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Von Ignaz Staub, 15.01.2018

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub

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“The Guardian”: “India has 600 million young people – and they’re set to change our world” by Ian Jack

“The Guardian”: “Super Wealth: When will we see the world’s first trillionaire?” by Tom Campbell

“The Guardian”: “We laugh at Russian propaganda, but Hollywood history is just as fake” by Simon Jenknis

“The Guardian”: “California in revolt: how the progressive state plans to foil the Trump by Sam Levin

“The Guardian”: “Victor Orban’s reckless football obsession” by David Goldblatt & Daniel Nolan

“The Observer”: “’Peter Preston believed that journalism should try to make the world a better place’” by Roger Alton

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: “When Deportation Is a Death Sentence” by Sarah Stillman

“The New Yorker”: “Modern Times: The Psychology of Inequality” by Elizabeth Kolbert

“New York Magazine”: “Maria’s Bodies” by Mattathias Schwartz (story) & Matt Black (photographs)

“New York Magazine”: “’The World’s Biggest Terrorist Has a Pikachu Bedspread” by Kerry Howley (story) & Mike McQuade (illustration)

“The New York Review of Books”: “Homeless in Gaza” by Sarah Helms

“The New York Review of Books”: “Bitcoin Mania” by Sue Halpern

“FiveBooks”: “The Best Nature Writing of 2017” by Charles Foster

“Outside”: “Red Daw in in Lapland” by David Wolman

“”: “The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla” by Richard Gunderman

“ProPublica”: “Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection” by Kiera Feldman

“Literary Hub: “The Largest Leak in History” by Jeffrey Himmelman

“Mosaic”: “Something in the Water” by Joshua Sokol

“Verso”: “The Communist hypothesis” by Alain Badiou & Laurent Joffrin

“War on the Rocks”: “How to Organize a Military Coup” by Danny Orbach

“the PARIS REVIEW”: “Jack Kerouac, The Art of Fiction No. 41” interviewed by Ted Berriogan

“The New York Times”: “In My Chronic Illness, I Found a Deeper Meaning” by Elliot Kukla

“The New York Times”: “Where Women Can Make Movies? The Middle East” by Nana Asfour

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Learning How to Fool Our Algorithmic Spies” by John Herman

“The New York Times”: “Mr. Amazon Steps Out” by Nick Wingfield & Nellie Bowles

“The New York Times”: “Donald Trump Flushes Away America’s Reputation” by the Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “How Democracies Perish” by David Brooks

“The New York Times”: “52 Places to Go to in 2018”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mystery of the Exiled Billionaire Whistle-Blower” by Lauren Hilgers

“The Washington Post”: “Being a mother in Hawaii during 38 minutes of nuclear fear” by Allison Wallis

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“HuffPost”: “The Wildest Moments from ‘Fire and Fury’, the Trump book everyone is talking about” by Marina Fang, Sara Boboltz & Chris D’Angelo

“New York Magazine”: “Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President” by Michael Wolff & Jeffrey Smith (illustrations)

“The New York Times”: “Michael Wolff, From Local Media Scourge to National Newsmaker” by Michael S. Grynbaum

“The New York Times”: “Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He’s an Idiot” by Michelle Goldberg

“The New York Times”: “Why Iran Is Protesting” by Amir Ahmadi Arian

“The New York Times”: “A Chinese Empire Reborn” by Edward Wong

“The New York Times”: “If No One Owns the Moon, Can Anyone Make Money Up There?” by Kenneth Chang

“The New York Times Magazine”: “This Cat Sensed Death: What If Computers Could, Too?” by Siddhartha Mukherjee

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Case for the Subway” by Jonathan Mahler

The New Yorker”: “Letter from California: Can Hollywood Change Its Ways” by Dana Goodyear

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Making China Great Again” by Evan Osnos

“The New Yorker”: “Personal History: My Father’s Body, At Rest, and in Motion” by Siddhartha Mukherjee

“The New York Review of Books”: “This Land Is Our Land” by Raja Shehadeh

“The New York Review of Books”: “Damage Bigly” by James Mann

“The New York Review of Books”: “Murderous Majorities” by Mukul Kesavan

“The New York Review of Books”: “God’s Oppressed Children” by Pankaj Mishra

“The Washington Post”: “Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Russia Mania, covfefe, and the Category 5 weirdness of 2017” by Dave Barry

“The Washington Post”: “Winner and losers from 2017, the year in politics” by Aaron Blake

“The Washington Post”: “A once trendy Rio slum is now ‘at war’” by Anthony Faiola & Anna Jean Keiser

“The Intercept”: “The Biggest Secret: My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror” by James Risen

“The Intercept”: “All the New Unfit to Print: James Risen on his Battles with Bush, Obama, and the New York Times” by James Risen

“The Guardian”: “Where to go on holiday in 2018 – the hotlist”

“The Guardian”: “2018 in books – a literary calendar”

“The Independent”: “The Middle East in 2018” by Patrick Cockburn

“Huffpost”; “What I Learned from Reading all the Media Safaris into ‘Trump country’ I Could Handle before Wanting to Die” by Ashley Feinberg

“Wired”: “Inside China’s Vast Experiment in Social Ranking” by Mara Hvistendahl

“Dawn”: “Who Killed Benazir Bhutto?” by Ziad Zafar

“History Today”: “The Sultan and the Sultan” by William Armstrong

“Lawfare”: “Avengers in Wrath: Moral Agency and Trauma Prevention for Remote Warriors” by Dave Blair

“The Atlantic”: “What Putin Really Wants” by Julia Joffe

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“The New York Times”: “How to Be Happier, Safer, Healthier and Smarter in 2018” by Tim Herrera

“The New York Times”: “In Tangled War in Afghanistan, a Thin Line of Defense against ISIS” by Mujib Mashal

“The New York Times”: “Editors Speak: A Reading List 2017” by David Leonhardt

“The New York Times”: “The Year in Climate”

“The New York Times”: “Trump Veers Away from 70 Years of U.S. Foreign Policy” by Mark Landler

“The New York Times”: “Iran’s and Saudi’s Latest Power Struggle: Expanding Rights for Women” by Anne Barnard & Thomas Erdbrink

“The New York Times”: “At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life, and the Gift of Death” by Leslye Davis

“The New York Times”: “An Israel of Pride and Shame” by Roger Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “10 ways tech will shape your life in 2018, for better and worse” by George F. Fowler

“The Washington Post”: “A Second Revolution in Iran? Not yet” by Maziar Bahari

“The Washington Post”: “To beat Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters” by Andres Miguel Rondon

“The Guardian”: “Trump’s progress report: his impact so far and what to watch for next year” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “How I became Christian again: the long journey to find my faith once more” by Bryan Mealer

“The Observer”: “Laughing parrots, backflipping robots and savior viruses: Science stories of 2017”

The Independent”: “Twenty extraordinary women who changed the world in 2017” by Harriet Marsden

“Literary Review”: “Gorbachev: The Last Comrade” by Robert Service

“Verso”: “The Communist hypothesis” by Alain Badiou & Laurent Joffrin

“Emergency Physicians Monthly”: “How One Las Vegas ED Saved Hundreds of Lives After the Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History” by Kevin Menes MD, Judith Tintinally MD, Ms & Logan Plaster

“American Affairs”: “The New Class War” by Michael Lind

“Atlas Obscura”: “To be a bee” by Natasha Frost

“History Today”: “Murder at the Vatican” by Catherine Fletcher

“The Economist”: “Naples: The monster beneath” by Helen Gordon

“Commentary”: “The Art of Conducting” by Terry Teachout

“Vox”: “Talking Policy with Paul Krugman” by Ezra Klein

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“The New York Times”: “This is the story of how 665’000 Rohingya escaped Myanmar” by Tomas Munita, Ben C. Salomon, Mona el-Naggar & Adam Dean

“The New York Times”: “The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s” by Yascha Mounk

“The New York Times”: “The G.O.P. Is Rotting” by David Brooks

“The New York Times”: “On the Surface and Underneath, s Syrian boy Carries the Scars of War” by Rebecca Collard

“The New York Times”: “17 Postcards From Our Correspondents Around the World” collected by Suzanne Spector

“The New York Times”: “The Year from Above” by Rebecca Lai & Tim Wallace

“The New York Times”: “The Bitcoin Boom: In Code We Trust” by Tim Wu

“The New York Times”: “Our Journalists Share Their Most Memorable Interviews of 2017”

“The New York Times”: “Deliverance from 27’000 Feet” by John Branch

“The New York Times”: “Behind the Race to Publish the Top-Secret Pentagon Papers” by Niraj Chockshi

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Gordon Peele’s X-Ray Vision” by Wesley Morris

“The New Yorker”: “The Case for Not Being Born” by Joshua Rothman

“The New Yorker”: “The New Yorker Radio Hour: America after Weinstein” with David Remnick

“New York Magazine”: “Can Nikki Haley Save the World?” by Andrew Rice

“New York Magazine”: “The Plot to Bomb Garden City, Kansas” by Jessica Pressler (story) & Benjamin Rasmussen (photographs)

“New York Magazine”: “He Wanted Jihad. He Got Foucault” by Dina Temple-Raston

“New York Magazine”: “A Fiftieth Anniversary Issue: My New York”

“The New York Review of Books”: “God’s Oppressed Children” by Pankaj Mishra

“The New York Review of Books”: “Super Goethe” by Ferdinand Mount

“The Washington Post”: “’I hope I can quit working in a few years’: a preview of the U.S. without pensions” by Peter Whoriskey

“The Washington Post”: “The Arctic Dilemma” by Chris Mooney (story) & Alice Li (video)

“The Washington Post”: “17 good things that happened in 2017” by the Editorial Board

“Washington Post”: “Indian administered Kashmir: ‘My life is over” by Annie Gowan

“The Washington Post”: “A Christmas Gift: Stories of bridges across the divide” by Avi Selk, Steve Hendrix, Perry Stein, Samantha Schmidt & Jessica Contrera

“The Guardian”: “The Promise: Trump voters see his flaws but stand by president who shakes things up” by Tom McCarthy

“The Guardian”: “Reckoning with a culture of resentment” by Dayna Tororici

“The Guardian”: “Photographer of the Year: Sorah Bensemra” by Sorah Bensemra & Matt Fidler

“The London Review of Books”: “What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking” by Jackson Lears

“The London Review of Books”: “The ‘New Anti-Semitism’” by Neve Gordon

“Sports Illustrated”: “Media Circus: The Best Journalism 0f 2017”

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“The Atlantic”: “What Putin Really Wants” by Julia Joffe

“The Washington Post”: “Hacking Democracy: Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked” by Greg Miller, Greg Jaffee & Philip Rucker

“Washington Post”: “Thank You, Alabama” by the Editorial Board

“The Washington Post”: “Fact Checker: The biggest Pinocchios of 2017” by Glenn Kessler

“The Washington Post”: “America’s chaotic, crazy, challenging, great, tumultuous, horrible, disappointing year” by Scott Clement, Emily Guskin & Shelly Tan

“The Washington Post”: “High School Football: ‘There’s nothing like Frieday” by Jessy Dougherty (story) & Tony L. Sandis (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “How Washington Post journalists broke the story of allegations against Ray Moore” by Libby Casey

“The New York Times”: “Yes, the Truth Still Matters” by David M. Shribman

“The New York Times”: “Thank heaven for …Alabama?” by Frank Bruni

“The New York Times”: “The Year in Stuff” by Matthew Schneider

“The New York Times”: “The Best Art Books of 2017” by Holland Cotter,Roberta Smith & Jason Farago

“The New York Times Magazine”: “To Unlock the Brain’s Mystery, Purée It” by Ferris Jabr

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Reckoning: Women and Power in the Workplace” Essays and Art from Jenna Wortham, Ruth Franklin, Vivian Gornick, Parul Sehgal, Heidi Julavits, Paula Scher, Olivia Locher, Amber Vittoria and more

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Tallinn: Estonia, the Digital Republic” by Nathan Heller

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: Jim Simons, the Numbers King” by D.T. Max

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Technology: China’s Selfie Obsession” by Jiayang Fan

“The New Yorker”: “The Current Cinema: Steven Spielberg’s Ode to Journalism in ‘The Post’” by Anthony Lane

“The New York Review of Books”: “David Hockney: More Light!” by Julian Bell

“The Guardian”: “Bombed into famine – how Saudi air campaign targets Yemen’s food supplies” by Iona Craig

“The Guardian”: “’A different dimension of loss’: inside the great insect die-off” by Jacob Mikanowski

“The Guardian”: “The traditional Chinese dance troupe China doesn’t want you to see” by Nicholas Hune-Brown

“The Guardian”: “The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger” by Charlotte Simmonds

“The Guardian”: “A Journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America” by Ed Pilkington

“The Guardian”: “The year is 2037. This is what happens when the hurricane hits Miami” by Jeff Goodell

“The Guardian”: “Photographer of the Year: we shortlist the best of 2017”

“The Guardian”: “Manchester City’s plan for global domination” by Giles Tremlett

“London Review of Books”: “Diary of an Oil-Company Lawyer” by William Carter

“Scientific American”: “A Guide to Cheating in the Olympics” by Bill Gifford

“Scientific American”: “The Nuclear President” by The Editors

“The American Scholar”: “Tales of War and Redemption” by Phil Klay

“Project Syndicate”: “The Man Who Didn’t Save the World” by Peter Singer

“Medium”: “2017: Words That Matter”

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“The New York Times”: “What Doctors Should Ignore” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff

“The New York Times”: “Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation” by Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush &Peter Baker

“The New York Times”: “How ISIS Produced Its Arsenal on a Industrial Scale” by John Ismay, Thomas Gibbons-Neff & C. J. Chivers

“The New York Times”: “She Wants Independence. In Egypt, That Can be Dangerous” by Mona el-Naggar, Mark Meatto & Youtus al-Hlou

“The New York Times”: “5 Takeaways form a Times Talk about Sexual Harassment”

“The New York Times”: “For Trump, an Embassy in Jerusalem Is Pure Politics” by Mark Landler

The New York Times”: “In the Arab World, the Rallying Cry for Jerusalem May Have Lost Its Force” by Anne Barnard, Ben Hubbard & Declan Walsh

“The New York Times”: “Trump Is Making a Huge Mistake on Jerusalem” by Hanan Ashrawi

“The New York Times”: “Ehud Barak: We Must Save Israel from its Government” by Ehud Barak

“The New York Times”: “The Price of War with North Korea” by Barry R. Posen

“The New York Times”: “Bela, the Forgotten War Orphan” by Keren Blankfeld

“The New York Times” – “2017: “The Year in Climate”

“The New York Times”: “The Best Art of 2017” by Roberta Smith,. Holland Cotter & Jason Farago

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Nicholas Maduro’s Accelerating Revolution” by Jon Lee Anderson

“The New Yorker”: “Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Tactics” by Steve Coll

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Medicine: The Bell Curve” by Atul Gawande

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Education: Success Academy’s Radical Educational Experiment” by Rebecca Mead

“The Washington Post”: “The plea of a Syrian activist: Don’t forget us” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “Brothers in Arms” by Dan Lamothe

“The Guardian”: “Portugal’s radical drug policy is working. Why hasn’t the world copies it?” by Susana Feirreira

“The Guardian”: “Why are American farmers killing themselves in record numbers” by Debbie Weingarten

“The Guardian”: “Hillary Clinton meet Mary Beard: ‘ I would love to have told Trump: Back off, you creep’” by Decca Aitkenhead

“The Guardian”: “Trump-Russia investigation: the key questions answered” by Tom McCarthy & Sam Morris

“The Guardian”: “The US is exporting obesity – and Trump is making the problem worse” by Kenneth Rogoff

“New Statesman”: “Europe’s Hidden Fractures” by Brendan Simms

“London Review of Books”: “Gorbachev: Big Man Walking” by Neal Ascherson

“Lawfare”: “The Conflict in Yemen: A Primer” by Clare Duncan

“Places Journal”: “Hitler at Home” by Despina Stratigakos

“The Cut”: “My Son Should Never Have been Born” by Jen Gann (text) & Elinor Canucci

“The Atlantic”: “The Limits of Science” by Martin Rees

“Longreads”: “Ushering My Father to a (Mostly) Good Death” by Karen Brown

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“The New York Times”: “The ‘New Seven Wonders’ of the World” by Veda Shastri, Guglielmo Mattioli & Kaitlyn Mullin

“The New York Times”: “From North Korea, With Dread” by Adam B. Ellick & Jonah M. Kessel

“The New York Times”: “’No Such Thing as Rohingya’: Mynamar Erases a History” by Hannah Beech

“The New York Times”: “The 100 Notable Books of 2017” by the Book Review

“The New York Times”: “Is Trump Going to Lie Our Way Into War With Iran?” by Mehdi Hasan

“The New York Times”: “Building A.I. That Can Build A.I.” by Cade Metz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “El Salvador: ‘They’ll have to answer to us’” by Azam Ahmed

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?” by Matthew Shaer

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large – Lake Chad: The World’s Most Complex Humanitarian Disaster” by Ben Taub

“The New Yorker”: “The French Origins of ‘You Will Not Replace Us” by Thomas Chatterton Williams

“The New Yorker”: “A Neuroscientist’s Diary of a Concussion” by Daniel J. Levitin

“The New Yorker”: “How Mugabe Freed Itself from Robert Mugabe” by Petina Gappah

“The Washington Post”: “’He’s a little obsesses with me’: Hillary Clinton reflects with raw honesty on Trump and 2016” by Jonathan Capehart

“The Washington Post”: “From ‘Access Hollywood’ to Russia, Trump tries to paint the rosiest picture” by Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker & Philip Rucker

“The Washington Post”:”The Grizzlies Are Coming” by Karin Brulliard

“The Washington Post”: “The jihadist plan to use women to launch the next incarnation of ISIS” by Souad Mekhennet & Joby Warrick

“The Guardian”: "US gun violence spawns a new epidemic: conspiracy theorists harassing victims” by Sam Levin & Lois Becket

 “The Guardian”: “Fifa’s new broom Infantino exhibiting signs of limited shelf life” by Marina Hyde

“The Guardian”: “A gossip columnist’s guide to outwitting Trump, ‘ a narcissist beyond description” by Lucia Graves

“The Guardian”: “We work under siege’: the journalists who risk death for doing their jobs” by David Agren, Jonathan Watts, Shaun Walker, Kareem Shaheen & Michael Safi

“Vanity Fair”: “The End of the Social Era Can’t Come Soon Enough” by Nick Bilton

“The Conversation”: “How social media fires people’s passions – and builds extremist divisions”

“The Atlantic”: “How to Survive the Media Apocalypse” by Derek Thompson

“The Atlantic”: “No Family Is Safe from This Epidemic” by James Winnefeld

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“The New York Times”: ”Looking for the Sublime? It’s in this Swiss Valley” by Stephen Hiltner

“The New York Times”: “Why Lost Means Lost Hope for an Inuit Village” by Livia Albeck-Ripka

“The New York Times”: “Hooray for Fiona the Hippo. Our Bundle Social-Media Bundle Joy” by Rachel Syme

“The New York Times”: “What We Owe the Innocent Victims of America’s Wars” by Patrick Leahy

“The New York Times”: “Saudi Arabia’s Spring At Last” by Thomas L. Friedman

“The New York Times”: “Why Won’t Israel Let Me Mourn My Father?” by Raed Jarrar

“The New York Times”: “Detroit: The Most exciting City in America?” by Reif Larsen

“The New York Times”: “Our Love Affair with Digital Is Over” by David Sax

“The New York Times”: “No bombs. No guns. Just 90 minutes of soccer” by Mujib Mashal & Fahim Abed

“The New York Times”: “They Stayed Put, But Their City Disappeared” by Somini Sengupta

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Coast Guard’s ‘Floating Guantamos’” by Seth Freed Wessler

"The New York Times": Can A.I. Be Taugfht to Explain Itself? by
Cliff Kuang

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: A Mexican Town Wages Its Own War on Drugs” by Alexis Okewo“

The New Yorker”: “Annals of Crime:The Serial-Killer Detector” by Alec Wilkinson

“The New York Review of Books”: “It’s the Kultur, Stupid” by Timothy Garton Ash

“The New York Review of Books”: “Big Money Rules” by Diane Ravitch

“The Washington Post”: “With the loss of its caliphate, ISIS could turn even more reckless and radical” by Greg Jaffy & Joby Warrick

“The Washington Post”: “There’s a third-world America that nobody notices” by Parker Abt

“The Guardian”: “After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing” by Gaith Abdul-Ahab

“The Guardian”: “How the sandwich consumed Britain” by Sam Knight

“The Guardian”: “The $3bn subway station and other urban white elephants” by Colin Horgan

“The Guardian”: “Gaza City in the spotlight: hesitant hope in an city where everyone still wants out” by Miriam Berger

“The Guardian”: “Flags, passion and anger: reporting form a divided Spain” by Sam Jones

“The Independent”: “US foreign policy in the Middle East doesn’t exist anymore” by Robert Fisk

“Vanity Fair”: “What Trump Told the Russians” by Howard Blum

“Vanity Fair”: “The Real-Life Mad Max Who Battled ISIS in a Bulletproof BMW” by Jeffrey A. Stern

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“The Atlantic”: “Mugabe’s Inner Circle Implodes” by Todd Moss & Jeffrey Smith

“The Atlantic”: “Bill Clinton: A Reckoning” by Caitlin Flanagan

“The Atlantic”: “The Making of an American Nazi” by Luke O’Brian

“The Washington Post”: “Lebanon’s crisis sets the stage for Middle East calamity” by Ishan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “Damaged Bodies, Healing Hearts” by Amy Ellis Nutt (story) & Trevor Frost (photos)

“The Washington Post”: “The rapid cycle of gun violence” by Peter Hermann, Ann E. Marimow & Clarence Williams

“The Washington Post”: “This Thin Ribbon of Land Separates North and South Korea – Why Should We Care?” by Armand Emamdjomeh, Laris Karklis & Tim Meko

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Science: Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the Earth?” by Elizabeth Kolbert

“The New Yorker”: “Tech Support: Pictures of the Dead” by Otessa Moshfegh

“The New Yorker”: “How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online?” by Taylor Clark

“The New Yorker”: “Dept. of Human Resources: Why Ageism Never Gets Old” by Tad Friend

“New York Magazine”: “After Trump” by Frank Rich

“The New York Review of Books”: “Why This Isn’t Trump’s Watergate” by Andrew Cohen

“The New York Times”: “A Toxic Mix: Sex Religion and Hypocrisy” by Silvie Kauffmann

“The New York Times”: “75 Years Later, for Russians Stalingrad is a Battle to Remember” by Sergey Ponomarev (test & photographs)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Air War against ISIS:  The Uncounted” by Azmat Khan & Anand Gopal

“The New York Times Style Magazine”: “The School Prepping for Apocalypse” by Tom Vanderbilt

“The Guardian”: “How to sell a country: the booming business of nation branding” by Samantha Subramanian

”The Guardian”: “From the Everglades to the Kilimanjaro: climate change is destroying world wonders” by Damian Carrington

”The Guardian”: “Could a George Clooney presidency save America?” by Steve Rose

“The Guardian”: “How Trump walked into Putin’s web” by Luke Harding

“The Guardian”: “A mission for journalism in a time of crisis” by Katherine Viner

“The Guardian”: “Paradise Papers: Who’s who in the leak of offshore secrets” by David Pegg

“The Rumpus”: “Voices on Addiction: Travels with my Daughter” by TJ Wood

“Five Books”: “The best books on free speech” by Timothy Garton Ash

“Conversations with Taylor”: “Ant Among elephants” by Sujatha Gidla

“The Nation”: “What Was It Like to be Ernest Hemingway?” by John Banville

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“The Washington Post”: “An alternative history of the year since Election Day 2016” by Rachel Sklar

“The Washington Post”: “Podcast: Can he (Donald Trump) do that?”

“The Washington Post”: “The lives lost in Sutherland Springs, Tex.” by the Washington Post staff

“The Washington Post”: “The Sound of hymns drifted from the country church. Then came gunfire” by Peter Holley, Eli Rosenberg, Joel Achenbach & Wesley Lowery

“The New York Times”: “How Did ‘Peace’ Become a Dirty Word in Israel?” by Shmuel Rosner

“The New York Times”: “I Want ‘Allahu Akbar’ Back” by Wajahat Ali

“The New York Times”: “Running Through the Heart of Navajo” by Michael Powell

“The New York Times”: “Thoughts and Prayer for Texas, N.R.A. Funding for Washington” by David Leonhardt, Ian Prasad Philbrick &Stuart A. Thompson

“The New York Times”: “The Climate Risks We Face” by Bradley Horton, Katharine Hayhoe, Robert Kopp & Sarah Doherty

“The New York Times”: “Louvre Abu Dhabi, a Cultural Cornerstone Where East Meets West” by Doreen Carvajal

“The New Yorker”: “Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies” by Ronan Farrow

“The New Yorker”: “Photo Booth: Richard Avedon’s and James Baldwin’s Joint Examination of American Identity” by Hilton Als

“New York Magazine”: “This Is What the Trump Abyss Looks Like” by Andrew Sullivan

“The New York Review of Books”: “Under the Banner of New York” by Zadie Smith

“The New York Review of Books”: “Year One: It’s Up to Us” by David Cole

“The New York Review of Books”: “The Pity of it All” by Frances FitzGerald

“The New York Review of Books”: “Syria: War of All against All” by Lindsey Hilsum

“The Guardian”: “Is the internet ultimately a force for good or evil?” by Emma Brockes

“The Guardian”: “The picture essay: Elena Ferrante’s Naples” by Sophia Seymour (test) & Giuseppe Di Vaio

“The Guardian”: “Why have we built a paradise for offshore billionaires?” by Thomas Frank

“The Guardian”: “The neuroscience of no regret: why people still support Brexit and Trump” by Dean Burnett

“The Guardian”: “The Long Read: How Britain did Gaddafi’s dirty work” by Ian Cobain

“The Guardian”: “Me and Barack Obama: eight years of photographing the president” by Pete Souza

“London Review of Books”: “The President and the Bomb” by Adam Shatz

“Vanity Fair”: “How Trump Brought the Political Media Class to its Knees” by Peter Hamby

“Wired”: “Love in the Time of Robots” by Alex Mar

“Lesswrong”: “Does Age Bring Wisdom?” by Scot Alexander

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“The Guardian”: “Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world’s elite hidden wealth” by Juliette Garside

“The Guardian”: “What are the Paradise Papers and what do they tell us?” by Nick Hopkins

“The Guardian”: “Queen’s private estate invested millions offshore” by Hilary Osborne

“The Guardian”: “Trump commerce secretary’s business links with Putin family laid out in leaked files” by Jon Swaine & Luke Harding

“The Guardian”: “Is it too late to save the world? Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump’s America” by Jonathan Franzen

“The Guardian”: “11/8/16: the documentary that asks us to relive the day Trump shocked America” by Adam Gabbatt

“The Guardian”: “From Zadie Smith to Ethan Hawke: why we love graphic novels”

“The Guardian”: “The Balfour declaration isn’t history, it’s an everyday reality for Palestinians” by Yasmeen el Khoudary

“London Review of Books”: “Interplanetary Gold Rush” by Aaron Bastani

“The Washington Post”: “2016 is the election that will never end” by Dan Balz

“The Washington Post”: “A Reconstruction of the New York City truck attack” by Monica Hesse

“The Washington Post”: “The Balfour Declaration still divides the Middle East 100 years later” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “Anatomy of a Russian Facebook ad” by Leslie Shapiro

“The Washington Post”: “A mysterious virus is killing Africans. Scientists are racing to understand it before it goes global” by Lena H. Sun (story) & Melina Mara

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “The Few, The Proud: Women marines define themselves” by Elizabeth Chang (story) & Béatrice de Gea (photos)

“The New York Times”: “Saudis Arrest One of the World’s Richest Men” by David D. Kirkpatrick

“The New York Times”: “Yayoi Kusama and the Amazing Polka-Dotted, Selfie-Made Journey to Greatness” by Roberta Smith

“The New York Times”: “Sensations of Sound” by Maureen Towy, Rachel Kolb & James Merry

“The New York Times”: “Seven Bizarre Notions Trump and His Team Have About America” by Andrew Rosenthal

“The New York Times”: “Silence of the Democrats” by Michael Tomasky

“The New York Times Magazine”: “A Post-Obama Democratic Party in Search of Itself” by Robert Draper

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The First Woman to Translate the ‘Oyssee’ into English” by Wyatt Mason

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How Facebook’s Oracular Algorithm Determines the Fates of Start-Ups” by Burt Helm

“The New York Times”: “Times Documentaries: 796 Irish Children Vanished. Why?” by Kassie Bracken

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Syria: Dark Victory in Raqqa” by Luke Mogelson

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Science: A Pill to Make Exercise Obsolete” by Nicola Twilley

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..........Kalenderwoche 40..........

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..........KALENDERWOCHE 39..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 38...........

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..........Kalenderwoche 36..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 35..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 33..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 32...........

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..........Kalenderwoche 31..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 29..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 28..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 27..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 25.........

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..........Kalenderwoche 25..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 24..........

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..........Kalenderwoche 23............

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..........Kalenderwoche 22............

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“berfrois”: “Albania is the future of Europe” by Vincent W.J, van Gerven Oei

“BACKCHANNEL”: “What to do of the laptop ban goes global” by Dan Gillmor

..........Kalenderwoche 21..........

“The New York Times”: “Donald Trump Poisons the World” by David Brooks

“The New York Times”: “A Draconian Pact? The Facts Say Otherwise” by Mark Landler, Brad Blumer & Linda Qiu

“The New York Times”: “Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift: The Chance for Global Leadership” by David Sanger & Jane Perlez

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“The New York Times”: “On Ireland’s Border: ‘That Sad Old Game’” by Garrett Carr

“The New York Times”: “New York Turns Food Waste Into Black Gold” by Emily S. Rueb

“The New York Times”: “My Rome, Still a Classic Beauty” by Jason Horowitz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “New York Stories”

“The New Yorker”: “On the Job: The Work You Do, the Person You Are” by Toni Morrison

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: The Addicts Next Door” by Margret Talbot

“The New Yorker”: “The World That Trump and Ailes Built” by Jill Lepore

“New York Magazine”: “Can the West survive Trump?” by Andrew Sullivan

“New York Magazine”: “Hillary Clinton Is Furious.  And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried” by Rebecca Traister

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“The New York Review of Books”: “The Autocrat’s Language” by Masha Gessen

“The Washington Post”: “For 50 years, Israelis have clashed over the West Bank. The expansionists have won” by Dan Ephron

“The Washington Post”: “The lonely journey of a Palestinian cancer patient” by William Booth, Sufian Taha & Linda Davidson (photos)

“The Washington Post”: “Paris decision underscores the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview” by Dan Balz

“The Washington Post”: “In Mexico, the Price for America’s Hunger for Heroin” by Joshua Partlow & Michael Robinson Chavez (photographs)

“The Washington Post”: “Butterfly Babies” by Ellen McCarthy, Katherine Frey (photos) & Ashleigh Joplin (video)

“The Guardian”: “Six-day war: Israeli paratroopers and Palestinians recall conflict 50 years on” by Peter Beaumont

“The Guardian”: “Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?” by Jonathan Watts

“The Guardian”: “Hippy Hangouts around the world: readers’ tips”

“The Guardian”: “The fight of his life: on the road with Jeremy Corbyn” by Ewen MacAskill & Sean Smith (photographs)

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“The Guardian”: “Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump Country?” by Lois Beckett

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“Bloomberg”: “Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis” by Bloomberg News Service

“VQR”: “Long Way Home: The Circumnavigations of Henk De Velde” by Ryan Bradley & Julien Pacaud (illustrations)

“Lapham’s Quarterly: “The Turning Sky: Discovering the Pyramid Texts” by Susan Brind Morrow

..........Kalenderwoche 20..........

“The New York Times”: “Exposures: The Hunted” by Daniel Rodriguez

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“The New York Times”: “No, Google’s Not a Bird: Bringing the Internet to Rural India” by Ellen Barry

“The New York Times”: ‘The Internet Is Broken’: @ev Is Trying to Salvage It” by David Streitfeld

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“The New York Times”: “Monica Lewinsky: Roger Ailes’s Dream Was My Nightmare” by Monica Lewinsky

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..........Kalenderwoche 19..........

“The Atlantic”: “When Your Child Is a Psychopath” by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

“The Atlantic”: “My Family’s Slave” by Alex Tizon

“The Atlantic”: “It Was Cultural Anxiety, That Drove White, Working-Class Voters to Trump” by Emma Green

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“The New York Times”: “My Strange Trip Through Iran’s Heartland” by Thomas Erdbrink

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“Tablet”: “Breaking News: The Secret History of the Six-Day War, Part I” by Yaacov Lozowick

“Apollo”: “More to cheese than meets the eye?” by Kathryn Murphy

..........Kalenderwoche 18..........

“The Observer”: “Do state institutions have the resources to fight hackers?” by Jamie Doward

“The Observer”: “The 57th Venice Biennale review – the Germans steal the show” by Laura Cumming

“The Observer”: “How to escape the online spies” by Darien Graham-Smith

“The Guardian”: “World’s biggest building project aims to make China great again” by Tom Phillips

 “The Independent”: “Can Syria ever be repaired when its long civil war finally comes to an end?” by Robert Fisk

“The Guardian”: “The meaning of life in a world without work” by Yuval Noah Harari

“The Guardian”:  “’Good neighbours to newcomers?’” by Lisa Maree Williams

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“The New York Times Magazine”: “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage?” by Susan Dominus

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Rei Kawakubo, Interpreter of Dreams” by Eric Madigan Heck (photographs) & Leanne Shapton (text)

“The New Yorker”: “Taking down Terrorists in Court” by William Finnegan

“The New Yorker”: “Obama’s Life Post-Presidency” by Amy Davidson

“The New Yorker”: “Onward and Upward with the Sciences: Seeing with Your Tongue” by Nicola Twilley

“New York Magazine”: “Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right”” by Simon Van Zuylen-Wood, Noreen Malone, Max Read, Andrew Sullivan, Park MacDougald, Jason Willick, Mark Jacobson, Maureen O’Connor, Gabriel Sherman, Ben Crair, Nick Richardson & Mark O’Connell

“The New York Review of Books”: “In the Horrorscape of Aleppo” by Charles Glass

“The New York Review of Books”: “More Is More” by Deborah Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “Trump must be impeached. Here’s why” by Laurence H. Tribe

“Longreads”: “Death by Fire” by Miles Wilson

“Mercatus Center”: “A Conversation with Garry Kasparov” by Tyler

“Project-Syndicate”: “Emmanuel Macron, the Novel” by Bernard Henri-Lévy


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PS: Fast gespenstisch ist übrigens, wenn neben den Links zufällig ein Zitat des amerikanischen Rockmusikers Kurt Cobain anlässlich seines 30. Todestages zu lesen ist.

Ich weiss ja dass man Cobain, den ich sehr verehre, und Trump nicht vergleichen sollte, aber dieser Ausspruch könnte ebenso von Trump kommen, nur dass es dann eine völlig andere Bedeutung bekommt.

Das Zitat lautet:

"Sie lachen über mich, weil ich anders bin.
Ich lache über sie, weil sie alle gleich sind."
Kurt Cobain

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