Times”: “54 Places to Go to in 2014”

“The New York Times”: “Terrorism’s Fertile Ground” by Kennedy Odede

“The New York Times”: “What Patients Don’t Tell Their Doctors”
by Dr. Abigail Zuger


“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Online Avengers” by Emily Bazelon

“The New Yorker”: “Bad News: The reputation of Roger Ailes” by Jill Lepore

“The Washington Post”: “What we can learn from Ariel Sharon”
by Henry Kissinger


“The Washington Post”: “One family, two sacrifices” by Ian Shapira

“The Washington Post”: “Five Myths about Michelle Obama” by Robin Givhan

“The Guardian”: “The refugee challenge: can you break into Fortress Europe? – interactive” by Harriet Grant and John Domokos

”The Guardian”: “Invading Iraq was dumb enough. Now Congress wants to derail the Iran deal” by Stephen Kinzer 

“FT Magazine”: “How Japan stood up to old age” by David Pilling

“New York Magazine”: “The Collateral Damage of a Teenager”
by Jennifer Senior


“Vanity Fair”: “Childhood’s End: Does RIE Parenting Help?”
by Vanessa Grigoriadis


“The New York Review of Books”: “The Three Leakers and What to Do About Them” by David Cole

“The New York Review of Books”: “Africa Attacks the International Criminal Court (ICC)” by Kenneth Roth

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Financial Scandal: Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted?” by Jed S. Rakoff

“London Review of Books”: “Diary: Forget France” by Perry Anderson

“London Review of Books”: “Astonishing Heloise” by Barbara Newman

“Rolling Stone”: “The Stealth War on Abortion” by Janet Reitman


“The New Yorker”: “Could Unlimited Phone Surveillance Have Prevented 9/11?” by Lawrence Wright

“The New Yorker”: “The Writing Life: Structure” by John McPhee

“The New York Times”: “Ariel Sharon, Isreali Hawk Who Sought Peace on His Terms, Dies at 85” by Ethan Bronner

“The New York Times”: “Fighting to Kick the Habit” by Mike Tyson

“The New York Times”: “How to Talk to Kids about Death” by Abby Sher

“The New York Times Magazine”: “A Speck in the Sea” by Paul Tough

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Murderer and the Manuscript” by Sarah Weidman

“Vanity Fair”: “Lebanon’s Refugee Crisis”

“Rolling Stone”: “The WikiLeaks Mole” by David Kushner

“The Independent”: “Alfred Hitchcock’s unseen Holocaust documentary to be screened” by Geoffrey MacNab

“The New York Review of Books”: “Afghanistan: The Desert of Death” by Anatol Lieven

“FT Magazine”: “Rafa Nadal: mind game” by John Carlin

“The Financial Times” (FT Essay Prize winner): “British Muslim Soldier” by Adnan Sarwar

“The Financial Times” (Essay Prize runner up): “A community of mortals” by Alexandra Zelman-Doring

“The Guardian”: “What is wrong with being alone?” by Sara Maitland

“The Guardian”: “How I lost my mother to dementia” by Sally Magnusson

“Wired”: “How the NSA almost killed the internet” by Steven Levy


“The Financial Times”: “A freight adventure: Sailing the oceans on a container ship” by Horatio Clare

“The Guardian”: “Alain de Botton’s guide to art as therapy”
by Alain de Botton


“The Observer”: “Scientists tell us their favourite jokes: An electron and a positron walked into a bar…’”

“The Independent”: “Brain function ‘boosted after reading a novel’” by Tomas Jivanda

“The New Yorker”: “A Mission Gone Wrong: Losing the War on Drugs” by Mattathias Schwartz

“The New Yorker”: “New York City’s mayors: After Bloomberg” by Ken Auletta

“New York Magazine”: “The Dream of a Middle-Class New York”
by Benjamin Wallace-Wells


“The New York Review of Books”: “How al-Qaeda Changed the Syrian War” by Sarah Birke

“Vanity Fair”: “The Best Infographics of 2013” by Jack deLigter                                                                    

“The New York Times”: “Beyond Camps, Aiding Syrians Is Even Harder” by Norimitsu Omishi

“The New York Times”: “A Deadly Mix in Benghazi” by David D. Kirkpatrick

“The New York Times”: “For 2014, Tweet Less, Read More” by Frank Bruni

“The New York Times”: “In Praise of (Offline) Slow Reading” by David Mikics

“The Atlantic”: “Surviving Anxiety” by Scott Stossel

 “The Atlantic”: “12 Maps That Changed the World” by Urs Friedman

“Wired”: “Better Than Humans: Why Robots Must – And Will – Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly

 “The Washington Post”: “Good or not, change is coming to the NSA” by Walter Pincus

“The Washington Post”: “NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption” by Steven Rich and Barton Gellman

 “Columbia Journalism Review”: “Evgeny (Morozov) vs. the Internet” by Michael Meyer


„The New Yorker“: „Searching for Plant Intelligence“ by Michael Pollan

“London Review of Books”: “Mandela: Death of a Politician”
by Stephen W. Smith


“London Review of Books”: “Middle East: Hazards of a Revolution” by Patrick Cockburn

“The New York Review of Books”: “How Your Data Are Being Deeply Mined” by Alice E. Marwick

“The New York Review of Books”: “Fighting for the Soul of Ukraine” by Tim Judah

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Daggers of Jorge Luis Borges” by Michael Greenberg

“Vanity Fair”: “Accounting for Obamacare: Inside the Company That Built” by Bethany McLean

“The Atlantic”: “Topless Jihadis: Inside the World’s Most Radical Feminist Movement” by Jeffrey Tayler

“The Washington Post”: “Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission is accomplished” by Barton Gellman

“The Washington Post”: “NASA: To go boldly (and on budget”
by Joel Achenbach


“The Washington Post Magazine”: “Dave Barry’s Review of 2013, the Year of the Zombies” by Dave Barry

“The Guardian”: “Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview by Jonathan Cott” (book review) by Jonathan Derbyshire

“The Guardian”: “35 reasons why I hate lists” by Carole Cadwalladr

“The Guardian”: “Barack Obama’s annus horribilis” by Dan Roberts

“The New York Times”: “2013: The Year in Pictures”

“The New York Times”: “An Ode to Spam” by Gail Collins

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Lives They Lived” by different authors

 “The New Atlantis”: “Do Elephants Have Souls?” by Caitrin Nicol



“The New York Times”: “The Great War’s Ominous Echoes”

by Margaret MacMillan

“The New York Times”: “The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder” by Alan Schwarz

“The New York Times”: “How Doctors Die: Showing Others the Way” by Dan Gorenstein

“The New York Times”: “The Night Witch” by Alison Klayman

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“The Washington Post”: “Syrian refugee crisis map”

“The Los Angeles Times”: “The Manhunt for Christopher Dorner” by Christopher Goffard, Joel Rubin and Kurt Streeter/Illustrations by Doug Stevens

“The New Yorker”: “A Radical Pope’s First Year” by James Carroll

“The New Yorker”: “First Steps in N.S.A. Reform” by John Cassidy

“The New York Review of Books”: “What We Learned in Tahrir” by Yasmine el Rashidi

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Financial Crisis: Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted?” by Jed S. Raskoff

“Rolling Stone”: “Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story”
by Bill McKibben

“Esquire”: “There’s a Whole New Way of Killing Cancer” by Tom Junod and Mark Warren

“FT Magazine”: “The Caribbean: Paradise Lost” by Robin Wigglesworth

“FT Magazine”: “Justine Roberts of Mumsnet” by Lucy Kellaway

“The Guardian”: “The crossword at 100” by Lynne Truss

“The Observer”: “The Observer science quiz 2013” by Josh Davis



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Immer hochinteressante und intelligent ausgewählte Beiträge. Bitte weitermachen. Die Kritik an dem Service ist doch sehr engstirnig.

Die einfache Zusammenstelling ist Journal 21 unwürdig! Forget it, stop it!

Geht es eigentlich noch? Juan ist wohl einfach im Geiste....

Die einfache Zusammenstelling ist Journal 21 unwürdig! Fortgetönt it!

Wenn ich “Foreign Affairs”: “Israel’s Warlords: How the Military Rules in War and Peace” (book review) by Aluf Benn anclicke, kommt immer ein Artikel aus Vanity Fair über das afghanische Schulmädchen, das im Westen zu einer Ikone geworden ist. Ich möchte aber den Artikel über die Generale lesen, die seit Ben Gurion Israel regiert haben.

Warum sind die alle englisch? Da wird nur in eine Richtung über die Grenze geschaut, wie mir scheint.

«Blick über die Grenzen» und dann bloss englischsprachige Medien? Tipp: Ab und zu den «Courrier international» kaufen und lesen – er bildet die internationale Pressevielfalt auch tatsächlich als solche ab.

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