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Von Ignaz Staub, 09.12.2019

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub.

«The Guardian»: «Are drone swarms the future of aerial warfare?» by Michael Safi

«The Guardian»: «Malta’s corruption is not just in the heart of government, it’s the entire body» by Alexander Clapp

«The Guardian»: «The long read - We spent 10 years talking to people. Here’s what it taught us about Britain» by John Harris & John Domokos

«The Guardian»: «The long read - ’I’ve seen death in this city, but nothing as sad as this’: how a ferry disaster exposed the corruption devastating Iraq» by Gaith Abdul-Ahad

«The Guardian»: «Kochland review: how the Kochs bought America – and trashed it» by Charles Kaiser

«The Observer»: «»Back to the border of misery: Amexica visited 10 years on» by Ed Vulliamy

«The Observer»: «A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown» by Emma Beddington

«The Observer» : «The best graphic novels of 2019» by Rachel Cooke

«The Guardian» : «‘Big Brother is watching’: Chinese city with 2,6m cameras is world’s most heavily surveilled» by Matthew Keegan

«The Guardian»: «Clear backpacks, monitored emails: life for US students under constant surveillance» by Lois Beckett

«The Guardian»: «Facts are under siege. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in journalism» by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: «Podcast- Hillsborough: the 30-year fight for justice»

«The Atlantic»: «Top 25 News Photos of 2019» by Alan Taylor

«The Atlantic»: «Hopeful Images from 2019»

«The New York Times»: «The Champion Who Picked a Date to Die» by Andrew Keh (text) & Linsey Adario (photographs)

«The New York Times» : «The Personal Toll of Photographing a Story about Euthanasia» by Linsey Adario

«The New York Times»: «Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Has One Question» by  Keren Blankfeld

«The New York Times» : «For Trump and Europe, A Surpsising Role Reversal» by Mark Landler

«The New York Times»: «Iran Is Crushing Freedom One Country At a Time» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «The Class of 2000 ‘Could have Been  Anything’, Until Opioids Hit» by Dan Levin

«The New York Times»: «The Unending Indignieties of Alzheimer’s» by Jeneen Interlandi

«The New York Times»: «A Better Internet Is Waiting for Us » by Annalee Newitz

«The New York Times»: «33 Ways to Remember the 2010s»

«The New York Times Magazine» : «I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It» by Josh Owens

«The New York Times Style Magazine» : «A Charming Swiss Home That Respects, and Reimagines, the Past» by Tom Delavan

«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India» by Dexter Filkins

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Innovation: Taking Virtual Reality for a Test Drive» by Patricia Marx

«The New Yorker»: «The Next Steps in the Impeachment Inquiry» by Amy Davidson Sorkin

«The New Yorker»: «The Best Books of 2019» by Katy Waldman

«The New Yorker»: «The Twenty-Seven Best Movies of the Decade» by Richard Brody

«The New York Review of Books»: «Jimmy Hoffa and ‘The Irishman’: A True Crime Story?» by Jack Goldsmith

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Drums of Cyberwar» by Sue Halpern

«The Washington Post»: «How Impeachment Works» by Aaron Steckelberg, Harry Stevens, Bonnie Berkowitz & Tim Meko

«The Washington Post»: «What would happen if we randomly gave $1000 to poor families? Now we know» by Francisco Toro

«The Washington Post»: «Lives adrift in a warming world»

«The Washington Post»: «A language for all» by Samantha Schmidt

«The Washington Post»: «Ghosts of the Future» by Sarah Kaplan

«The Washington Post»: «This is what the Trump economy looks like» by Philip Bump

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «The Fact-Check Industry» by Emily Bell

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«The New York Times»: «Who Will Tell the Truth About the Free Press?» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Lost and Found in Hemingway’s Spain» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «Tiffany Is More Than a Store» by Vanessa Friedman

«The New York Times»: «What the Impeachment Hearings Look Like from Europe» by Jochen Bittner

«The New York Times»: «How Amazon Wove Itself Into the Life of an American City» by Scott Shane

«The New York Times»: Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon » by David Streifeld

«The New York Times»: «Jeffrey Epstein, Blackmail and a Lucrative ‘Hot List’» by Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Emily Steeele, Jacob Bernstein & David Enrich

«The New York Times»: «100 Notable Books of 2019»

«The New York Times Book Review»: «Christmas Books»

«The New York Times»: «The 10 Most Influential Films of  the Decade (and 20 Other Favorites») by Manolah Dargis & A.O. Scott

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Does Who You Are at 7 Determine Who You Are at 63?» by Gideon Lewis-Kraus

«The New York Times»: « India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far To Much» by Bryan Denton & Somini Sengupta

«The New Yorker»: «Hurricane Season» by David Sedaris

«The New Yorker»: «Brave New World Dept.: Big Tech’s Big Defector» by Brian Barth

«The New Yorker»: «Books: It’s Still Mrs. Thatcher’s Britain» by James Wood

«The New Yorker»: «Letter From Trump’s Washington: The Awful Truth About Impeachment»  by Susan B. Glasser

«The New York Review of Books»:  «How China’s Rise Has Fastened Hong Kong’s Decline » by Ian Johnson

«The Washington Post»: «What we still don’t know about the Ukraine affair» by Jackson Diehl

«The Washington Post»: «Bloomberg News will avoid investigating Mike Bloomberg during his presidential run» by Paul Farhi

«The Washington Post» : «A call of duty and the family he left behind» by Ian Shapira

«The Washington Post»: «Vontae Davis retired at halftime of a NFL game. That’s just the beginning of his story» by Adam Kilgore

«The Washington Post»: «50 notable works of fiction in 2019»

«The Washington Post»: «50 notable work of nonfiction in 2019»

«The Guardian»: «The media like to rock the royal boat – but they won’t sink it» by Roy Greenslade

«The Guardian»: «Michael Bloomberg demonstrates the danger of billionaire-owned media» by Arwa Mahdawi

«The Guardian»: «Concern over rise in dark tourism in Syria as war enters ninth year» by Bethan McKernan

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – The rise of Netflix. An empire built on debt»

«The Guardian»: «Digital democracy will face ist biggest test in 2020» by Siva Vaidhyanathan

«The Guardian»: «Tim Berners-Lee unveils global plan to save the web» by Ian Sample

«The Guardian»: «The inside story of Trump’s alleged bribery of Ukraine» by Lauren Gambino & Tom McCarthy

«The Guardian»: «Blocked roads then bullets: Iran’s brutal crackdown in ist City of Rises» by Michael Safi

«The Guardian»: «Murals of Baghdad : the art of protest»

«The Observer»: «Faith, but fury too, for Donald Trump at home» by Michael Goldfarb

«The Observer»: «Fun, physics and the God particle: a tour of Cern, Switzerland» by Emma Cook

«The Independent»: «I talked to everyone in Syria, controversial or otherwise. That’s how you find the truth» by Robert Fisk

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «Building a more honest Internet» by Ethan Zuckermann

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «The Investigator» by Elizabeth Zerofsky

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«The New York Times»: «Michael Bloomberg Joins 2020 Democratic Field for President» by Alexander Burns

«The New York Times»: «Who’s Running for President in 2020?» by Alexander Burns, Matt Flegeneheimer, Jasmine C. Lee, Lisa Lerer & Jonathan Martin

«The New York Times» : «Fiona Hill and the American Idea» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «Colonel Windman’s America» by Jesse Wegman

«The New York Times»: «Why Fox News Slimed a Purple Heart Recipient» by Tonin Smith

«The New York Times»: «The-Nehisi Coates: The Cancellation of Kolin Kaepernick» by Te-Nehisi Coates

«The New York Times»: «Hong Kong: A City Divided» by Lam Yik Fei (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Vacillating Trump Supporter, Take Two» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «’No One Believes Anything’ : Voters Worn Out by a Fog of Political News» by Sabina Tavernise & Aidan Gardiner

«The New York Times»: «Is There Anything We Can All Agree On? Yes, It’s Dolly Parton» by Lindsay Zoladz

«The New York Times»: «Arab Thinkers Call to Abandon Boycotts and Engage with Israel» by David E. Halbfinger

«The New York Times»: «The Jungle Prince of Delhi» by Ellen Barry

«The New York Times»: «Non-Fiction: Seeing Margaret Thatcher Whole» by Benjamin Schwarz

«The New York Times»: «The 10 Best Books of 2019»

«The New York Times»: «The Moden Life of Origami, an Art as Old as Paper» by Kathleen Massara (text) & Ryan Jenq (photographs

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Congratulations, You’re a Congresswoman. Now What?» by Susan Dominus

«The New York Times Style Magazine»: «Japan in Bloom» by Hanya Yanagihara

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Inquiry: Dirt-Road America» by M.R. O’Connor

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Medium Is the Mistake» by David Bromwich

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Ceaseless Innovation of Duane Michals» by Martin Filler

«The New York Review of Books»: «Against Economics» by David Graeber

«The Washington Post»: «In Trump’s DC, rogue actors gain power as experts become irrelevant»  by Greg Jaffe

«The Washington Post»: «Here’s how Russia will attack the 2020 election. We’re still not ready» by Renee DiResta, Michael McFaul & Alex Stamos

«The Washington Post»: «Why it was so satisfying to watch Fiona Hill take charge» by Rechel Sklar

«The Washington Post»: « Let’s not pretend Washington ever really tried to stop Israeli settlements» by Aaron David Miller& Daniel Kurtzer

«The Washington Post»: «The charges against Israeli Primie Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, explained» by Miriam Berger

«The Washington Post»: «Altamont endend the ‘60s with chaos and death» by Geoff Edgers, Erin Patrick O’Connor (video) and Bishop Sand & Carol Alderman (audio)

«The Washington Post»: «Lee Harvey Oswald’s final hours before killing Kennedy»

«The Guardian»: «Streets on fire: how a decade of protest changed the world» by Gary Younge

«The Guardian»: «Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy’s mafia bosses» by Lorenzo Tondo

«The Guardian»: «Facebook: ‘Greatest propaganda machine in history’» by Sacha Baron Cohen

«The Guardian»: «The long read: what I have learned form my suicidal patients» by Gavin Frances

«The Guardian»: «A Warning review: Anonymous Trump book fails to make a name for itself» by Lloyd Green

«The Guardian»: «Ten of the best new books in translation» by Marta Bausells

«The Guardian»: «Glimpses of women through time: 130 years of National Geographic images»

«The Guardian»: «Foetus 18 weeks: the greatast photograph of the 20th century?» by Charlotte Jansen

«The Observer»: «How street protests across Middle Easr theaten Iran’s power» by Martin Chulov

«The Intecept»: «From the rubble of the U.S. war in Iraq, Iran built a new order» by Jeremy Scahill & Murtaza Hussain

«The Intercept»: «The Story Behind the Iran Cables» by Betsy Reed, Vanessa Gezari & Roger Hodge

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«The Guardian»: «The Tories can’t win without the press. This isn’t how democracy works» by Gary Younge

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How immigration became Britain’s most toxic political issue» by Rachel Sabi

«The Guardian»: «Evo Morales: indigenous leader who changed Bolivia but stayed too long» by Laurence Blair & Dan Collyns

«The Guardian»: «Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution, 1989 – in pictures»

«The Guardian»: «The Amazon: on the frontline of a global battle to tackle the climate crisis» by Jonathan Watts

«The Guardian»: «From Watergate to Ukraine: how TV will dictate Trump’s impeachment fate» by David Smith

«The Guardian» : «‘We know we’re more than a TV show’: how Sesame Street made it to 50» by Noel Murray

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Meeting George Soros»

«The Guardian»: Interview – Hillary and Chelsea Clinton: ‘We cannot give in. That’s how they win’» by Charlotte Higgins

«The Independent»: «Prince Andrew interview: Faced with the most serious of allegations and a self-made PR disaster unfolding, all he really had to say was sorry, mum» by Sean O’Grady

«The Independent»: «Michael Lynk’s UN report on Israeli settlements speaks the truth – but the world refuses to listen» by Robert Fisk

«The Independent»: «Erdogan’s ethnic cleansing of the Kurds is still happening – and we have Trump to thank» by Patrick Cockburn

«The Independent»: «Anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe riding a wave of nationalism. How did we forget the horrors of history so fast?» by Andrea Mammone

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed: The Bernie Sanders Interview»

«The Intercept» : «Baghdadi Died, but the U,S. War on Terror Will Go On Forever» by Murtaza Hussain

«The Washington Post»: «The key impeachment question: What did Trump want from Ukraine – and what exactly did he do?» by Greg Jaffe

«The Washington Post»: «How a lone CIA analyst triggered the inquiry that has engulfed U.S. politics» by Greg Miller, Greg Jaffee & Paul Sonne

«The Washington Post»: «Iran’s Hostage Factory» by Jason Rezaian

«The Washington Post»: «The most remote emergency room: life and death in rural America» by Eli Saslow

«The Washington Post»: «Thinking About Profiles in Courage: inside ‘A Warning’ by Anonymous» by Carlos Lozado

«The Washington Post»: «Fear and loathing ahead of the British election» by Adam Taylor

«The Washington Post»: «Hong Kong: ‘We’re in a war’» by Shibani Mahtani

«The Washington Post»: «We thought Trump was the biggest con man. We were all wrong» by Catherine Rampell

«The Washington Post»: «It’s tough being small in a big-suit world. We still spacewalked» by Christina Koch & Jessica Meir

«The New Yorker»: «Personal History: The Final Frontier» by Michael Chabon

«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: The Case Against Boeing» by Alec MacGillis

«The New Yorker»: «From Little Englanders to Brexiteers» by Issac Chotiner

«The New Yorker»: «Is Trump Already Winning on Impeachment?» by Susan B. Glasser

«The New York Times»: «Trump, Ukraine and Impeachment: The Inside Story of How We Got There» by Sharon LaFraniere, Andrew E. Kramer & Danny Hakim

«The New York Times»: «In Praise of Washington Insiders» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «On the Frontline of Progressive Anti-Semitism» by Blake Fleyton

«The New York Times»: «What Joe Biden Actually Did in Ukraine» by Glen Thrush & Kenneth P. Vogel

«The New York Times»: «The Soldiers We Leave Behind» by Phil Klay

«The New York Times Magazine»: «So the Internet Didn’t Turn Out the Way We Hoped. Now What?» by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari (photo illutrations and viedeo)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «We’re Stuck With the Tech Giants. But They’re Stuck With Each Other» by John Herman & Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari (photo illustration)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «What Do Teens Learn Online Today? That Identity Is a Work in Progress» by Elizabeth Weil & Maurizio Cattlean and Pierpaolo Ferrari (photo illudtration)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Finding Truth Online Is Hard Enough. Censors Make It a Labyrinth» by Suzy Hansen & Maurizio Cattelean and Paolo Ferrari (photo illustration)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Internet Dream Became a Nightmare. What Will Become of It Now?» by Bill Wasik & Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari ( (photo illudtration)

«Foreign Affairs»: «Let Russia Be Russia» by Thomas Graham

«Rolling Stone»: «Why Venice Is Disappearing» by Jeff Goodell

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«The Guardian»: «After Baghdadi: who are the world’s most wanted fugitives?» by Michael Safi

«The Guardian»: «Berlin after the Wall – then and now» by Colin McPherson (photographs)

«The Guardian»: «The briefing: whatever happened to the Berlin Wall?» by Kate Connolly

«The Guardian»: «I was a teenager in East Germany when the wall fell. Today we are still divided» by Sabine Rennefanz

«The Guardian»: «Mural superiority: the fight over Germany’s cold war art heritage» by Philip Oltermann

«The Guardian»: «Watching the fall of the Berlin Wall: 'I downed almost an entire bottle of schnapps'» by Jenny Erpenbeck, Thomas Brussig, Kathrin Schmidt, David Wagner & Sabine Rennefanz

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Mexico’s war with the drug cartels»

«The Guardian»: «’The disappeared’: serching fort he 40'000 missing victims of Mexico’s drug wars» by Tom Phillips

«The Guardian»: «Bloody Tijuana: a week in the life of Mexico’s murderous border city» by Tom Phillips

«The Guardian»: «Is America a democracy? If so, why does it deny millions the vote?» by Ankita Rao, Pat Dillon Kim Kelly & Zack Bennett

«The Guardian»: «How Big Tech is dragging us towards the next financial crash» by Rana Foroohar

«The Guardian»: «Return to Paradise: the people who came back after a deadly fire – in pictures» by Dani Anguiano & Talia Hermann

«The Observer»: «How the megacities of Europe stole a continent’s wealth» by Julian Coman

«The Observer»: «’The scene has exploded’: China gets set to be a leading glaobel entre for art" by Sophie Hastings

«The Independent»: «The new revolutions of the Middle East are not the same, but they all share this one fatal flaw» by Robert Fisk

«The Independent»: «Everything you were told about the Syrian war was wrong - until now» by Robert Fisk

«The New Yorker» : «Personal History: My Year of Concussions» by Nick Paumgarten

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from the Amazon: Blood Gold in the Brazilian Rain Forest» by Jon Lee Anderson

«The New Yorker»: «Liberalism According to The Economist» by Pankaj Mishra

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Defeat of General Mattis» by Fred Kaplan

«The New York Review of Books»: «Lesssons in Survival» by Emily Raboteau

«The New York Times» : «Book Review: In ‘A Warning’, Anonymous Author Makes Case Against Re-election» by Jennifer Szalai

«The New York Times»: «How a Tell-All Memoir Made It into Print » by Alexandra Alter

«The New York Times»: «How One Syrian Highwy Shows a Country in Chaos» by Neil Collier & Ben Laffin

«The New York Times»: «Why Donald Trump Hates Your Dog» by Frank Bruni

«The New York Times»: «Latin Americans Are Furious» by Jorge Ramos

«The New York Times»: «Germany Has Been Unified for 30 Years. Its identity Is Still Not» by Kathrin Bennhold (text) & Laetitia Vancon (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «The Fall of the Berlin Walls in Photos: An Accident of History That Changed the World» by Katrin Bennhold

«The New York Times»: «Philip Glass Is Too Busy to Care About Legacy» by Zachary Wolfe

«The New York Times» : «Op-Art: A Wedding Under Curfew» by Malik Sajad

«The New York Times»: «Warren Would Take Billionaires Down a Few Billion Pegs» by Patricia Cohen

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Inside Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Game Plan» by Jason Zengerle

«The New York Times Magazine» : «Can a Woman Who Is an Artist Ever Just Be an Artist?» by Rachek Cusk

«The Washington Post»: «Book by ’Anonymous’ describes Trump as cruel, inept and a danger to the nation» by Philip Rucker

«The Washington Post» : «Podcast – The other Frankfurt – an East German city grapples with identity»

«The Washington Post»: «Five famous parents, five tough topics» by Amanada Long (text) & Josée Bisaillon (illustrations)

«The New Republic»: «The Death of the Rude Press» by Alex Pareene

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«The New York Times»: «The Happy, Healthy Capitalists of Switzerland» by Ruchir Sharma

«The New York Times»: «In Trump’s Twitter Feed: Conspiracy-Mongers, Racists and Spies» by Mike McIntire, Karen Yourish & Larry Buchanan

«The New York Times»: «How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11'000 Tweets» by Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Confesore, Karen Yourish, Larry Buchanan & Keith Collins

«The New York Times» : «Can Democrats Compete with Trump’s Twitter Feed?» by Charlie Warzel

«The New York Times»: «The Arab Spring Rekindled in Beirut» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the EU for Millions» by Selam Gebrekidan, Matt Aputo & Benjamin Novak

«The New York Times»: «Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg» by Aaron Sorkin

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How Does the Human Soul Survive Atrocity?» by Jennifer Percy (story) & Adam Ferguson (photographs)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How the Trump Cabinet’s Bible Teacher Became a Shadow Diplomat» by Matthias Schwartz

«The New Yorker»: «In His Dealings with Ukaine, Did Donald Trump Commit a Crime?» by Jeffrey Toobin

«The New Yorker»: «How Brexit Will End» by Sam Knight

 «The New Yorker»: «A Critic at Large: Why We Can’t Tell the Truth About Aging» by Arthur Krystal

«The New Yorker»: «The World Is, Of Course Insane’: A Conversation with Errol Morris» by Daniel E. Gross

«The Washington Post»: «Three big questions after Baghdadi’s death» by Ishaan Tharoor

«The Washington Post»: «Islamic State defector inside Baghdada’s hideout critical for raid’s success, officials say» by Joby Warrick, Ellen Nakashima & Dan Lamothe

«The Washington Post»: «The anti-neoliberal wave rocking Latin America» by Ishaan Tharoor

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «The Spectacular, Strange Rise of Music Holograms» by David Rowell

 «The Washington Post Magazine»: «The Apology Letter» by John J. Lennon

«The Intercept»: «Podcast: How to resist with Ilhan Omar and Michael Moore»

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed Special: The Noam Chomsky Interview»

«The Guardian»: «Has the climate crisis made California too dangerous to live in?» by Bill McKibben

«The Guardian»: «Robert de Niro and Al Pacino: ’Were not doing this ever again’ by Andrew Pulver

«The Guardian»: «’Don’t count her out’: can Kamal Harris salvage a languishing 2020 bid?» by Lauren Gambino

«The Guardian»: Cannabis farms and nail bars: the hidden world of human trafficking»

«The Guardian»: «Chinese primary school halts trials of device that montitors pupils’ brain waves» by Michael Standaert

«The Guardian» : «Former Yugolavia’s brutalist beauty – a photo essay» by Ivana Sekularc (text) and Marko Durica (photographs)

«The Observer»: «German novelists on the fall oft he Berlin Wall: ‘It was a source of energy we lived off for years’» by Julia Franck, Heike Geissler, Maxim Leo, Norman Ohler, & Bernhard Schlink

«The Observer»: «Frustration and anger fuel wave of youth unrest in Arab world» by Michael Safi

«The Observer»: «Torture, rape and murder: inside Tripolis’s refugee detention camps» by Francesca Mannocchi

«The Independent»: «The new revolutions of the Middle East are not the same, but they all share this one fatal flaw» by Robert Fisk

«Wired»: «What’s Blockchain Actually Good For? For Now, Not Much» by Gregory Barber

«The Atlantic»: «Brexit and the Failure of Journalism» by Helen Lewis

«The Columbia Journalism Review» : «Op-Ed : Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism» by Bernie Sanders

..........Kalenderwoche 44..........

«The New York Times»: «ISIS Leader Known for His Brutality Is Dead at 48» by Rukmini Callimachi & Falih Hassan

«The New York Times»: «Al-Baghdadi Raid Was a Victory Built on Factors Trump Derides» by David E. Sanger

«The New York Times»: ‘Keep the Oil’: Trump Revives Charged Slogan for New Syria Troop Mission» by Michael Crowley

«The New York Times»: « Al-Baghdadi Is Dead. The Story Doesn’t End Here» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «Inside ISIS Prison, Cildren Ask Their Fate» by Ben Hubbard (text) & Ivor Prickett photographs and video)

«The Washington Post»: «With Bagdhdadi intheir sight, U.S. troops launched ‘a dangerous and daring midnight raid’» by Dan Lamothe & Ellen Nakashima

«The Washington Post»: «Bigger than Bin Laden? 3 striking things about Trump’s announcement that Baghdadi is dead» by Aaron Blake

«The Guardian»: «Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death comes as new order takes shape in the Middle East» by Martin Chulov

«The New York Times»: «200 Dispatches: Odd Animals, Offbeat Childhoods, Celebrity Origins and Extreme Sports» by Bryant Rousseau

«The New York Times»: «’No Regrets’: Hong Kong Protesters Test China’s Limits» by Andrew Jacobs, Tiffamy May & Lam Yik Fei (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Why Protests Are Flaring Up Across the Globe» by Declan Walsh & Max Fisher

«The New York Times» : «The America I Knew as Russia’s Foreign Minister ist Gone» by Andrei V. Kozyrev

«The New York Times»: «Extra! Extra! Prez Won’t Read All About It» by Maureen Dowd

«The New York Times»: «An Election Is the Only Answer for Britain» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Illustrated Guide to Brexit» by Christoph Niemann

«The New Yorker»: «Dispatch: How to Mourn a Glacier» by Lacy M. Johnson

«The New Yorker»: «The Shattered Dream of Afghan Peace» by Luke Mogelson

«The New Yorker»: «Modern Life: Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty» by Christine Smallwood

«The New Yorker»: «The Invention – and Reinvention – of Impeachment» by Jill Lepore

«The Washington Post»: «Trump lawyer argues he would be immune form prosecution even if he were to shoot someone» by Ann E. Marimow & Jonathan O’Conell

«The Washington Post»: «The words that could end a presidency» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «’I don’t think they know we exist’» by Stepahnie McCrummen

«The New York Review of Books» : «‘This Is Ethnic Cleansing’: A Dispatch from Kurdish Syria» by Khabat Abbas

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How liberalism became ‘the god that failed’ in eastern Europe» by Ivan Krastev & Stephen Holmes

«The Guardian»: «South African cities – Only we can change things’»: life in the gang-ridden other side of Cape Town» by Jason Burke (text) & James Oatway (photographs)

«The Guardian»: «The spectre of Syria silenced Arab protest. But now it’s finding its voice» by Nesrine Malik

«The Guardian» : «Europe is fed up with Brexit. But it’s still best for all if Britsin stays in» by Tomothy Garton Ash

«The Guardian»: «Five conflict photographers on some of the hardest images they’ve taken» by Lauren Walsh & Jehan Jillani

«The Guardian»: Five brothers, five countries : a family ravaged by Syria’s war» by Michael Safi

«The Guardian»: «I watched Fox News every day for 44 months: Here’s what I learned» by Bobby Lewis

«The Guardian»: «In its deference to the powerful, our media is failing us» by Gary Younge

«The Guardian»: «No filter: my week-long quest to break out of my political bubble» by John Harris

«The Guardian»: «All the President’s women review: Donald Trump, sexual predator» by Lloyd Green

..........Kalenderwoche 43..........

«The New York Times»: «4 Big Questions About Syria’s Future» by Anne Barnard, Anjali Singhvi, Sarah Almukthar, Allison McCann & Jin Wu

«The New York Times»: «Reporting from the Philippines: When the President Wants to ‘Kill Journalism’» by Joshua Hammer

«The New York Times»: «Ukraine Has Become a Vibrant Democracy. No Wonder Trump Hates It» by Michelle Goldberg

«The New York Times»: «How Italians Became ‘White’» by Brent Staples

"The New York Times": «In the Alps, Keeping Tabs on Melting Ice» by Page McClanahan

«The New York Times»: «6 Takeaways From the October Democratic Debate» by Shane Golfmacher & Reid J. Epstein

«The New York Times»: «How Can Democrats Keep Themselves From Overreaching» by Thomas B. Edsall

«The New York Times»: «Harald Bloom, a Prolific Giant and Perhaps the Last of a Kind» by Dwight Garner

«The New York Times»: «How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’» by Timothy Snyder

«The New York Times»: «Old People Have All the Power. Let’s Take It Back» by Astra Taylor (text) & Igor Bstiadas (illustrations)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The China Connection : How One D.E.A. Agent Cracked a Global Fentanyl Ring» by Alex W. Palmer

«The New York Times Style Magazine»: «The Greats»

«The New Yorker»: «Iran’s Housing Crisis: The Ghost Towers» by Hashem Shakeri

«The New Yorker»: «Will Republicans Challenge Trump on Impeachment» by Amy Davidson Sorkin

«The New Yorker»: «Personal History: My Years in the Florida Shuffle of Drug Addiction» by Colton Wooten

«The New Yorker»: «The Exuberance of MoMa’s Expansion» by Peter Schjeldahl

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«The Guardian»: «The 100 best albums oft he 21st century»

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«Rolling Stone» : «Mitch McConnell: The Man Who Sold America» by Bob Moser

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«The Atlantic»: «Elite Failure Has Brought Americans to the Edge of an Existential Crisis» by Derek Thompson

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«The Guardian»: «Podcast : Reporting from the eye of a political storm»

«The Guardian»: «State of nomination: where do Democrats stand as 2020 narrows?» by Lauren Gambino

«The Guardian»: «The American left’s 2020 mission: defeat Trump – and change the world» by Gary Younge

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«The Guardian»: «The long read: From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets» by Stephen Kinzer

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«The Washington Post»: «Why America is losing the information war to Russia» by David Ignatius

«The Atlantic»: «The Man Who Couldn’t Take It Anymore» by Jeffrey Goldberg

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«The Observer»: «Into the storm: the horror of the second world war» by Neil Ascherson

«The Observer»: «Lessons of the second world war are at risk of being forgotten, or even rewritten» by Sadiq Khan

«The Guardian»: «WWII: eighty years on, the world is still haunted by a catastrophe foretold» by Peter Beaumont

«The Guardian»: «How far will China go to stamp out Hong Kong protests?» by Tania Branigan

«The Guardian» : «Drone attacks in Middle East raise fears of escalting conflict» by Martin Chulov, Oliver Holmes & Mohammed Rasool

«The Guardian» : «A civil war state of mind now threatens our democracy» by Polly Toynbee

«The Guardian»: «Washington’s great mystery : Trump’s affinity for Putin and populists baffles experts» by Sabrian Siddiqui

«The Guardian»: «Margaret Atwood: ‘She’s ahead of everyone in the room’» by Johanna Thomas-Corr

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How the prison economy works» by Richard Davies

«The Independent» : «Trump is now the ‘crazed’ rogue leader in the US-Iran saga» by Robert Fisk

«The Intercept»: «It’s Time to Indict Aug San Su Kyi for Genocide Against the Rohyngya in Myanmar» by Mehdi Hasan

«The Intercept»: «Google Is Deepening Its Involvement with Egypt’s Repressive Government» by Vic Ryan

«The Intercept»: «We Tested Europe’s New Lie Detector for Travellers – And Immediately Triggered a False Positive» by Ryan Gallagher & Ludovica Jona

«The Washington Post»: «People have Trump fatigue. How will it effect 2020?» by David Ignatius

«The Washington Post»: «Why can’t we use nuclear weapons agaings bedbugs?» by Dana Milbank

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«The Washington Post»: «Teaching America’s Truth» by Joe Heim

«The Washington Post»: «Boris Johnson is taking British democracy to the brink» by Ishaan Tharoor

 «The Washington Post»: «Much of the world can learn something fom Africa» by Fareed Zakaria

«The Washington Post»: «Virtual afterlife: ‘Hey, Google! Let me talk to my departed father» by Peter Holley

«The New Yorker»: «China’s Hong Kong Dilemma» by Evan Osnos

«The New Yorker»: «The Rich Can’t Get Richer Forever, Can They?» by Liaquat Ahamed

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«Rolling Stone»: «The Very Real Possibility of President Elizabeth Warren» by Jamil Smith

«Outside»: «The Tragedy on Howse Peak» by Nick Heil

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«The New York Times»: «What ‘Victory’ Looks Like: A Journey Through Shattered Syria» by Vivien Vee (Story) & Meredith Kohut (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «China’s Soft Power Failure: Condemning Hong Kong’s Protests» by Li Yuan

«The New York Times»: «The People’s War Is Coming to Hong Kong» by Yi-Zheng Lian

«The New York Times»: «How the Palestinian-Israeli  Peace Process Became a Farce» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «The World Has a Germany Problem» by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «Trump. Greenland, Denmark. Is This Real Life?» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times Magazine»: «A Brief History of Slavery You Didn’t Learn in School» Curated by Mary Elliott

«The New York Times»: «America the Beautiful» by Bret Stephens

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«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Conscience» by Andrew Marantz

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Ecology: A Trailblazing Plan to Fight California’s Wildfires» by Nicola Twilley

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«The Washington Post»: «I was wrong about Trump. Here’s why» by Anthony Scaramucci

«The Washington Post»: «The U.S. must take Greenland by force!» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «Trump claims he’s the messiah. Maybe he should quit white he’s ahead» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «The month a shadow fell on Trump’s economy» by Damian Paletta, Robert Costa, Josh Dawsey & Philip Rucker

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s idea of buying Greenland is far from absurd» by Marc A. Thiessen

«The Washington Post»: «The Amazon is burning» by Terrence McCoy

«The Guardian»: «The long read - The machine always wins : what drives our addiction to social media?» by Richard Seymour

«The Guardian»: «The next global recession will be immune to monetary solutions» by Nouriel Roubini

«The Guardian»: «Molotov-Ribbentrop: why is Moscow trying to justify Nazi pact?» by Andrew Roth

«The Independent»: «The Fourth Afghan War is about to escalate» by Robert Fisk

«Pro Publica»: «How Amazon and Silicon Valley Seduced the Pentagon» by James Bandler, Anjali Tsui & Doris Burke

«npr»: «A Dead Cat,  a Lawyer’s Call and a 5-Figure Donation : How Media Fell Short on Epstein » by David Folkenflik

«The Atlantic»: «The Great Land Robbery» by Vann R. Newkirk II

«Columbia School of Journalism»: «How conservative media has grown under Trump» by Howard Polskin

«Vanity Fair»: «No one is safe: how Saudi Arabia makes dissidents disappear» by Ayamn M. Mohyeldin

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«The Washingtgon Post»: «Trump has one playbook, and very few plays left in it» by Dan Balz

«The Washington Post»: «How not to fix Silicon Valley» by Paul Musgrave

«The Washington Post»: «The Kong Kong protests are the inevitable effect of an impossible system» by Keith B. Richburg

«The Washington Post»: «In God’s country» by Elizabeth Bruenig

«The Washington Post»: «Captured ISIS fighters get short sentences and art therapy in Syria» by Liz Sly

«The Washington Post»: «An old camera and a roll of film help one photographer rediscover the pleasures of photography» by Kenneth Dickermann &Jerry Wolford

«The Washington Post» : «Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency is part of a  disturbing financial trend» by Graham Steele

«The Intercept»: «Here Are Five Lies About Iran That We Need to Refute to Stop Another Illegal War» by Mehdi Hassan

«The Intercept»: «The Sharpest Lens on the Arab World Belongs to Arab Women Reporting There» by Maryam Saleh

«The Intercept»: «A Syrian Mother’s Letter to her Daughter, ‘For Sama’, Shows War in an Unusually Intimate Light» by Sarah Aziza

«The New York Times»: «Inmate No. 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein» by Ali Watkins, Danielle Ivory & Christina Goldbaum

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«The New York Times Magazine»: «The 1619 Project» by Matthew Desmond (essay) & Dannielle Bowman (photograph)

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«The New York Times Magazine» : «To Know the Brutality of American Capitalism, Start on the Plantation» by Matthew Desmond

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Why Is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music» by Wesley Morris

«The New Yorker»: «The Political Scene: Stacy Abrams’s Fight for a Fair Vote» by Jelani Cobb

«The New Yorker»: «Personal History: A Year Without a Name» by Cyrus Grace Dunham

«The New Yorker»: «What Toni Morrison Understood about Hate» by David Remnick

«The Guardian»: «The long read -  ‘Loud, obsessive and tribal’ : the radicalisation of remain» by Daniel Cohen

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: the crisis in Kashmir»

«The Guardian»: «Documentary films - One child nation: looking back at China’s horrifying policy» by Chartles Bramesco

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«The Guardian»: «Alpine climbing routes crumble as climate crisis continues» by Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Imgaes

«The Guardian»: «Grass Ski  Championship in Pictures» by Alexandra Wey

«The Guardian»: «‘In many ways, it was a miracle’: looking back at Woodstock at 50» by Rob LeDonne

«The Guardian»: «’Groovy, groovy, groovy: listening to Woodstock 50 years on – all 38 discs» by Bob Stanley

«The Guardian»: «The long read: Why it’s time to stop worrying about the decline of the English language» by David Shariatmadari

«The Observer»: «Hong Kong’s dilemma: fight or resist peacefully?» by Lily Kuo

«The Independent»: «If Chinese tanks take Hong Kong, who’ll be surprised? Land grabs are happening everywhere – and we’re complicit» by Robert Fisk

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«The New York Times»: «Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead. His Victims Still Deserve Justice» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «A Common Trait Among Mass Killers : Hatred Toward Women» by Julie Bosman, Kate Taylor & Tim Arango

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«The New York Review of Books»: «Climate Change: Burning Down the House» by Alan Weisman

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Daily Alchemy of Translation» by Jennifer Croft

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«The Washington Post»: «Suddenly we’re the country the rest of the world is warning about» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «Modi’s radical move on Kashmir takes India into unchartered territory» by Joanna Slater

«The Washington Post»: «Have followers, will travel» by Elizabeth Chang

«TIME»: «Why America Is Losing the Fight Against White Nationalist Terrorism» by Vera Bergengruen & W.J. Hennigan

«The Atlantic»: «White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots» by Adam Serwer

«The Atlantic»: «I’ve seen the limits of journalism» by John Temple

«The Guardian»: «8chan: the far right website linked to the rise in hate crimes» by Julie Carrie Wong

«The Guardian»: «Kibera: ’There’s a lot of weirdness in a slum’» by Tracy McVeigh & Rod Austin

«The Guardian»: «’I don’t smell’: Meet the people who have stopped washing» by Amy Fleming

«The Guardian»: «The Californians forced to live in cars and RVs» by Vivian Ho

«The Guardian»: «Fears of ‘Chernobyl on ice’ as Russia prepares floating nuclear plant» by Andrew Roth

«The Guardian» : «Ahead of the pack: the best books about running» by Ben Wilkinson

«The Guardian»: «’We have to fight for our rights’: are Russians ready to defy Putin?» by Shaun Walker

«The Guardian»: «Toni Morrison: farewell to America’s greatest writer – we all owe her so much» by Chigozie Obioma

«The Guardian»: «How the media contributed to the migrant crisis» by Daniel Trilling

«The Observer»: «‘His conduct left an impression that lingered’ : the life of Jeffrey Epstein»

«The Observer»: «‘Hungry kids collapse as looter take millions’: life in today’s Zimbabwe» by Jason Burke

«The Independent»: «Lies and buffoonery: How Boris Johnson’s fantasy world casts dark shadows in the Middle East » by Robert Fisk

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«The New York Tims» : «Back-to-Back Shooting Massacres Shake a Bewildered Nation to Its Core» by Campell Robertson, Julie Bosman & Mitch Smith

«The New York Times»: «El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language» by Peter Baker & Michael D. Shear

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«The Washington Post»: «Trump makes it all worse. How it could be different» by Editorial Board

«The Washington Post» : «FBI faces scepticism over its efforts to fight domestic terrorism» by Devlin Barrett

«The Washington Post» : «Media’s coverage of gun-massacres must change» by Margaret Sullivan

«The New York Times»: «1969: It’s the Anniversary of Everything» by Alyson Krueger

«The New York Times»: «The Who-Can-Beat Trump Test Leads to Kamela Harris» by Roger Cohen

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«The New York Times»: «Older Women: They’re Mad as Hell» by Ruth La Ferla

«The New York Times» : «Letters Show How Osama bin Laden Groomed Son for Al Qaeda» by Rukmini Callimachi

«The New York Times»: «Dying Gasp of One Local Newspaper» by Richard Faussett (story) & Tim Gruber (photographs and video)

«The New York Times Magazine» : «Spain’s Most Celebrated Wrtiter Believes The Facist Past Is Still Present» by Giles Harvey

«The New York Times Magazine» : «Paradise, Calif.: ‘There Is Fire Everywhere’» by Jon Mooallem (text) & Katy Grsnnsan (photographs)

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«The New York Review of Books»: «Real Americans» by Joseph O’Neill

«The Washington Post»: «She went undercover to expose an insane asylum’s horrors. Now Nellie Bly is getting her due» by Diane Bernard

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Victims, Families and America’s Thirst for True Crime Stories» by Britt Perseon (text) & Mollie Walton Corbett (photos)

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «The Poignant But Complicated Friendship of Joe Biden and Barack Obama» by Steven Levingston (story) & Michelle Thompson (illustrations)

«The Intercept»: «Mike Pompeo Is Donald Trump’s De Facto Intelligence Czar» by James Risen

«The Guardian»: «No-deal Brexit was once a sick Tory joke. Not it’s serious» by Simon Jenkins

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How the state runs business in China» by Richard McGregor

«The Guardian»: «Living without water: the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador» by Nina Lakhani

«The Guardian»: «’He’ll reap what he sows’: What does Baltimore make of Trump?» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: "Ken Burns on America: ‘We’re a strange and complicated people’" by Mark Lawson

«The Guardian»: «Women at war: why do we still struggle with the ides of women soldiers?» by Sarah Hall

«The Guardian»: «From a wrongful arrest to a life-saving romance: the typos that have changed people’s lives» by Tom Lamont

«The Guardian»: «Economics is a failing disciplie doing great harm – so let’s rethink it» by Andrew Simms

«The Guardian»: «’It just takes off’: how the short-video-app TikTok has caused a global stir» by Naman Zhoo

«Rolling Stone» : «The Iowa Circus» by Matt Taibbi

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«The Washington Post»: «Mueller didn’t fail. The country did» by Jennifer Rubin

«The Washington Post» : «Democrats now have one option to end Trump’s presidency: the 2020 election» by Dan Balz

«The Washington Post»: «To understand how to beat Trump in 2020, Democrats should look to comedians» by Richard Zoglin

«The Washington Post»: «A weary old man with a warning» by Paul Zak & Jada Juan

«The Washington Post»: «Content moderators are haunted by what they see on the internet» by Elizabeth Dwoskin, Jeanne Wahlen & Regine Cabato

«The Washington Post»: «These are the winners oft he 12th annual iPhone photography awards» by Olivier Laurent

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «The Surprisingly Tolerable Second Act of Anthony Scaramucci» by Rebecca Nelson (story) & Mark Mann (photos)

«The Intercept»: «Congress and the Press Should Pick Up Where Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller Left Off» by James Risen

«The Intercept»: «Rainforest on Fire» by Alexander Zaitchick

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Ham of Fate» by Finton O’Toole

«The New York Review of Books»: «Iran: The Case Against War» by Steven Simon & Jonathan Stevenson

«The New York Review of Books»: «A Long & Undeclared Emergency» by Pankaj Mishra

«The New Yorker»: «Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds» by Elizabeth Colbert

«The New Yorker»: «Books: Rediscovering Natalia Ginzburg» by Joan Acocella

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Motor Vehicles: Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake?» by Nathan Heller

«The New York Times» : «Brexit Under Boris Johnson: Deal or No Deal?» by Richard Pérez-Peňa

«The New York Times»: «Why I’m Rooting for Boris Johnson» by Bret Stephens

«The New York Times»: «Trump Impeachment Is Far Less Likely After Muller Testimony» by Carl Hulse

«The New York Times»: «Trump’s Inumanity Before a Victim of Rape» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «This Is an Article About Women» by Nicola Pardy

«The New York Times»: «‘They’re doing it as we sit here’» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Honduras: Pay or Die » by Sonja Nazario (text) & Victor J. Blue (photos)

«The New York Times Magazine» : «‘The Era of People Like You Is Over’: How Turkey Purged Its Intellectuals» by Suzy Hansen

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Joe Biden Wants to Take America Back to a Time Before Trump» by Michael Steinberger

«The Guardian»: «The disinformation age: a revolution in propaganda » by Peter Pomerantsev

«The Guardian»: «The world knows what is happeing to the Uighurs. Why has it been so slow to act?» by Kate Lyons

«The Guardian» : «House of Pain: Who are the Sacklers under fire in lawsuits over opioids?» by Joanna Walters

«The Guardian» : «From Johnson to Trump, nationalists are on the rise – backed by bllionaire oligarchs» by George Monbiot

«The Independent»: «At Cologne’s Gestapo museum, visitors are drawing modern parallels – can we really say they’re being simplistic?» by Robert Fisk

«The Independent»: «Trump is powering the UK’s preparations for war – it’s he who needs to be deterred, not Iran» by Robert Fisk

«The Independent»: «A Letter to the UK from a White House reporter who spent the last year covering Trump» by Andrew Feinberg

«The Conversation»: «The internet is rotting – let’s embrace it» by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger


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