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Von Ignaz Staub, 18.05.2020

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub.

«The New York Times»: «An Incalculable Loss » by The New York Times

«The New York Times»: «The Drones Were Ready for This Moment» by Alex Williams

«The New York Times»: «How Cubans Lost Faith in Revolution» by Anthony DePalma

«The New York Times»: «Rattled by a Pandemic, People Turn to  Leaders – Any Leaders» by Max Fisher

«The New York Times»: «Captain Tom: ‘The First Step Was the Hardest'» by Mark Landler

«The New York Times»: «The End of Meat Is Here» by Jonathan Safran Foer

«The New York Times»: «What Happens to Hong Kong Now?» by Rick Gladstone

«The New York Times»: «’I’m Just Hong Kong’: A City’s Fate in China’s Hands» by Hannah Beech

«The New York Times»: «Jacinda Ardern Sold a Drastic Lockdown with Straight Talk and Mom Jokes» by Danien Cave

«The New York Times»: «’Lionhearted’ Girl Drives Dad Across India, Inspiring a Nation» by Jeffrey Gettleman & Suhasini Raj

«The New York Times»: «Book Review: Summer Reading»

«The New Yorker»: «The Twilight of the Iranian Revolution» by Dexter Flkins

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Ideas: The Rogue Experimenters» by Margaret Talbot

«The New Yorker»: «Books: Is Capitalism Racist?» by Nicholas Leman

«The New Yorker»: «Books: The Myth of Henry Kissinger» by Thomas Meany

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Housing Vultures» By Francesca Mari

«The New York Review of Books»: «What Kind of Country Do We Wamt» by Marilynne Robinson

«The New York Review of Books»: «Man’s Biggest Friend» by Tim Flannery

«The New York Review of Books»: «Why We Wish for Wilderness» by Alex Hutchinscon

«The Guardian»: «Podcast - David Attenborough: the making of a British icon»

«The Guardian»: «The long read: The real David Attenborough» by Patrick Barkham

«The Guardian»: «How coronavirus is reshaping Europe in dangerous ways» by Charles Grant

«The Guardian»: «Trumpapocalypse review: David Frum bushwacks a newx axisd of evel» by Llyod Green

«The Guardian»: «Family values: why Trump's children are key to his re-election campaign» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «Islamic State is back and this time the West is ill-prepared to take it on» by Hassan Hassan

«The Observer»: «Why does medicine treat women like men?» by Anna Moore

«The London Review of Books»: «Chinese Cyber-Sovereignty» by John Lanchester

«The Intercept»: «Deonstructed: Is Bill Barr the Most Dangerous Member oft he Trump Administration?»

«The Intercept»: «With a Distracted Public, the Pentagon Tries to Get Away with Killing Innocent Civilians» by Murtaza Hussain

«The Believer»: «The People of Las Vegas» by Amanda Fortini (story) & Carole Barraud (illustrations)

«Wired»: «The First Smart Phone War» by James Verini

«Rolling Stone»: «What Happened to America’s Mayor?» by Seth Hettena

«Rolling Stone»: «How the Covid-19 Bailout Gave Wall Street a No-Lose Casino» by Matt Taibbi

«The Atlantic»: «The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President» by McKay Coppins

«The Atlantic»: «How Facebooks Works for Trump» by Ian Bogost & Alexis C. Madrigal

..........Kalenderwoche 19..........

«The Guardian»: «World agog as Trump flails over panmemic despite claims US leads way » by Julian Boger, Helen Davidson, Leyland Ceeco,Daniel Boffey, Philip Olterman, Angela Giufridda, Tom Phillips & Emmanuel Akinwotu

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – Italian lessons: what we’ve learned from two months of home schooling»

«The Guardian»: «Coronavirus has presented China with a historic opportunity – will it take it?» by Peter Frankopan

«The Guardian»: «The coronavirus slayer. How Kerala’s rock star health minister helped save it from Covid-19» by Laura Spinney

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read - Naomi Klein: How big tech plans to profit from the pandmic» by Naomi Klein

«The Guardian»: «Flying long haul during Covid-19: Flying has never been stranger» by Laurel Chor

«The Guardian»: «’Weird as hell’: the Covid-19 patients who have symptoms for months» by Luke Harding

«The Guardian»: «Interview – Natural talent: the 16 year old writer taking the world by storm» by Patrick Barkham

"The Observer»: «From stage star to Vogue cover: Why age cannot wither Judy Dench» by Gwendolyn Smith

«London Review of Books»: «Musical Ears» by Oliver Sacks

«The New Yorker»: «Reporter At Large: Thirty-Six Thousand Feet Under the See» by Ben Taub

«The New Yorker»: «Amid the Pandemic, a Regimen for Reentry» by Atul Gawande

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Communication: Telling the Stories of the Dead Is Essential Work» by Casel Cep

«The New Yorker»: «How the Coronavirus Is Killing the Middle Class» by Eliza Griswold

«The New York Review of Books: «Trump Is Not Exempt» by David Cole

«The New York Review of Books»: «Botch on the Rhine» by Max Hastings

«The New York Times»: «The Cities We Need» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Fulfilling the Promise of Our Cities» by James Bennett

«The New York Times»: «Big Tech Has Crushed the News Business. That’s About to Change» by Ben Smith

«The New York Times»: «Now More Than Ever Facebook Is a ‘Mark Zuckerberg Production’» by Mike Issac, Sheera Frankel & Cecilia Kang

«The New York Times»: «We Are Kids Who Only Remeber War» by Josephine Livingstone (text) & Daphne Matziaraki (video)

«The New York Times»: «5 Takeaways on U.S. Involvement in the World’s Worst Humantarian Crisis» by Michael LaForgia & Walt Bogdanich

«The New York Times» : «When Manhattan Was Manhattan: A Stroll Through the Centuries» by Michael Kimmelman

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Visiting the Museum in My Mind» by Hisham Matar

«The New York Times T Magazine»: «A Poetic Journey Through Western China» by Anna Sherman

«The New York Times T Magazine»: «The Silk Road’s Enduring Romance and Eternal History» by Hanya Hanayigara

«The Washington Post»: «Venezuela raid: How an ex-Green Beret and a defecting general planned to capture Maduro» by Anthony Faiola, Shwan Bobueg & Ana Vanessa Herrera

«The Washington Post»: «In Alaska, changes coming in how the Air Force prepares for war» by Dan Lamoth (text) & Jason Aldag, Jorge Ribas(videos)

«The Washington Post»: «Trump is vilifying female journalists. Meet other women from history who were punished for standing up to power» by Soo Youn

«The Washington Post»: «Sweden’s coronavirus strategy ist not what it seems» by Ishaan Tharoor

«TIME»: «To Annex or Not to Annex? What will Israeli Prome Minsiter Benjamin Netanyahu Do Next?» by Aaron David Miller

«Wired»: «The Hacker Who Saved the Internet» by Andy Greenberg

«The Intercept»: «America and the New Geopolitics after the Coronavirus» by Murtaza Hussain

«The Atlantic»: «Air travel is going to be very bad, for a very long time» by James Fallows

«The Atlantic»: «Surviving the Pandemic Isn’t Enough» by Matt Thompson

..........Kalenderwoche 18............

«The New York Times»: «How the World Celebrated the Victory over the Nazis»

«The New York Times»: «Self-Isolated at the End of the World» by Dennis Overbye

«The New York Times»: «What Joe Biden Needs to Do to Beat Trump» by David Axelrod & David Plouffe

«The New York Times»: «McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us» by Nicholas Kristof

«The New York Times»: «The World Is Taking Pity on Us» by Timothy Egan

«The New York Times»: «An Incursion into Venezuela, Straight Out of Hollywood» by Julie Turkewitz & Frances Robles

«The New York Times»: «Forget Pancakes. Pay Mothers» by Kim Brooks

«The New York Times»: «Will the Coronavirus Crisis Trump the Climate Crisis?» by Steven Erlanger

«The New York Times»: «Angelina Jolie: A Mother’s Strength» by Angelina Jolie

«The New York Times»: «A Swiss Movement from the 1970s Comes Back Into Vogue » by Noele Illien

«The New York Times» : «The Future of Travel»

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Will Americans Lose Their Right to Vote in the Pandemic» by Emily Bazelon

«The New York Times T Magazine» : «Eight Photographers’ Pictures from Isolation» by Meara Sharma

«The New York Times T Magazine»: «Why ‘Hair’ Has endured» by Ben Brantley

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from Europe: The Enduring Romance oft he Night Train» by Anthony Lane

«The New Yorker»: «A Critic At Large: How We Got to Sesame Street» by Jill Lepore

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Inquiry: The Coronavirus Is Rewriting Our Imaginations» by Kim Stanley Robinson

«The New Yorker»: «Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Really Change the Way We Think?» by Adam Gopnik

«The New Yorker: «Guantanamo’s Darkest Secret» by Ben Taub (won a Pulitzer Prize 2019)

«The New York Review of Books»: «Why We Need Postal Democracy» by David Cole

«The Washington Post»: «I believe I’m treated worse’, Trump says. As if» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «Save us all from Jared Kushner» by Karen Tumulty

«The Guardian»: «A much better world can emerge after coronavirus. Or a much worse one » by Timithy Garton Ash

«The Guardian»: «The man who stopped the war: 97-year-old recalls VE-Day coded message» by Daniel Bofffey, Kim Wilsher, Angela Giufrisa & Philip Olterman

«The Guardian»: «How did Michael Moore become a hero to climate deniers and the far right?» George Monbiot

«The Guardian»: «Work after coronavirus: how will it change when the lockdown ends?» by Paul Daley

«The Guardian»: «‘Colour allows us to understand in a deeper sense’ : Hitler, Churchill and others in a new light» by Sam Wollaston

«The Guardian»: «The real Lord oft he flies: What happened when six boys were shipwrecked für 15 months» by Rutger Bregman

«The Guardian»: «Under Trump, American exceptionalis means death means poverty, misery and death» by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: «’There is a glimmer of hope’: economists on coronavirus and capitalism» by Yanis Varoufakis & DavidMcWilliams

«The Guardian»: «’It’s being built on our blood’: the true cost of Saudii Arabia’s $500bn megacity»

«The Guardian»: «The day police bombed a city street: can wounds of 1985 Move atrocity be healed?» by Ed Pilkington

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read – Patterns of pain: What Covid-19 can teach us about how to be human» by Susie Orbach

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read – Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years» by Michael Finkel

«London Review of Books»: «Brazil’s Gravedigger-in-Chief» by Forrest Hylton

«The Intercept»: «Trump’s Nationalism Advances on a Predicable Trajectory to Violence. His Supporters Will Kill When They’re Told To» by Aleksandar Hemon

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed»: Joe Biden Thinks We Should Believe Women – Just Not Tara Reade»

..........Kalenderwoche 17..........

«The Guardian»: «The lockdown in our mindes will be the last restriction to be lifted» by Rafael Behr

«The Guardian»: «Should we be scared of the coronavirus debt mountain?» by Adam Tooze

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read – Cholera and coronavirus: why we must not repeat the same mistakes» by Neil Sing

«The Guardian»: «The state we’re in: will the pandemic revolutionize the role of government?» by Julian Borger

«The Guardian»: «Crisis in Yemen as Aden separatists declare self-rule» by Patrick Wintour

«The Guardian»: «This is a key moment in the public’s view of mainstream news» by Alan Rusbridger

«The Guardian»: «The secret life of an anonymous speeechwriter to the stars» by Claire Rudy Foster (text) & Genevieve Ashley (illustration)

«The Guardian»: «Real estate for the apocalypse: my journey in to a survival bunker» by Mark O’Connell

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: A Cure for Insomnia?»

«The Guardian»: «’They were forgotten’: the great female cartoonists who have been overlooked» by Nadja Sayej

«The Observer»: «Michael Lewis: «‘Trump is like a psycho dad to America’» by Andrew Anthony

«The Observer»: «Why it’s good to be bored» by Elle Hunt

«The Atlantic»: «Why the Coronavirus Is so Confusing» by Ed Yong

«The Atlantic»: «We Are Living in a Failed State» by George Packer

«The New Yorker»: «In North Korea, The Fourth Man Could Be a Woman» by Barbara Demick

«The New Yorker»: «What the Coronavirus Crisis Reveals about American Medicine» by Siddhartha Mukherjee

«The New Yorker»: «April 15, 2020 : A Coronavirus Chronicle» by Our Local Correspondents

«The New Yorker»: «Portfolio: A City Nurse» by Karen Cunningham (photographs)

«The New Yorker»: «Pandemic Protests and Politics» by Steve Coll

«The New York Times»: «32 Days on a Ventilator: One Covid Patient’s Fight to Breathe Again» by Pam Belluck

«The New York Times»: «Millions Had Risen Out of Poverty. Coronavirus is Pulling Them Back» by Maria Abi-Habib

«The New York Times»: «Global Backlash Builds Against China Over Coronavirus» by Steven Erlanger

«The New York Times»: «New York Is Wounded. I Miss It More Than Ever» by Vivian Yee

«The New York Times»: «What My Space Walk Taught Me about Isolation» by Nicole Stott (text) & Sanya Dosani, Tala Schlossberg and Eric Meierson (video)

«The New York Times»: «She Predicted the Coronaviurus. What Does She Foresee Next?» by Frank Bruni

«The New York Times»: «How Coronavirus Mutates and Spreads» by Jonathan Corum & Carl Zimmer

«The New York Times»: «260’000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, from Trump on the Virus» by Jeremy W. Peters, Elaina Plott & Maggie Haberman

«The New York Times»: «’Life Has To Go On’: How Sweden Has Faced the Virus Without a Lockdown» by Thomas Erdbrink & Christian Anderson

«The New York Times»: «Is Sweden Doing It Right?» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «War Within War: Saudi Perince Edges Away from Yemen, His Allies Feud» by Declan Walsh

«The New York Times»: «What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?» by Amanda Hess

«The New York Times»: «The Courage to Be Alone» by Megan Craig

«The New York Times»: «Brian Eno’s 15 Essential Ambient Works» by Jon Pareles

«The New York Times Magazine»: «’A Terrible Price’: The Deadly Racial Disparities of Covid-19 in America» by Linda Villarosa (text) & L. Kasimu Harris (photographs)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Stephen King Has an Idea for the Story Joe Biden Could Be Telling» by David Marchese

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How Do You Run for President During a Pandemic?» by Jason Zengerle

«Wired»: «27 Days in Tokoy Bay: What Happened Aboard the ‘Diamon Princess’» by Lauren Smiley

..........Kalenderwoche 16..........

«The New York Times» : «Injections of Bleach? Beams of Light? Trump Is Self-Destructing Before Our Eyes» by Frank Bruni

«The New York Times»: «’Sadness’ and Disbelief from a World Missing American Leadership» by Katrin Benhold

«The New York Times»: «Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say» by Edward Wong, Matthew Rosenberg & Julian E. Barnes

«The New York Times» : «A Deep-Diving Sub. A Deadly Fire. And Russia’s Secret Underwater Agenda» by James Glanz & Thomas Nilsen

«The New York Times»: «The Year You Finally Read a Book about Climate Change"

«The New York Times»: «The Nude Selfie Is Now High Art» by Diana Spechler

«The New York Times»: «7 Travel Stories to Help You Celeberate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day» by The New York Times

«The New York Times»: «3000 Interviews. 50 Years. Listen to the History of American Music» by William Robin

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Afghanistan’s Next War» by Kiana Hayeri (photos) & Mujib Mashal (text)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How Scientists Could Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts» by Jennifer Kahn

«The New York Times T Magazine»: «The Graduates» by Alice Newell-Hanson

«The New Yorker»: «The Pandemic Isn’t a Black Swan But a Portent of a More fragile Global System» by Bernard Avishai

«The New Yorker»: «Brave New World Dept: Embracing the Chaotic World of Zoom» by Naomi Fry

«The New Yorker»: «America’s Abandonment of Syria» by Luke Mogelson

«The New Yorker»: «Books: The War on Coffee» by Adam Gopnik

«The New York Review of Books»: «End Notes: What Palliative Care Looks Lile in a Pandemic» by Jamieson Webster

«The New York Review of Books»: «On ‘The Plague’» by Tony Judt

«The New York Review of Books»: «A New Connection with the Lost Art of Phone Conservation» by Daphne Merkin

«The New York Review of Books»: «Gerhart Richter: The Master of Unknowing» by Susan Tallman

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s new immigration ban is a scam. Don’t pretend otherwise» by Greg Sargent

«The Washington Post»: «Female world leaders hailed as voices of reason amid the coronavirus chaos» by Jennifer Hassan & Siobhan O’Grady

«The Washington Post»: «What does Vogue do in a pandemic? It shows medical workers as heroic -but also human» by Robin Givhan

«The Washington Post»: «Trump is exhibiting all the symptoms of a hydroxychloroquine ovrdose» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «One country, one system : the week China shredded ist promise to Hong Kong» by Shibani Mahtani & Timothy McLaughlin

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Photo Essay: A Year in Hong Kong» by May-Ling Yam

«The Guardian»: «Why the mafia are taking care of everyone’s busieness » by Roberto Saviano

«The Guardian»: «Cities after coronavirus: how covid-19 could radically alter urban life» by Jack Shenker

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – Under attack: WHO and the coronavirus crisis»

«The Guardian»: «The ‘anti-lockdown’ protetes are about more than just quarantines» by Cas Mudden

«The Guardian»: «Croaks, squelches, waterfalls: the visionaries bringing the jungle to headphones» by Harley Brown

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read – Italian lessons : what we’ve learned from two months of home schooling» by Tobias Jones

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: What is the covid-19 crisis doing to our mental health?»

«The Guardian»: «A trip around the world through local radio stations» by Charlie Connelly

«The Guardian»: «Why do female leaders seem to be more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?» by Jon Hwenley & Eleonor Ainge Roy

«The Observer»: «What if Covis-19 isn’t our biggest threat?» by Andrew Anthony

«Foreign Policy»: «The Curious Case of the Maybe Dead Dictator» by Morton Soendergaard Larsen

«Rolling Stone»: «The President and the Plague» by Jeff Goodell

..........Kalenderwoche 15..........

«The New York Times»: «Sugarcoating and Brutal Honesty: How Leaders Are Handling Coronavirus Crisis» by Megan Specia

«The New York Times»: «The Heartbreaking Last Texts of a Hospital Worker on the Front Lines» by Michael Rothfeld, Jesse Drucker & William K. Rashbaum

«The New York Times»: «Life and Death in the Hot Zone» by Nicholas Kristof

«The New York Times»: «On the Road with the French Foreign Legion» by Ruth Maclean (text) & Finbarr O’Reilly (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «52 Places, Virtually»

«The New York Times»: «Apollo 13’s Astronauts Survived Diaaster 50 Years Ago. Could It Happen Again?» by Kenneth Chang

«The New York Times»: «Apollo 13: As They Shot It» by Jonathan Corum

«The New York Times»: «Trump’s Dow-at-30'000 Dream Hurt America» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times Magazine»: «I’m an E.R. Doctor in New York. None of Us Will Ever Be the Same» by Helen Ouyang

«The New York Times Magazine»: «A Week at the Pandemic’s Epicenter» by Philip Montgomery (photographs) & Jonathan Mahler (text)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Things Keep Getting Scarier. He Can Help You Scope» by David Marchese

«The New York Times T Magazine»: «The Journalists» by Jane Perlez

«The New Yorker»: «How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor» by Michael Specter

«The New Yorker»: «How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-In-Chief» by Jane Meyer

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Finance: The Price of the Coronavirus Pandemic» by Nick Paumgarten

«The New Yorker» : «The Preexisting Condition in the Oval Office» by Davis Remnick

«The New York Review of Books»: «Andrew Cuomo: Emergency Responder» by Michael Greenberg

«The New York Review of Books»: «American Humbug» by Nathaniel Rich

«The Washington Post»: «President Trump Made 18'000 false or misleading claims in 1'170 days» by Glen Kessler, Salvator Rizzo & Meg Kelly

«The Washington Post»: «A look at leukemia patients’ fear, survival and grace while fighting the disease» by Erin Blakemore

«The Washington Post»: «The pandemic is killing truth, too» by Jackson Diehl

«The Washington Post»: «Even astronauts get ornery : a Coronavirus advice from those who have endured social distancing in the extreme» by Christian Davenport

«The Washington Post»: «Trump made the jump tot he White House. Is one of these 9 non-politicians next?» by The Ranking Committee

«The Washington Post»: «An oral history of the coronavirus pandemic» 

«The Guardian»: How coronavirus almost brought down the gobal financial system » by Adam Tooze

«The Guardian»: «What travel writers are reading right now » by Tim Ecott

«The Guardian»: «After coronavirus, how will Europe rebuild?» by Katherine Butler

«The Guardian»: «Bruce Springsteen: where to start in his back calalogue?» by Laura Barton

«The Guardian» : «Operation reopen America : are we about to witness a second historic failure of leadership from Trump» by Ed Pilkington & Domici Rushe

«The Guardian» : «Caught in a superpower struggle: the inside story of the WHO’s response to coronavirus» by Julian Borger

«The Observer»: «Is the cruise industry finally out of its depth?» by Robin Moore

«The Guardian»: «World Press Photo Contest 2020 – the winning pictures»

«The Independent» : «Trumpian nationalists have met their match in the coronavirus» by Patrick Cockburn

«The Independent» : «Kodak Selling the World’s Largest Puzzle with 51'300 Pieces» by Chelsea Ritschel

«The Intercept»: «Mehdi Hasan and Noam Chomsky on Biden vs Trump»

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed Podcast – The media helped elect Trump in 2016. Are they doing it again?»

«The Atlantic»: «The Anxious Child and the Crisis of Modern Parenting» by Kate Julian

..........Kalenderwoche 14..........

«The New York Times»: «The America We Need» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Trump Was Warned Early and Often: Examining His Halting Response» by Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger, Maggie Haberman, Michael D. Shear, Mark Mazetti & Julian E. Barnes

«The New York Times»: «The Ideas That Won’t Survive the Coronavirus» by Viet Thanh Nguyen

«The New York Times»: «Come Back, New York, All Is Forgiven» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «The World’s Great Photographers, Many Stuck Inside, Have Snapped» by Peter Libbey & Jason Farago

«The New York Times»: «China’s Coronavirus Battle Is Waning. Its Propaganda Fight Is Not» by Vivian Wang

«The New York Times»: «The Humble Phone Call Has Made a Comeback» by Cecilia Kang

«The New York Times»: «Travelling by Ear: 13 Podcasts for the Wandering Souls»

«The New York Times»: «The Magic of Empty Streets» by Allison Arieff

«The New York Times»: «Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Democtaric Race for President» by Sydney Ember

«The New York Times»: «Bernie Sanders Never Lied» by Elizabeth Bruenig

«The New York Times Magzine»: «The Life and Death Shift» by Andrea Franzetta (photographs) & Jason Horowitz (text)

«The York Times Magazine»: «Has Coronavirus Made the Internet Better?» by Jenna Wortham

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Science: The Quest for a Pandemic Pill» by Matthew Hutson

«The New Yorker»: «A Missionary on Trial» by Ariel Levy

«The New Yorker»: «Home Alone Together, in L.A.» by Geoff Dyer

«The New Yorker»: «Portfolio: Postcards from a Pandemic» by The New Yorker

«The New Yorker» : «What Lawrence Wright Learned from His Pandemic Novel» by David Remnick

«The New Yorker»: «A Critic At Large: Pandemics and the Shape of Human History» by Elizabeth Kolbert

«The New Yorker»: «Politics And More Podcasts: Why We Underestiamted COVID-19» by Dorothy Wickenden

«The New York Review of Books»: «Bigger Brother» by Tim Wu

«The New York Review of Books»: «Vector in Chief» by Fintan O’Toole

"The Guardian»: «Bob Dylan’s 50 greatest songs – ranked!» by Alexis Petridis

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: The hunt for a coronavirus vaccine»

«The Guardian»: «The EU can emerge stronger form the pandemic if Merkel seizes the moment» by Timothy Garton Ash

«The Guardian»: «Coronavirus street art – in pictures»

«The Guardian»: «Podcast - From Houseparty to Zoom: our digital lives in lockdown»

«The Guardian»: «Club Tropicana, Vanity Fair and Hollywood makeovers: the best fashion podcasts» by several authors

«The Guardian»: «As tabloid editor, I covered Trump – and his ego. He hasn’t changed a bit» by Martin Dunn

«The Guardian»: «Club Tropicana, Vanity Fair and Hollywood makeovers: the best fashion podcasts» by several authors

«London Review of Books»: «The World Goes Bust» by Adam Tooze

«BBC Future»: «Why smart people believe coronavirus myths » by David Robson

«The Intercept»: «System Update with Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden, Andray Domise & Cassie King

«The Intercept»: «Under Cover of Covid-19, Donald Trump Ramps Up His War on Truth-Tellers» by James Risen

CNN: «Photojournalists are risking their lives to capture the pandemic» by Kerry Flynn

«The Atlantic»: «The Revolution Is Underway Already» by Rebecca L. Spang

..........Kalenderwoche 14..........

«The New York Times»: «In a Pandemic, Do Doctors Still Have a Duty to Treat?» by Sandeep Jauhar

«The New York Times»: «Alarm, Denial, Blame: The Pro-Trump Media’s Coronavirus Distortion» by Jeremy W. Peters

«The New York Times»: «Who Are the Voters Behind Trump’s Higher Approval Ratings?» by Trip Gabriel & Lisa Lerer

«The New York Times»: «Covid-19 Is Twisting 2020 Beyond All Recognition» by Thomas B. Edsall

«The New York Times»: «Virus as Metaphor» by Ian Buruma

«The New York Times»: «How Much Should the Public Know About Who Has the Coronavirus?» by Thomas Fuller

«The New York Times»: «Mental Health in the Age of the Coronavirus» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «What Social Distancing Looked Like in 1666» by Annalee Newitz

«The New York Times»: «The Coronavirus Hasn’t Slowed Classical Music» by Joshua Barone

«The New York Times»: «Books: Finding Comfort in the Classics»

«The New York Times»: «For Shut-In Pilgrims, the Holiest Sites Are a Click Away» by Debra Kamin

«The New York Times Magazine»: «U.S. Workers: Exposed. Afraid. Determined» by several authors

«The New York Times Magazine»: «In Praise of a Normal, Boring Country» by Christopher Niemann

«The New Yorker»: «China’s Trouble with Hospice Care» by Jiayang Fan

«The New Yorker»: «Books: The History of Loneliness» by Jill Lepore

«The New Yorker»: «It’s in Dreams That Americans Make Sense of Trump» by Stephen Marche

«The New Yorker»: «Swamp Nurse» by Katherine Boo

«New York Review of Books»: «Portrait of New York City on Lockdown» by Phil Penman

«The New York Review of Books»: «Politics of a Plague» by Gordon A. Craig

«The Washington Post»: «Bill Gates: Here’s how to make up for lost time on covid-19» by Bill Gates

«The Washington Post»: «The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged» by Yasmeen Abutaleb, Josh Dawsey, Ellen Nakashima & Greg Miller

«The Washington Post»: «America was unprepared for a major crisis. Again» by Dan Balz

«The Washington Post»: «Kellyanne Conwy’s ugly deceptions preview the Big Lie to come» by Greg Sargent

«The Washington Post»: «Coronavirus kills its first democracy» by Ishaan Tharoor

«The Washington Post»: «The state of the conservative intelligentsia is weird» by Daniel W. Drezner

«The Washington Post»: «How did covid-19 begin? Its initial story is still shaky» by David Ignatius

«The Washington Post»: «From a restricted Italy, an artist’s eye on the coronavirus» by Emiliano Ponzi

«The Guardian»: «Looking for a distraction? Here are 25 of our favourite long reads» by David Wolf

«The Guardian»: «Lockdown living: how Europeans are avoiding going stir crazy» by Jon Henley

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: «’It’s a place where they try to destroy us’: why concentration camps are still with us» by Daniel Trilling

«The Guardian»: «10 of the est travel podcasts» by Dixe Wills

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed Podcast: Is Trump Criminally Responsible for Coronavirus Deaths?»

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«The MIT Press Reader»: «’Murder Most Foul’ and the Haunting of America» by Timothy Hampton

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «In a Pandemic, what is essential journalism?» by Alexandria Neason

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«The New York Times»: «Unprepared for the Worst: the World’s Most Vulnerable Brace for Virus» by Hanna Beech & Ben Hubbard

«The New York Times»: «The Coronavirus Revives Facebook as a New Powerhouse» by Kevin Roose & J. X. Dance

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«The New York Times»: «The Great Empty» by Michael Kimmelmann & The New York Times photographs)

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«The Guardian»: «Life after lockdown: has China really beaten Coronavirus?» by Lily Kuo

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«The New York Times»: «The Hardest Question Doctors May Face : Who Will Be Saved? Who Won’t?» by Sheri Fink

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«History Today»: «The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever» by Ole Beneditctow

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«The Guardian»: «‘He’s an idiot’: critics say Trump has failed the US in this test of reassurance» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «In the coronavirus crisis, our leaders are failing us» by Gordon Brown

«The Guardian»: «The experts are back in fashion as Covid-19’s reality bites» by John Harris

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«the Hustle»: «How mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business» by Zachary Crockett

«The Caravan»: «Intimations of an Ending» by Arundathi Roy

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«The New York Times»: «A Global Outbreak Is Fuelling the Backlash to Globalization» by Peter S. Goodman

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«The New York Times»: «China’s Coronavirus Crisis Is Just Beginning» by Geremie R. Barné

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«The Washington Post»: «Vladimir Putin’s virus» by David van Drehle

«The Washington Post»: «As the U.S. spied on the world, the CIA and NSA bickered» by Greg Miller

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«The Washington Post»: «How Trump and Sanders turned populist rage into political power» by Sean Sullivan & Robert Costa

«The Washington Post»: «Miranda’s rebellion» by Stephanie McCrummen

«The Guardian»: «Britain is leaving Europe. The Guardian is not» by Katherine Viner

«The Guardian»: «How a data-backed Christian nationalist power machine helped Trump to power» by Katherine Stewart

«The Guardian»: «Why we need worst case thinking to prevent pandemics» by Toby Ord

«The Guardian»: «’An absolute disaster’: Iran struggles as coronavirus spreads» by Patrick Wintour

«The Guardian»: «The long read – Golden Dawn: the rise and fall of Greece’s neo-nazis» by Daniel Trilling

«The Guardian»: «Why conspiracy theories spread faster than coconavirus» by Scott Radnitz

«The Guardian»: «’My family are too frightened to read my book’: meet Europe’s most exciting authors»

«The Guardian»: «It’s a fifty-fifty nation: Chris Wallace on Fox News, Trump and America’s great divide» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «Snapshot sisterhood. Women train the lens on women – in pictures» by Kate Hodal

«The Observer»: «Naples is demolishing Le Vele, symbol of its Camorra past. But I’m not celebrating» by Robertio Saviano

«London Review of Books»: «On Super Tuesday» by David Bromwich

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed: Can Biden Still Be Stopped?»

«The Intercept »: «Coronavirus Matters, the Stock Market Doesn’t, and Thinking It Does Could Literally Kill U » by Jon Schwarz

..........Kalenderwoche 9..........

«The New York Times»: «Here Comes the Coronavirus Pandemic» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Trump Makes Us Ill» by Maureen Dowd

«The New York Times»: «Hosni Mubarak, Eyptian Leader Ousted in Arab Spring, Dies at 91» by Michal Slackman

«The New York Times»: «How the Arabic Alphabet Inspired Abstract Art» by Will Heinrich

«The New York Times»: «Scarred and Weary, an Afghan Force Wonders: What Is Peace?» by Mujib Mashal (text) & Kiana Hayeri (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Turkey-Syria Border Dispatch: ‘It’s l Like the End of the World» by Carlotta Gall

«The New York Times»: «The Ghost Town of Venice» by Anna Momigliano

«The New York Times»: «Nonfiction: A Supreme Court for the Rich» by Kenji Yoshino

«The New York Times»: «On Soccer. How Barcelona Lost Its Way» by Rory Smith

«The New York Times»: «With Weinstein Conviction, Jury Delivers a Verdict on #MeToo» by Megan Twohey & Jodi Kantor

«The New York Times»: «Katherine Johnson Dies at 101; Mathematician Broke Barriers at NASA» by Margalit Fox

«The New York Times»: «52 Books for 52 Places» by Concepción de León

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«The New York Times Magazine»: «How Will Trump’s Supreme Court Remake America?» by Emily Bazelon

«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: «Survivor’s Guilt in the Mountains» by Nick Paumgarten

«The New Yorker»: «Our Local Correspondents: A Murder Trial in Reverse» by Jennifer Gonnerman

«The New Yorker»: «How Santu Mofekng Shaped South African Photography» by Oluremi C. Onabanjo

«New York Magazine»: «Inside Bloomberg’s $6-Million-a-Day Spoiler Camapaign» by Vanessa Grigoriadis

«The New York Review of Books»: «A Very Hot Year» by Bill McKibben

«The New York Review of Books»: «Serfs of Academe» by Charles Petersen

«The New York Review of Books»: «Foolish Questions» by Art Spiegelman

«The Washington Post»: «The anti-Greta: a conservative think tank takes on the global phenomenon» by Desmond Butler & Juliet Eilperin

«The Washington Post»: «How Elon Musk went from sleeping in the factory to being on the cusp of launching a crew into space» by Christian Davenport & Faiz Siddiqui

«The Washington Post»: «Ice Hockey’s Alex Ovechkin: 700» by Samantha Pell, Brianna Schroer & Aramand Emandjomeh

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Can the Supreme Court Learn to Speak Up for Itself?» by David Fontana & Christopher Krewson

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «The Beautiful Art of Hassling Politicians While Wearing Animal Costumes» by Samuel Ashworth

«The Guardian»: «Boris Johnson is the ultimate purveyor of Fake news» by Roy Greenslade

«The Guardian»: «If Idlib falls, it will not hast be Syrians who pay the price» by Labib al-Nahhas

«The Guardian»: «Iran’s election: a closing door» by Editorial

«The Guardian»: «From falsified medicines to storage mishaps: the fragile state of drug supply chains» by Duncan Jefferies

«The Guardian»: «Malena Ernman on daughter Christa Thunberg: ‘She was slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness» by Malena Ernman

«The Guardian»: «The end of farming?» by Christopher de Bellaigue

«The Guardian»: «Smell the ink and drift away: why I find solace in photobooks» by Teju Cole

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Could coronavirus be China’s Chernobyl moment?»

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: India, Modi and the rise of Hindu nationalism»

«The Guardian»: «Where women rule: the last matriarchy in Europe – in pictures» by Anne Helene Gjelstad

«The Observer»: «Inside Delhi: beaten, lynched and burnt alive» by Hannah Ellis-Petersen

«The Guardian»: «The violence in Delhi i not a ‘riot’: It is targeted anti-Muslim brutality» by Kenan Malik

"The Independent»: « Iran’s coronavirus outbreak is bizarrely reminiscent of the Black Plague» by Robert Fisk

«London Review of Books»: «Is It OK to Have a Child?» by Meehan Crist

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«The Guardian»: «This government threatens the principle at the heart of the BCC» by Jane Martinson

«The Guardian»: «’I get a lot of love’: how hope survives in the hell of Moria» by Sam Wollaston

«The Guardian»: «‘They’ve abandoned us’: Srebrenica survivors still living in camps» by Lorenzo Tondo

«The Guardian»: «’We have nothing left’: displaced Syrians wait out war in Idlib» by Martin Chulov

«The Guardian»: «The show that became a work of genius – after you stopped watching» by James Donaghy

«The Guardian»: «The long read - How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart» by Samanth Subramanian

«The Guardian»: «The long read – The great vape debate: are e-cigarettes saving smokers or creating new addicts?» by Sarah Boseley

«The Guardian»: «What four years at sea taught me about our relationship to the ocean » by Elle Hunt

«The Independent»: «There is little chance of change in Lebanon – we can only expect more suffering» by Robert Fisk

«London Review of Books»: «In Quarantine » by Erin Maglaque

«London Review of Books»: «The algorithm is watching you» by Eyel Weizman

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from the U.K.: The Bodies Buried Beneath Boris Johnson’s New Railway» by Rebecca Mead

«The New Yorker»: «A Nun’s Journey in the Amazon» by Elizabeth Barber

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Nature: Can Farming Make Space for Nature?» by Sam Knight

«The New Yorker»: «Yuval Noah Harari’s History of Everone, Ever» by Ian Parker

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Art of Neverending Wars» by Eli Jelly-Shapiro

«The New York Review of Books»: «Trump’s Show Trial» by Fintan O’Toole

«The New York Times»: «Why Sanders Will Probabely Win the Nomination» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «’We’re in a Petri Dish’: How a Coronavirus Ravaged a Cruise Ship» by Motoko Rich

«The New York Times» : «Why Did the Coronavirus Outbreak Start in China?» by Yi-Zheng Lian

«The New York Times»: «Will Richard Grenell Destroy the Intelligence Community?» by  Jonathan Stevenson

«The New York Times»: «Silicon Valley Heads to Europe, Nervous about New Rules» by Adam Satariano

«The New York Times»: «What if Trump Wins? Europeans Fear a More Permanent Shift Against Them» by Steven Erlanger

«The New York Times Magazine»: « How to Make Billions in E-Sports» by Robert Capps

«The New York Times Magazine»: «A Disaster Video That Finally Tells the Truth About Climate Change» by Charles Homans

«New York Magazine»: «11 Months from Today: What Would Four More Years of a Trump Administration Look Like» by The Editors

«The Washington Post»: «Five myths about cyberwar» by Ben Buchanan

«The Washinton Post»: «Compromised encryption machines gave CIA window into major human rights abuses in South America» by Greg Miller & Peter F. Mueller

«The Washington Post»: «A disaster in Syria as Russia and Turkey clash» by Ishaan Tharoor

«The Washington Post»: «Post-impeachment, Trump declares himself ‘the chief law enforcement officer’ of America » by Toluse Olonurippa & Beth Reinhard

«The Washington Post»: «Frank Anderson, former spymaster in the Middle East, dies at 77» by Harrison Smith

«The Washington Post»: «The calm in the storm» by Jessica M. Goldstein

«The Washington Post»: «I loosened my hijab at a chess championship. Now, I’m afraid to return to Iran» by Shohreh Bayat

«The Washington Post»: «Dorothea Lange used photography to make an ugly world beautiful. She used words to give that beauty meaning» by Philip Kennicot

«Wired»: «Wikipedia Is  the Last Best Place on the Internet» by Richard Cooke

..........Kalenderwoche 7............

«The New York Times»: «How the Iowa Caucuses Became an Epic Fiasco for Democrats» by Reid J. Epstein, Sydney Ember, Trip Gabriel & Mike Baker

«The New York Times»: «The Iranian Missile Strike Did Far More Damage than Trump Admits» by Lauren DeJonge Schulman & Paul Scharre

«The New York Times»: «How Months of Miscalculation Led the U.S. and Iran to the Brink of War» by Mark Mazetti, Ronen Bergman & Farnaz Fassihi

«The New York Times»: «Bloomberg’s Millions: How the Presidential Candidate Built His Influence» by Alexander Burns & Nicolas Kulish (test) Lazaro Gamio & Karl Russell (graphics)

«The New York Times»: «Paging Michael Bloomberg» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times» : «Searching for the Perfect Trump Antidote» by Gail Collins

«The New York Times»: «Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist » by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «A Plea to Save the Last Nuclear Arms Treaty» by Madeleine Albright & Igor Ivanov

«The New York Times»: «How Dresden Looked After a World War II Firestorm 75 Years Ago» by Melissa Eddy

«The New York Times»: «The End of Australia As We Know It» by Damien Cave (text) & Matthew Abbott (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Everything Yo Need to Know about Chocolate» by Melissa Clark

«The New York Times»: «Oscars Triumph for ‘Parasite’ Reflects Academy’s Evolving Indentity » by Nicole Sperling & Brooks Barnes

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Tina Brown on the Future of the Royal Family» by David Marchese (text) & Mamadi Doumbouya (photograph)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Into the Black Forest with the Greatest Living Artist» by Karl Ove Knausgaard

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Bleak Humor of Tehran’s One and Only Stand-up Comic» by Eric Randolph

«The New York Review of Books»: «A Liberal in Trumpland» by Jim Shultz

«The New York Review of Books»: «Waste Not, Shop Not» by Cintra Wilson

«The Washington Post»: «National Security: ‘The intelligence coup of the century’» by Greg Miller

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s authoritarian style is remaking America» by Ishaan Tharoor

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s words, bullied kids, scarred schools» by Hannah Natanson, John Woodrow Cox & Perry Stein

«The Washington Post»: «What life is like in a near-total lockdown when loved ones are ill» by Anna Fifield & Lyric Li

«The Washington Post»: «This is how democracy dies – in full view of a public who couldn’t care less» by Max Boot

«The Washington Post Magazine: «Art with a point» by The Washington Post Magazine

«The Guardian»: «‘Do not despair of losing so often’: Lea Tsemel, the Israeli lawyer who defends Palestinians» by Rachel Shabi

«The Guardian»: «Life on Lesbos: what’s happening to the refugees there?»

«The Guardian»: «Lebanon’s financiaL crisis leaves ist much-envied media in freefall» by Martin Chulov

«The Guardian»: «The New York Times’s success lays bare the media’s disastrous state» by Emily Bell

«The Guardian»: «The BBC gave me a lifeline as a kid. It must be kept public» by Nesrine Malik

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Who killed Swedish prime minister Olof Palme?»

«The Guardian»: «Love in the time of coronavirus : Valentine’s Day on cruise ship» by Justin McCurry

«The Guardian»: «Experience: I made bombs for al-Qaida» by Aimen Dean

«The Guardian»: «The Americans forced into bankruptcy to pay for prescriptions» by Michael Sainato

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed : How to Fix the Criminal (in) Justice System: With John Legend and Patrisse Cullors»

«The Intercept»: «Podcast: ‘It’s Armageddon Time for the Democratic Party»

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «What the Media Should Look Like Now» by Lee Siegel

«The Atlantic»: «The Enemies of Writing» by George Packer

..........Kalenderwoche 6..........

«The Guardian»: «Longread – Infinite scroll: life under Instagram» by Dayna Tortorici

«The Guardian»: «Ilhan Omar: ’I always stand up to bullies’» by Robert Cooke

«The Guardian»: «As the world loses faith in democracy, leaders with vision are desperately needed» by David Olusoga

«The Guardian»: «Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the presidency – that should set off alarms» by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: « If Democrats really want to unseat Trump, they must form a credible coalition » by Will Hutton

«The Guardian»: «Kashoggi fiancee: ‘Saudi Arabia can get away with whatever it wants’» by Stephanie Kirchgaessner

«The Guardian» : «Operation re-elect Trump: meet the social media master who could win Trump a second term» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «Trump’s greatest ally in the coming election? Facebook» by John Harris

«The Guardian»: «The far-right Bolsonaro movement wants us dead. Bur we will not give up» by Glen Greenwald & David Miranda

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Finance: Can We Have Property Without Growth?» by John Cassidy

«The New Yorker» : «Quassem Suliamani and How Nations Decide to Kill» by Adam Entous & Evan Osnos

«The New Yorker»: «The Future of Democracy: The Last Time Democracy Almost Died» by Jill Lepore

«New York»: «The Voice of a Generation» by Matthew Schneider

«The Washington Post»: «The greatest documentary of all time isn’t going to win an Oscar» by Mary Jo Murphy

«The Washington Post»: «Don’t sell my data. We finally have a law for that» by Geoffrey A. Fowler

«The Washington Post»: «Why are Gen X women struggling? A new book explores the many possible reasons» by Jennifer Reese

«The Washington Post»: «The 34 best political movies ever made» by Ann Hornaday

«The Washington Post»: «Love and politics survey: Strong views on Trump can be a big dating dealbreaker» by Lisa Bono

«The Washington Post»: «Sketching the Trump Impeachment» by Ann Telnaes

«The Washington Post»: «This vulgar man has squandered our decency» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «Antartica just hit 65 degrees, iits warmest twemperature ever recorded» by Matthew Cappucci

«The Washington Post»: «This photographer hopes his work ‘offers an new way of looking at and thinking about the American Dream’» by Kenneth Dickerman

«The New York Times»: «When Much of Africa Won Independence» by Veronica Chambers

«The New York Times»: «For Thousands of Years Egypt Controlled the Nile. Now a New Dam Threatens That» by Declan Walsh & Somini Sengupta (text), Jeremy White (graphics) and Laura Bushnack (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Mother Nature Scoffs at Trump’s Middle East Plan» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «Wild Storms and Shifting Ice: Two Explorers Talk About Arctic Life» by Henry Fountain (text) & Esther Horvath (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «How to Survive in an Outbreak» by Chris Buckley

«The New York Times»: «Why I’m Voting to Acquit President Trump» by Rob Portman

«The New York Times»: «Books of the Times: How Trump Is Remaking the Highest Office in His Own Image» by Jennifer Szalai

«The New York Times»: «How Trump Wins Again» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «MAGA War on Architectural Diversity Weaponizes Greek Columns» by Michael Kimmelman

«The New York Times»: «The Don Strikes Back» by Maureen Dowd

«The New York Times»: «Essay: Remember the Name of This Astronaut: Christina Koch» by Mary Robinette Kowal

«The New York Times»: «The Age of Decadence» by Ross Douhat

«The New York Times»: «Banksy Is a Control Freak. But He Can’t Control His Legacy» by Scott Reyburn

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Money Behind Trump’s Money» by David Enrich

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«The Guardian»: «John Le Carré on Brexit: ‘It’s breaking my heart’» by John Le Carré

«The Guardian»: «It was all a dream. There was no way to stop Brexit» by David Runciman

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – The end of the affair: how Britain walked away from the EU»

"The Guardian":"Podcast - Armando Iannucci on politics and satire"

«The Guardian» : «The long read – Question time: my time as an quiz obsessive» by Samanth Subramanian

«The Guardian»: «Epic America: the mission to capture every state – in pictures» by Mark Power

«The Guardian»: «Views you don’t get on the freeway: across America by train» by Matt Collins

«The Guardian»: «Operation re-elect Trump:  One year inside Trump’s monumental Facebook campaign» by Julia Carrie Wong

«The Guardian»: « Evangelicals see Trump as a way to get what they want  after decades of defeat» by Tom Cullen

«The Guardian»: «’My party is a cult’: Republican Joe Walsh on his Iowa challenge to Trump» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «Longread - No deal: why Trump’s plan for Palestine will only create more conflict» by Rashid Khalidi

«The Guardian»: «Doubts raised about workability of Trump’s Middle East plan» by Peter Beaumont & Kate Proctor

«The Guardian»: «‘We’ll never be Jerusalem’: Abu Dis pours scorn on Trump plan» by Oliver Holmes, Soufian Taha & Hazem Balousha

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: The race ro contain coronavirus»

«The Independent»: «Trump’s deal of the century is so absurd and banal’, that it is impossible to be taken seriously» by Robert Fisk

«The Economist 1843»: «Trapped in Iran» by Nicolas Pelham

«The Washington Post»: «Will Davos save the world, or put it out of its misery» by Dan Zak

«The Washington Post»: «The Trump-Boris honeymoon is over» by Adam Taylor

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s peace plan won’t have a chance unless Israel shows some restraint on annexation» by Dennis Ross & David Makovsky

«The Washington Post»: «Christian-Zionist philo-Semitism is driving Trump’s Israel policy» by Mairav Zonszein

«The Washington Post»: «Retropolis: The first transport of Jews to Auschwitz was 997 teenage girls. Few Survived» by Gillian Brockell

«The Washington Post» : «Kobe Bryant’s beautiful game» by Ben Golliverh

«The Washinton Post»: «How a lifelong obsession with snow leopards led me to northern India» by Dina Mishev

«The Washington Post»: «The completely correct guide to eating and drinking on a plane» by Natalie B. Compton

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Who killed two journalists in Ukraine? And why?» by Will Englund

«The New York Times»: «A Dishonorable Senate» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «The Future of American Politics» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «The Auschwitz Survivor Who Painted a Forgotten Genocide» by Jason Farago

«The New York Times»: «Requiem for a Dream» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «Why Kobe’s Death Means so Much to Us» by Sam Dolnick

«The New York Times» : «Marc Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook» by George Soros

«The New York Times»: «Tears for the Magnificent and Shrinking Everglades, a ‘River of Grass’» by Nina Burleigh

«The New York Times»: «Nonfiction: Is There Any Way to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?» by Scott Anderson

«The New York Times»: «What Will You Do When the Culture Wars Come for You?» by Charlies Warzel

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Is a Good-Enough Candidacy Good-Enough for Joe Biden?» by Mark Leibovich

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Her Uighur Parents Were Model Chinese Citizens. It  Didn’t Matter» by Sarah A. Topol

«The New Yorker»: «The Pitfalls and the Potential of the New Minimalism» by Jia Tolentino

«The New Yorker»: «The Future of Democracy: What Happens When the News Is Gone?» by Charles Bethea

............Kalenderwoche 4..........

«The New York Times»: «75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Worry That ‘Never Again’ Is Not Assured» by Marc Santora

«The New York Times»: «Anatomy of a Lie. How Iran Covered Up the Downing of an Airliner» by Farnaz Fazihi

«The New York Times»: «Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren: The Democrats’ Best Choices for President» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren» by Sydney Ember & Michael Levenson

«The New York Times»: «20 (More) Questions with Democrats»

«The New York Times»: «Two Sides, Two Strategies: How Impeachment Is Being Argued» by Charlie Savage

«The New York Times»: «What if It Were Obama on Trial?» by Nicholas Kristof

«The New York Times»: «You Are Now Remotely Controlled» by Shoshana Zuboff

«The New York Times»: «The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divides the F.B.I.» by Tim Golden & Sebastian Rotella

«The New York Times»: «Did the Saudis Play a Role in 9/11? Here’s What We Found» by Daniel Victor

«The New York Times»: «Battered, but Resilient After China’s Crackdown» by Chris Buckley, Steven Lee Myers (text) & Gilles Sabrié (photographs)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Becoming a Man» by P. Carl

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How ‘West Side Story’ Was Reborn» by Sasha Weiss

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Enterprise: Is Venture Capital Worth the Risk?» by Nathan Heller

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from the U.K.: The Subversive Joy of Cold-Water Swimming» by Rebecca Mead

«The New Yorker»: «Books: Pioneers of American Publicity» by Adam Gopnik

«The New Yorker»: «Weighing the Cost of Speaking Out Against Harvey Weinstein» by Ronan Farrow

«The New York Review of Books»: «How China Threatens Human Rights Worldwide» by Kenneth Roth

«The Washington Post»: «Trump is destroying America’s soft power» by Max Boot

«The Washington Post»: «Why red and blue America can’t hear each other anymore» by Francis Fukuyama

«The Washington Post»: «Trump’s lawyers are absolutetely entitled to their own facts» by Dana Milbank

«The Washington Post»: «Whet does impeachment show the world? America’s stability» by David Ignatius

«The Washington Post»: «A warning from the ‘60s generation» by John J. Judis

«The Washington Post»: «The audacious effort to reforest the planet» by Ben Guarino (text) & Hannes Reyes Morales (photographs)

«The Guardian»: «’I see it as a chance to finally say good-bye’ : Auschwitz survivors tell their stories» by Kate Connolly

«The Guardian»: «’A terrible past’: photography project captures last Holocaust survivors» by Oliver Holmes

«The Guardian»: «Trump impeachment trial: what you need to know» by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – Peak meat: is verganism the future?»

«The Guardian»: «If you want to save the world, veganism is not the answer» by Isabelle Tree

«The Guardian»: «Podcast - The trial of Harvey Weinstein»

«The Guardian»: «Deadly silence. What happens when we don’t believe women» by Jayclin Friedman

«The Guardian»: «What ist he coronavirus and how worried should we be?» by Sarah Bosely, Hannah Devlin & Martin Belam

«The Observer»: «Farewell Europe: the long road to Brexit» by Toby Helm

«The Observer»: «The nation now leaving platform one…views form the Eurostar on Brexit» by Anitha Sethi

«The Independent»: «U.S. isolationism is reaching its final narcissistic chapter» by Robert Fisk

«The Independent»: «Whoever succeeds Tony Hall as BBC director general will have to save it from destruction» by Sean O’ Grady

«The Intercept»: «Trump vs. Iran: What Now?»

«The Intercept»: «A New Book Takes On the Academic Discipline of ‘Jihadism’» by Murtaza Hussein

«The Intercept: «Everybody is watching you: The Intercept’s 2019 Technology Coverage » by The Intercept

..........Kalenderwoche 3..........

«The New York Times»: «China Has a Big Economic Problem, and It Isn’t the Trade War» by Yasheng Huang

«The New York Times»: «The Chinese Population Crisis» by Ross Douhat

«The New York Times»: «Grief, Fear and Rage in Tehran» by Salar Abdoh

«The New York Times»: «Why Do Trump Supporters Support Trump?» by Anand Giridharadas

«The New York Times»: «The Secretive Company That May End Secrecy As We Know It» by Kashmir Hill

«The New York Times»: «War Has Ripple Effects» by Karie Fugget

«The New York Times» : «These Syrian Women Were Rarely Seen. Now, They’re Shaping Peace» by Vivian Yee & Hwaida Saad

«The New York Times»: «Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate» by The New York Times Opinion

«The New York Times»: «Pete Buttigieg» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «The 50 Best TV Shows on Netlfix Right Now» by Noel Murray

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Fog of Rudy» by Jonathan Mahler

«The New Yorker: « The Past and the Future of the World’s Oldest Trees» by Alex Ross

«The New Yorker»: «William Barr, Trump’s Sword and Shield» by David Rhode

«The New Yorker»: «Donald Trump’s Iran» by Robin Wright

«The Washington Post»: «These 7 impulses explain Trump’s inexplicable foreign policy» by Max Boot

«The Washington Post»: «New book portrays Trump as erratic, at times dangerously uninformed» by Ashley Parker

«The Washington Post»: «Book Excerpt: ‘You’re a buch of dopes and babies': Inside Trump’s stunning tirade against the generals» by Carol D. Leonnig & Philip Rucker

«The Washington Post»: Doctored images have become a fact of life for political campaigns. When they’re disproved. believers ’just don’t care’» by Drew Harwellh

«The Washington Post»: «What’s behind the suprise Russian government shakeup?» by Rick Noack

«The Washington Post» : «How U.S. Sanctions are paralyzing the Iranien economy» by Rick Noack, Armand Emamdjomeh & Joe Fox

«The Washington Post»: «The Battle for Notre Dame» by Philip Kennicot (text) & Aaron Steckelberg (graphics)

«The Guardian» : «‘It’s war between technology and a donkey: how AI is shaking up Hollywood» by Steve Rose

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Where did it all go wrong for Harry and Meghan?»

«The Guardian»: «There’s are reasons why the royals are demonised. But you won’t read all about it» by Alan Rusbridger

«The Observer»: «Warm words in the alps. Davos prepares for 50th economics shinding» by Graeme Wearden

«The Observer»: «Two popes, plotting Cardinals and fallout of an explosive book» by Angela Giuffrida

«The Guardian»: «My journey into the dark, hypnotic world of a millenial guru» by Oscar Schwartz

«The Guardian»: «The long read – A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel» by Charlotte Higgins

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Trump and the media – will 2020 be different?»

«Outside»: «The Man Who Chases Auroras ro Push Away Darkness» by David Wolman

«Tablet»: «Russia, My Homeland» by Howard Jacobson

«The Harvard Gazette»: «The Rise of Vladimir Putin» by Christina Pazzanese

«supchina»: «I Save You in the Clouds» by Yangyang Cheng

«The Intercept»: Podcast : Why don’t we care about China’s Uighur muslims?» by Deconstructed

..........Kalenderwoche 2..........

«The New York Times»: «Seven Days in  January: How Trump Pushed the U.S. and Iran to the Brink of War» by Peter Baker, Ronen Bergmann, David K. Kirkpatrick, Julian E. Barnes & Alissa J. Rubin

«The New York Times»: «Fury in Iran and Abroad After Tehran Admits Downing Ukranian Jetliner» by  Anton Troianovski, Andrew E. Kramer & Farnaz Fassihi

«The New York Times»: «Iranian Blood Is on Our Hands, Too » by Geraldine Brooks

«The New York Times»: «The Day After War Begins in Iran» by Azadeh Moaveni

«The New York Times»: «The Choice : An Iran with the Bomb, or Bombing Iran» by Philip Gordon & Ariane Tabatabei

«The New York Times»: «Confronting Iran at Sea Is an Iranian-American Navy Commander» by Dave Phipps

«The New York Times»: «A Democrat Who Can Beat Trump » by David Leonhardt

«The New York Times»: «Boris Johnson MIght Break Up the U.K. That’s a Good Thing» by David Edgerton

«The New York Times»: «Hurl Bibles or Hot Coffee : How One Church is Preparing for Attacks» by Audra D.S. Burch

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Most Powerful Man in the Middle East» by Robert F. Worth

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Gene Drive Dilemma: We Can Alter Entire Species, but Should We?» by Jennifer Kahn

«The New Yorker» : «‘Advocate’ Documents the Battles of an Israeli Activist» by Naomi Fry

«The New Yorker»: «How Anti-Semitisms Rises On the Left And the Right» by Isaac Chotiner

«The New Yorker»: «The Futur of America’s Contest with China» by Evan Osnos

«The New Yorker»: «Who Is Jared Kushner?» by Andrea Bernstein

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Science: A World Without Pain» by Ariel Levy

«The New Yorker» : «What Will Another Decade of Climate Change Bring?» by Elizabeth Kolbert

«The Washington Post»: «What’s at stake for Iran after admitting it downed the Ukraine airliner?» by Miriam Berger

«The Washington Post»: «Iran Air Flight 655: Iran’s president invokes 1988 tragedy many Americans have forgotten» by Gillian Brockell

 «The Washington Post»: «How the U.S. can win the conflict with Iran» by Peter L. Hahn

«The Washington Post»: «The harmful, popular misconceptions about rural America» by Christopher Ingraham

«The Guardian»: «To believe there will be world war three is to swallow US progaganda» by Nesrine Malik

«The Guardian»: «Iran crisis pushes foreign policy to the fore in Democratic primary» by Lauren Gambino

«The Guardian»: «Amos Oz expressed the painful turbulence of Israeli life» by David Grossman

«The Guardian»: «Left and right should learn to take a joke, not censor them» by Kenan Malik

«The Guardian»: «What’s next for Harry and Meghan?» by Ben Quinn

«The Guardian»: «Editorial : The Guardian view on Harry and Meghan: good instinct and courageous action»

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How the US helped create El Salvador’s bloody gang war» by William Wheeler

«The Guardian»: «At Davos we will tell world leaders to get rid of the fossil fuel economy» by Greta Thunberg & others

«The Guardian»: «Podcast – « It’s unimaginable’ : the Australian bushfires»

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How the US helped create El Salvador’s bloody gang war» by William Wheeler

«The Observer»: «Special Report – The gates of hell: Auschwitz 75 years on» by Harriet Sherwood

«BuzzFeed»: «Disinformation for Hire: How a New Breed of PR Firms Are Selling Lies Online» by Craig Silverman, Jane Lytvynenko & William Kung

.........Kalenderwoche 1..........

«The New York Times»: «Trump Killed Iran’s Most Overrated Warrior » by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «Trump’s Ground Game Against Iran» by Michael Doran

«The New York Times»: «Qassim Suleimni’s Killing Will Unleash Cahos in the Middle East» by Barbara Slavin

«The New York Times»: «Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer» by Steven Simon

«The New York Times»: «Hospitals and Schools Are Being Bombed in Syria. The U.N. Inquiry Is Limited. We Took a Deeper Look» by Malachy Browne, Christiaan Triebert, Evan Hill, Whitney Hurst, Gabriel Gianordoli & Dmitri Khavin

«The New York Times»: «Why the Fires in Australia Are So Bad» by Andy Parsons, Russell Goldman (text) & Matthew Abbot (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide» by Richard Flanagan

«The New York Times»: «It’s 50 Below. The Past Is a Horror Show. You’d Dream of Escaping, Too» by Andrew Higgings

«The New York Times»: «The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2020» by Brian X. Chen

«The New York Times»: «Every Moment With My Son Is an Act of Creation» by Viet Thanh Nguyen

«The New York Times»: «How to Be Healthy, In Just 48 Words» by Yoni Freedhoff

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Can You Talk Your Way Out of a Life Sentence?» by Dashka Slater

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Will Brexit Bring the Troubles Back to Northern Ireland?» by James Angelos

«The New York Times Magazine»: «What I Learned in Avalanche School» by Heidi Julavits

«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: The Ultra-Wealthy Who Argue That They Should Be Paying Higher Taxes» by Sheelah Kolhatkar

«The New Yorker»: «Personal History: The Strangeness of Grief» by V.S. Naipaul

«The New Yorker»: «Storytelling Across the Ages» by Adam Gopnik

«The New Yorker»: «The Story of 2019: Protests in Every Corner of the Globe» by Robin Wright

«The New Yrok Review of Books»: «The Drums of Cyberwar» by Sue Halpern

«The New York Review of Books»: «Iran: The Case Against War» by Steven Simon & Jonathan Stevenson

«The Washington Post»: «How Trump decided to kill a top Iranian general» by Missy Ryan, Yosh Dawsey, Dan Lamothe & John Hudson

«The Washington Post»: «On land, Australia’s rising heat is ‘apocalyptic’. In the ocean, it’s worse» by Darryl Fears (text), Bonnie Joe Mount (photographs) & John Muyskens and Harry Stevens (graphics)

«The Washington Post»: «The 10 best things Trump did in 2019» by Marc Thiessen

«The Washington Post»: «The 10 worst things Trump did in 2019» by Marc A. Thiessen

«The Washington Post»: «Reading the tea leaves for 2020» by David Ignatius

«The Washington Post»: «The big news stories of 2020 may feel eerily similiar to those of 2010» by Ruby Mellen

«The Washington Post»: «More good news that happened in 2019» by the Editorial Board

«The Washington Post»: «The list: 2020 - What’s in and what’s out for the new year» by Elahe Izadi & Sonia Rao

«The Washington Post»: «How to survive the surveillance apocalypse» by Geoffrey A. Fowler

«The Guardian»: «A defining moment in the Middle East’: the killing of Qassem Suleimani» by Martin Chulov

«The Guardian»: «’He was sent to us’: at church rally, evangelicals worship God and Trump» by Richard Luscombe

«The Guardian»: «Trump’s lawless thuggery is corrupting justice in America » by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: «Brazilians on Bolsonaro’s first year : ‘If you disagree, you’re seen as a traitor» by Tom Phillips, Dom Phillips & Jonathan Watts

«The Guardian»: «The family in 2050: artificial wombs, robot carers, and the rise of single fathers by choice» by Emine Saner

«The Guardian»: «How Greta Thunberg’s school strike went global: a look back»

«The Guardian»: «The success stories of 2019 from around the world» by Kate Hodal, Liz Ford, Lucy Lamble, Patrick Greenfield & Peter Beaumont

«The Guardian»: «Protests, climate crisis and Ebola : a tumultous 2019 – in pictures» by Liz Ford

«The Guardian»: «The New York Times ran a disturbing op-ed. But the backlash misses the mark» by Siva Vaidhyanathan

«The Observer»: «Get yourself cybersecure for 2020» by Davey Winder

«The Atlantic»: «The Woman Who Made Modern Journalism» by Stephanie Gorton Ecco


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